"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Noodles / Dumplings

LokKee 樂記

Cousin and I had been eyeing this restaurant for a while. We saw many interesting posts on Instagram and good reviews about their food. We made a reservation and headed down on a Friday evening. Sometimes I feel that cousin and I behave like Michelin judges. Haha!

The egg was very tender in the egg drop soup. Crab meat was chunky and corn was sweet making the soup tasty.


Lokkee Egg Drop Soup $6

This fish fries had no trace of spiciness. I had to eat it with the peppercorns to give it more kick.


Sichuan “Mala” Fish Fries $14

The egg yolk look-alike are actually mango puree meant to extinguish the fiery spiciness in your mouth from eating the chicken. The mango puree was good. Eat it as a whole and the mango juice burst inside your mouth leaving a sweet cooling sensation. However I found it unnecessary as there was no flames in my mouth, not even a spark. Again, I had to pick up the peppercorns to eat with the chicken.

We saw a couple at the next table dipping the chicken into the mango puree. -_-” Perhaps the serving staff may like to let their customers knew about the mango puree.

For any customers who ordered some spicy dishes, the serving staff would recommend them order some cool icy beverages or beer. Luckily we didn’t. Nothing was near spicy.


Firecracker Chicken Nest $24

This uni pasta was a total disappointment. The noodles were slightly hard and though the sauce was creamy, the uni flavour was too faint. Where was the umami that it was supposed to have? The lonely piece of uni on top of the pasta was cooked and lost its creamy sea flavour.


Uni Pasta $24

Cousin was crazy over this flaming pineapple beef. No doubt it was spectacular seeing it on fire, beef was infused with pineapple fragrance and very tender and the pineapple balls sweet, there was no “wow” factor in this dish.


Awesome Flaming Pineapple Beef $28


Our dessert was served when we were eating our mains. We already requested it to be served after our mains. So they brought it back into the kitchen. When we finally finished our mains and asked for our dessert, guess what? They brought out the same dessert which they put into the freezer just now!! Hence the buns were frozen! Firstly, would you serve dessert to your customers while they are eating their mains? Secondly, does it make sense to serve the dessert with frozen mantou when it should be piping hot? Hence, cousin asked for the dessert to be replaced.

We got the mantou hot but the ice-cream melted very quickly. I would have preferred not to have the caramel sauce as it made it too sweet. The mantou was slightly too hard.


Fried Mantou with Vanilla Ice-Cream $8

After eating is to wipe our mouths with wet tissue. Is this packaging even relevant?


This bottle of chilli sauce was put on our table before our dishes came. Then it was removed. We had wanted to try this chilli sauce. But look at the bottle label, it seems to be Vietnamese chilli sauce? I am really confused by this restaurant’s identity.


Overall, food was tasty but nothing special. Being one of the higher end restaurants, we expected much more flavour from them. Not forgetting to mention, service staff need more training.

Menu: http://lokkee.com.sg/wp-content/themes/lokkee/pdf/menu.pdf

Wet towels are complimentary. Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST. Reservations are recommended.

Restaurant: LokKee 樂記
Address: 68 Orchard Road, #03-01 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Tel: 6884 4566
Website: http://lokkee.com.sg/


Lao Beijing

Cousin and I wanted to visit Lokkee but it was closed for a company event. Disappointed, we walked into Lao Beijing. It was a small restaurant but was comfortable as we got a big table with just the two of us. The crowd at Plaza Singapura was not normal. Probably because of the school holidays, people are all out travelling.

It was small bowl of seafood soup that was not worth this $8. The seafood consisted of a piece of squid, fish, prawn and half a slice of scallop. The soup was not spicy nor sour.


Hot and Sour Seafood Soup $8

This wanton in vinegarette was good. A whole prawn was wrapped inside with fungus that gave it an additional crunch. But it wasn’t spicy or sour.


Wanton in Vinegar Chilli $8

This sliced fish was the most value for money as it was not some cheap dory fish. The pepper taste was not very significant. It was more garlicky that being pepperish.


Salt and Pepper Deep-Fried Fish Fillet $10

We ordered this beef brisket requesting for it to be more spicy and numbing. However the waitress said the soup had already been prepared and there was no way they could alter it. When this bowl of noodles was served, the first thing I did was to drink the soup. The first thing I told my cousin, “How come it isn’t spicy or numbing? Did they give us the braised version instead?” Cousin asked the waitress and the waitress said it was correct. There was a layer of oil which the braised version would not have. It took four or five sips of soup before I could taste that faint tint of spiciness. It was not numbing at all. On a good note, the beef was tender and noodles were al dente.


