"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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Chicken Rice @ Holland Drive

My mum had been giving a lot of praises for this chicken rice lately. So today we drove down to Holland Drive to taste it.

We ordered one plate white and one plate roasted chicken. Both of which were chicken thighs. Each plate that came with tasty cabbage soup and a generous portion of fragrant chicken rice was only $2.50! Additional chicken intestines is only $0.50! Cheap right! The important thing is of  course the chilli!!! The chilli has lemon grass and lime added that gives it its specialty. Together with the coriander leaves, this chicken rice will definitely leave a “MMMMMM” in you. However, if you stay too far from Holland Drive, there is no need to make this special trip. This is just a recommendation of chicken rice should you be there.

Be careful to order from the correct stall, as we also ordered another plate of chicken rice from another stall, which doesn’t taste good at all.

chicken rice

chicken rice 1

Next up, we also ordered Wanton Noodles. Based on the looks, you can tell it’s good, right? HAHA! YES! The char siew is extremely good. Tasted like my mum’s! I don’t really eat char siew, with the exception of my mum’s. The noodle is springy and not soggy nor soft. Neither did it taste of ammonia. $2.50.

wanton mee

Because the wanton that comes with the noodles tasted good, so we ordered a bowl of wanton soup. $2 for 10 pieces of wanton! How cheap! If you look carefully, the wanton actually did not have microscopic meat. ^_^ Worth trying!


Location: Blk 44 Holland Drive, Food Market
Stall name: #02-40 Kim Seng Hainanese Homemade Chicken Rice
#02-08 Heng Kheng Cooked Food (Wanton Mee)


Minced Pork Porridge

Minced Pork Porridge

1. Raw peanuts (can be replaced with canned peanuts)
2. Minced pork
3. Dried scallops
4. (of course) Rice

1. Cook and boil the raw peanuts in the pot until soft. (ignore this step if you’re using canned peanuts)
2. Wash rice and cook in the pot over gentle fire. Add one tablespoon of cooking oil so that the porridge will be smooth.
3. Stir once in a while to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot.
4. Add in minced meat and dried scallops and cook with the rice.
5. Add more water if necessary. Add boiled water, not tap water.
6. Season with pepper, salt, soy sauce, chicken stock, mushroom powder……

Tip: If you want your rice to be broken up (not the teochew mui style), turn off the flame and cover up the pot. Leave it off for one hour. he heat will cause the rice grains to break up. Heat up the porridge before serving with garnish.

Wanton Soup

My favourite kind of wanton that I cannot find anywhere in Singapore. Why? Because the meat in the wanton in Singapore cannot be seen. Haha… ok… I meant the meat they give outside is sooooo little. And worse of all, some are fatty meat. Hence, the wanton I eat outside is basically wanton skin.

wanton soup

So here I will tell you how I like my wanton to be like:

1. Minced pork with prawns.
2. Wanton skin (get from wet market, not the NTUC one)
3. Ikan bilis
4. Kai lan
5. Water chestnut

Method for soup base:
1. Fry a piece of smashed garlic in the pot.
2. Add in washed and dried ikan bilis into the pot and fry till fragrant.
3. Add water (measure one soup bowl for one bowl, two for two and so on). Bring to boil.
4. Add seasonings (can be salt, chicken powder, mushroom powder, KNOR chicken broth, chicken stocks)
5. Cook vegetables and remove from soup after cooked.

Method for wanton:
1. Season (salt, pepper, soy sauce, mushroom powder) the minced pork with prawns. Add a little corn flour in for the meat to be “smoother” and glued to each other. Give a little mix in the bowl quickly and hard to give the meat a “springy” texture later. Leave it to marinate in the chiller.
2. Add water chestnut for the crunchy feel.
3. Wrap the wanton. Put some water at the sides to glue them up.
4. Cook wanton in soup. It will turn the soup a little yellow. If you do not want a yellow soup, cook in boiling water and then serve with soup.
5. Garnish and put pepper!


Salmon Sandwich

My colleagues and I were so sick of the canteen food that we decided to buy our own food and make sandwiches. Hence we headed to IKEA to get their sausages and mustard sauce. And also pre-packed ready-to-eat herb salmon pieces there! It’s cheaper than that of NTUC! Another colleague got pumpkin and nuts loaf from Cedele. We toasted the bread before putting on the salmon pieces. It’s totally an indulgence on Fridays, rewarding ourselves after working hard for four days.

On another occasion, we also bought The Soup Spoon’s Boston Clam Chowder and ate that with loaf.

Any other ideas for a super indulgent Friday? Keep me posted!

Thai Express

Very impressed with their BBQ fish. Must go there to try that!

Thai Fried Squid – $7.90
BBQ Fish – $14.90
Seafood Tom Yum Soup – $6.90
Exclusive of 10% Service charge and 7% GST

Stall name: Thai Express
Location: Link Here

Spize (Halal)

Very good halal western, muslim and chinese food! I would recommend you their fried hor fun, hokkien noodles and nasi ayam. Even though the price is slightly on the high side, you will be left with satisfaction after finishing your food!

Ice Water – 20 cents
Mushroom Soup – $2.50
Lemon Caper – $10.50 (super healthy and nice)
Kampong Goreng – $5
Mee Goreng Thai – $4.50
Nasi Ayam – $3.80

Exclusive of 7% GST

Stall name: Spize Bedok Pte Ltd
Location: 338 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Centre, Singapore 469516
Tel: 64453211

Canele Cafe

Some quite nice western food to try. However, I felt TCC’s food is much better than this. Canele doesn’t have much variety.



Marinara Spaghettini – $16.50
Seafood Baked Rice – $17

Exclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Stall name: Canele Cafe
Location: Click Here