Beef Brisket Noodle $11.80

Fried rice was cousin’s favourite food. It was quite ok but it was supposed to be XO sauce right? I couldn’t taste any of it. However I was quite glad I could bite some small cubes of prawns.


Fried Rice in XO Sauce $14

This was the worst custard buns I’ve ever eaten. The custard didn’t flow and it was a solid mash of salty custard. The skin was dry and a tad too hard. Cousin said maybe it was not meant to flow. Lol!


Creamy Custard Bun $5

Although food was palatable, they didn’t taste like what they should have been. Food was under-seasoned and didn’t taste anything like Beijing. Please level up, up, UP, the spices!!! We don’t want to eat kids’ food! Paradise Dynasty does a MUCH better job.

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Lao Beijing
Address: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #03-01/02, Singapore 238839
Tel: 67387207
Website: http://www.laobeijing.com.sg/

Ah Hoe Mee Pok 啊和面薄

There was apparently a hype over this mee pok when it was published on the Straits Times on October 11th, 2015. However before the article was published, I sent my dad the address of this mee pok for him to try. When my parents could finally go down, it was when the article was already published. Hence there was a terrible queue. You queue to order from the Japanese lady, pay and take a number. You will then be given an electronic beeper to inform you of your collection when your order is ready. This took my dad one hour. Then he sat down to wait for the beeper to ring that took another hour. Who would ever imagine eating a bowl of mee pok to take two hours other than the famous Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle?

This was the queue from Blk 713 branch run by the wife and their son.  The father and daughter run the first stall at Blk 710.


The long queue…


Their signature is #1 Special Mee Pok.


#1 Special Mee Pok, #2 Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle, #5 Teo Chew Dumpling Soup

Just look at the size of the prawns for just $4!! Look at the portion and the big bowl!


#1 Special Mee Kia Soup 


#1 Special Kuay Tiao Soup $4


#5 Teo Chew Dumpling Soup

More than a month later, today, there was no visible queue. But it still took about 15-20 minutes for my kuay tiao to arrive. It was a pleasant surprise to see it filled to the brim of the bowl. I liked the soup so much I finished every drop of it. The kuay tiao was smooth and the minced pork was to my liking. The soup was hot and every ingredient including the wong ah bak was hot. Would love to have this comfort food near me but too bad, it is too far away. Hope to come back soon!


#2 Mushroom Minced Meat Kuay Tiao

Stall: Ah Hoe Mee Pok 啊和面薄

Address and Opening Hours:
Blk 710, Clementi West St 2, Singapore 120710
6:30am-3pm, close on Sundays.

Block 713, Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120713
11:30am-2:30pm, 6pm-9pm.
8:00am-4:30pm on Sun. Close on Saturdays.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ahhoemeepok/

My Journal of Wanton Noodles

Keeping a record of all the wanton noodles I have eaten!

I’m an insane chilli lover, prefer prawn-pork boiled silky wantons that are chunky, with a good portion of tasty egg noodles in chilli/savoury sauce accompanied with fresh pickled green chilli and crispy pork lard. I am not interested in char siew and hence for all the wanton noodles I order, I ask for pure wantons. This makes comparison between wanton noodles fairer.

Updated Facebook album: Here

Instagram: @wantondiaries

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥

1. Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert 香港盛記甜品

$6.40 for five big succulent wantons but what is good is their springy noodles accompanied with their special sambal chilli. A pity the noodles have that alkaline taste. Other than that, a generous portion of vegetables and noodles are springy.

Rating: 3/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


2. Yong Li Wanton Noodle • Hand Made Noodle
630 Bedok Reservoir Road. #01-15. Singapore 470630.

$2.50 for a generous portion of big wantons.

Rating: 2.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥



3. Seng Kee Wanton Noodles
Bedok Market Place, 348 Simpang Bedok, Singapore 469560.

$5 for twelve pieces of big wantons with a big serving of noodles and self-help to the fresh green chilli and pork lard.

Rating: 3.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


4. From Cho Kee Noodle
Old Airport Road Food Centre & Shopping Mall, 51 Old Airport Road #01-04 Singapore 390051

Rating: 4/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥






5. Eng’s Noodles House Pte Ltd 荣高面家
287 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437070

$4.50. The noodles are mixed in a special sauce made from pork bones and lard which really appeals to those who likes the old traditional flavours. There is a mini counter that you can take green chilli and deep fried pork lard from. But I found the pork lard not very fresh anymore. Probably due to mass production.

The famous killer chilli in a squeeze bottle on every table seemed to have toned down too much to cater to the mass. A disappointment as it is not that hot anymore. The wantons on my visit today were super disappointing as they were dry and stuck on to one another, indicating they may have been cooked long ago and being left to the open air for too long. Char siew were dry and had no fragrance from its grill.

Being my favourite wanton mee, I will probably give it another chance.

Opening hours: 11am till 9pm [Close on alternate Mondays]

Rating: 3/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


6. Chang Cheng Mee Wah 長城美華 Food Court and Coffee Shop. Block 406 Tampines St. 41.

$3 for six pieces of wantons. Noodles have a slight alkaline taste. Wantons are just ok.

Rating: 2/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥




7. Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee 德明叉烧运吞面
271 Onan Road Dunman Food Centre #02-19 Singapore 424768.

$3 for six pieces of wantons. Don’t judge a wanton mee by its looks. This is awesome, better than Eng’s! The chilli is more spicy than Eng’s. The wanton is more flavourful and succulent than Eng’s. The deep fried pork lard is given upon request and tasted more fresh than Eng’s. Green chilli is fresh!

Closed on Thursdays.
Weekdays 11 am to 8 30 pm
Weekends 10 am to 8 30 pm

Rating: 4.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥




Char siew $16 for half kg


$17 for half roasted duck


$3 for wanton soup


8. Fei Fei Roasted Noodle 肥肥烧腊云吞面. $3.

Blk 254 Jurong East St 24, Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre #01-28, Singapore 600254

8am-2pm, Closed Tues
Usually sold out by 12pm.

Impressive charsiew, next best to my mum’s. Springy noodles without the alkaline taste at all. The stallholder said after every n bowls of noodles, he will have to change the water. Wantons are huge with a full solid prawn inside. Very tasty! Green chillies are fresh!

(Picture jigsaw-ed from wanton soup, char siew and roasted duck.)

Rating: 4.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


Prawn Wanton Mee $6.90


Beef Brisket Mee $9

9. Mak’s Noodles 新加坡麥奀雲吞麵世家
176 Orchard Road Centrepoint. #B1-61/63.

$6.90++ for four big prawn wantons. Really really small bowl but succulent tangy prawn wantons. The egg noodles are springy and broth is light and not too salty. The red chilli sauce is nice but I felt it doesn’t really go well with the noodles. The texture of the noodles and wantons are really good but I still prefer local version of wanton mee.

So much for the hype. So came at super off-peak hours to beat the queue. Will I queue for this? Nope.

Rating: 3/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥



10. FeiFei Wanton Noodles 飞飞云吞面. $4.50.
18 Clementi Road

This was the second worst so far that I’ve eaten. The worst was Pontian Wanton Mee.

For this, the noodles are dry, the sauces just not enough to coat the noodles, the wantons are small and filled with under-seasoned minced pork, the wantons skins were too soft (overcooked?) and seriously in lack of character.

Rating: 0/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥



11. Hong Ji Shu Shi 鸿记熟食
Block 505 Jurong West Street 52 #01-188

$4 for ten pieces of wantons. Wanton fillings are pure minced pork and tasted quite good. Quite tasty noodles. Friendly stall holders.

Eating this cos’ Kok Kee was sold-out. There are five wanton mee stalls in this food centre.
1. Kok Kee sold-out
2. Pontian wanton stall was quiet
3. Hong Ji had a queue
4. 嘟嘟熟食 that also sells kueh tutu
5. Muslim stall


♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


12. Good morning! Back here for marketing around our familiar neighbourhood. Miss staying around here.

Xing Ji 星记. Blk 137 Tampines Street 11 (Round Market) #01-35.

Long long queue. $4 for ten pieces of wanton. Noodles slightly little. Delicious tasty wantons! It has been a long while since I last eaten here.

Rating: 3.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥



$4 wanton noodles (ten pieces)


$4 wanton soups (thirteen pieces)

13. Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wonton Mee 華記后港祖傳馳名云吞麵
Blk 51 Old Airport Road, #01-02, Singapore 390051

$4 for ten pieces of wantons and a generous serving of noodles. When the chilli and sauces were mixed into the noodles, it gave a real punch of chilli fragrance and dried shrimps. The pork wantons are big and every bite was happiness, not to mention that the noodles were served in my favourite blue porcelain bowl.

Rating: 4.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥



14. Poh Kee Traditional Wanton Noodle 保记传统云吞面
207 New Upper Changi Road
#01-24 Bedok Interchange Food Centre
Singapore 460207

Opening Hours:
6am – 10pm

$3 for five pieces of wanton. Noodles are mixed in a more ketchup than chilli sauce mix. Wantons are a little too porky and bland.

Rating: 2/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


15. RedRing Wanton Mee
Chiangs Swallow Coffeshop
Blk 46 Holland Drive
Singapore 270046

$3.50 for seven pieces of delectable succulent minced prawn-pork wantons. It tasted very familiar, something close to my mum’s taste. Can’t really find the right words to describe it. I love the wanton skins. They are soft and the meat to skin ratio is just right.

The noodles are cooked in an automated noodle cooker that caught my attention. The noodles sprang up exactly in 20 seconds automatically ensuring that every bunch of noodles are cooked al dente!

The chilli sauce is specially formulated by Roy Chan, a chemist. It was not that spicy to me but left a spicy sensation in my mouth after finishing.

Add some fresh fried pork lard to enhance the taste!

Opening hours: 830am to 9pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

Rating: 4.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


16. 36 条石云吞面
Blk 204 Serangoon Central Singapore 550204
Hock Kee Eating House

$3 for eight pieces of wanton. I was actually quite disappointed by its pale colours but the pork wantons were actually well-seasoned and the chilli sauce in the noodles was very savoury!! The noodles texture was springy and the best thing was that the noodles did not have any parts sticking together. The only area for improvement is the mediocre soup.

Served in porcelain 公鸡碗.

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


17. Kok Kee Wanton Noodles 国记云吞面
Block 505 Jurong West Street 52 #01-14 Singapore 640505

$4 for five pieces of pork wantons. Plenty of noodles mixed in sesame oil and special sauce making the noodles more soupy than dry. If you want chilli, they will add chilli sauce onto your noodles. I found the chilli sauce more ketchup-y than tasting like chilli with that punch. The noodles are slightly more soggy than springy. The wantons are totally under-seasoned accompanied with a tasteless soup. To make it worse, they do not serve green chilli.

An elderly woman sitting beside me had the char siew order. The char siew was paper-thin and she didn’t eat them. It was probably bad.

It is a wonder why there are so many people queuing. To me, it is definitely not worth to queue. I am curious if the Lavendar stall is better, same or worse?

Opening hours: 730 am to sold out (~1230 pm)

Rating: 1/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥



18. 一味香云吞面
Lorong 24A, 456 Geylang Road, Singapore 389417

$3 for eight pieces of wantons. The first bite of noodles had traces of alkaline. The chilli sauce with the noodles was not spectacular though it was of good portion. Noodles a tad too dry and chewy. Soup was of peppery taste and served piping hot! The pork wantons left a better impression.

Rating: 2.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


19. Crystal Jade Kitchen
4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-11, Tampines Mall, Singapore 529510

$8.80++ for 4 shrimp wantons. The noodles were too dry and the sauce too starchy. Wantons seemed to have been left to dry in the air for a while before serving as the skins were dry and broken. Soup was not too salty.

Rating: 3/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥




$3.50 with added deep-fried wanton


$3 dumpling soup

20. Kiat Huat 吉發
14 Haig Rd, Singapore 430014
Haig Road Market & Food Centre #01-62

$2.50 for seven pieces of wanton and a large portion of egg noodles. Big and succulent pork wantons. Deep fried pork lard available upon request. Noodles are mixed in a savoury sauce with the fragrance of sesame oil.

Rating: 3.8/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


21. Noodle Place Restaurant 华苑面粥小厨
277 Orchard Road, #01-17, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858

$9++ for four pieces of shrimp wanton. The thin egg noodles were a little dry which reminded me of the one I ate at Crystal Jade Kitchen. The shrimp dumplings were a little small. The skin was also slightly dry and I have to dip into the soup before eating. (Maybe because I like them smoother.) The pickled green chilli was on the sweet side which I do not like. Stingy on the kailan and presentation was quite bad. Too expensive for this wanton noodles.

Rating: 2.8/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥



22. Hoe Huat Wanton Noodle 和發
14 Haig Rd, Singapore 430014
Haig Road Market & Food Centre, #01-60

$3 for eight pieces of wanton. The sauce is more ketchup-y than savoury. The wantons didn’t seemed to be seasoned. The egg noodles are hand-made and a photo at the stall indicated that they began selling in 1977. Maybe this is 1977 taste? But not suitable for my liking.

Rating: 2/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


23. Yummy Sarawak Kolo Mee
Blk 137 Tampines St 11 #01-44 Singapore 521137

$4 for twelve pieces of wantons. I didn’t order this with the kolo mee which I regretted. The sauce was not fantastic but the wantons are good!

Opens from 5am to 3pm and prepare to queue for at least half an hour.

Rating: 3.8/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


24. Hougang Ming Ji Wanton Noodle 後港明记云吞面
Blk 85, Bedok North Street 4, Fengshan Market and Food Centre, #01-52, Singapore 460085

$2.50 for seven wantons. Wantons were slightly small and not succulent enough. The noodles were very springy and the chilli sauce has got some punch. For every noodle order, you can add $1 for an additional seven pieces of wantons soup or three pieces of dumplings or four pieces of deep fried wantons.

Rating: 3.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


25. Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee
Block 21, Old Airport Road (along Jalan Tiga), Singapore 390021
Coffee Shop

$3 for six pieces of wantons. The noodles are mixed in a nice fragrant lard and sesame oil sauce and they are smooth and springy. The wantons are under seasonsed.

Rating: 3/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


26. Hougang Ming Ji Wanton Noodle 後港明记云吞面
Blk 85, Bedok North Street 4, Fengshan Market and Food Centre, #01-52, Singapore 460085

$2.50 for seven wantons. Wantons were slightly small and not succulent enough. The noodles were very springy and the chilli sauce has got some punch. For every noodle order, you can add $1 for an additional seven pieces of wantons soup or three pieces of dumplings or four pieces of deep fried wantons.

Rating: 3.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


27. 友财云吞面 You Cai Wanton Mee
Blk 58 Bedok South Hawker Centre
New Upper Changi Road

$4 for eight wantons. Wantons are succulent and flavourful!

Rating: 4/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


28. Angmoh Noodle House 红毛面家
Changi Airport Terminal 2
Staff Canteen

$3.50 (staff price) for eight pieces of wanton. Noodles and wantons were under-seasoned. Good thing is the noodles do not have the alkaline taste and wantons tasted fresh and meat filling was not stingy. Portion of noodles was slightly small.

Rating: 2.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


29. 云吞面
Blk 216 Bedok North St 1
Hawker and Food Centre #01-47
Singapore 460216

$3 for eight pieces of huge mouthful, succulent wantons. The chilli sauce has got a punch and the wantons are well-seasoned. The pork wantons has got water chestnut so it gives an additional texture to each bite. Each wanton is so big that one needs to eat one in two-three bites. Very worthy for the price.

Closed on Mondays and Fridays.

Rating: 4.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


30. Wanton Mee 云吞面
Blk 164 Stirling Road #01-1200 Singapore 140164
Meng Hup Eating House

$3 for eight pieces of minced pork wantons. The wantons are tiny and hence not of consistent flavour. Not the kind of succulent wantons that I like. However, the braised sauce is very savoury and coated each strand of noodle perfectly. The green chilli and pork lard are both very fresh.

The duration of wait is long though.

Opening hours: 7:00am to 4:00pm (Closed on Weds)

Rating: 3.8/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


31. 汕头云吞面 Swa Tou Wanton Mee
Blk 85, Bedok North Street 4, Fengshan Market and Food Centre, #01-50, Singapore 460085

$3 for five pieces of wantons with char siew. The wantons are good but the noodles lack some punch.

Rating: 2.8/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


32. 826云吞面
Blk 826 Tampines Street 82

$3 for eight succulent wantons. The noodles are savoury.

Long queue for about 20 minutes. Opens in the morning only.

Rating: 3.8/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥

12794499_10153556227289385_5012136746620538981_n (1)

33. Kwong Kee 廣记面食
430 Upper Changi Road, East Village, Singapore 487048

$4.50 for eight wantons. Wantons are succulent but lost out in terms of flavour and seasoning. The noodles were savoury but got a little too dry halfway through eating it. Soup was tasteless.

Rating: 3.2/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


34. Yun Tun Mian 云吞面
Geylang Lorong 27A
24-hour coffee shop

$3.50 for seven porky wantons. The wantons didn’t leave any impression and soup was bland. The noodles were tossed in savoury chilli-tomato sauce that was quite nice. Green chilli was bland.

Rating: 2.8/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


35. Hong Kong Sun King Wanton Noodle · Rice 香港新景云吞面 · 饭
Blk 216 Bedok North St 1.
Hawker and Food Centre #01-45 Singapore 460216.

$2.50 for six pork wantons. Add $1 for four deep-fried wantons. Wantons tastes quite ok but noodles are soggy and sauce lacks in flavour. The noodles used is not the common HK noodle or the egg noodles. This one is thinner and softer. Green chilli has no taste.

Rating: 1/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


36. The Old Pontian Cafe
City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, #B1-K10/11, Singapore 208539

$3.50 for five deep fried wantons and two boiled wantons. The deep fried wantons tasted as if they have been marinated with fermented beancurd. Wantons were small and the skin was hard and chewy. The taste was definitely not to my liking. However the boiled wantons tasted better as they had a different marinate. The noodles tasted more ketchup-y and the texture of the noodles was hard and inelastic. Green chilli was fresh and had been marinated well.

Rating: 0/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


37. 忠于原味云吞面
Tiong Bahru Market, 30 Seng Poh Road, #02-30

$4 for a plate of char siew with two pork wantons noodles. The char siew is probably what makes up that long queue. One can queue for AT LEAST half an hour on weekdays and an hour on weekends. We queued for an hour and twenty minutes on a Saturday morning from 945am. The queue was doubled very quickly later. The queue was slow due to the the fact that the duo had to roast char siew, slice them, make noodles, collect money and serve.

The soup was ultra fishy and wantons didn’t taste good. The noodles were not tossed in the kind of savoury sauce that I like.

You may want to queue for their char siew which I think is second best to 肥肥’s in Jurong West, but definitely not with their wantons and mee.

Rating: 0/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


38. HK Wanton Noodle 云吞面

Ci Yuan Hawker Centre $2.80 for three boiled wantons, one deep fried wanton and char siew. The wantons had the same kind of taste as Pontian’s that I didn’t like. The char siew did not have the charred taste and was dry. Noodles were not flavourful too.

Rating: 0/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


39. Cheng Ji Noodle House 陈记面家
Blk 216 Bedok North St 1.
Hawker and Food Centre #01-01. Singapore 460216.

$3 for nine tasty fresh pork wantons. The noodles are tossed in a fragrant savoury spicy sauce with some pork lard. The wantons though under-seasonsed are nonetheless tasty! They do not have the smelly pork taste.

Rating: 3.5/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


40. Boon Fang Wanton Noodles
51 Old Airport Road, Hawker Centre, #01—129.

$3 for seven pork wantons infused with the woody taste from sole fish. This makes the wantons flavourful and succulent. The noodles are springy and moist from being tossed in chilli-tomato sauce.

Rating: 3.8/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


41. Da Jie Famous Wanton Mee 大姐云吞面
Sin Yew Huat Eating House 新友发茶室。209 Sam Leong Road.

Finally got to taste this delicious wanton noodle after my second visit! It was closed on my first visit. 害我吃闭门梗! $3 for ten succulent pork wantons served in a flavourful hot soup. The noodles were springy and tossed in braised sauce with chilli. It was very fragrant and delicious. A pity there were no green vegetables or pork lard. But I did like the braised sauce. It had the old school taste and was not the usual chilli-based sauce. Added $1 for six pieces of deep fried wantons. They were crispy and nothing ever goes wrong for deep fried food, right?

Closed on Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays.

Rating: 4/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥


42. Kok Kee Wanton Noodle 国记云吞面。
Hoa Nam Building, 27 Foch Road, Lavender Food Hub @ Zhuge Liang

$4.50 for five fresh meaty wantons. I finally got to eat this on my third visit here. Had a little short queue but was quite fast as auntie cooked her noodles in batches. The portion of egg noodles is small and tossed in an abundance of their special sauce that is a little sweet, not to my liking, and chilli sauce was of no punch. Good texture of the noodles though. No green chilli or pork lard. I wonder why this made it to top five of Singapore’s best wanton noodles.

Rating: 3/5

♥ ————————-♥ ————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥————————-♥ to be continued…

Canton Paradise

Another restaurant by the Paradise Group! This is Canton Paradise, serving authentic Cantonese and all day dim sum!

Wanton with Chilli Oil $5.80

Wanton with Chilli Oil $5.80

Xiao Long Bao $4.60

Xiao Long Bao $4.60

Custard Bun $4.90 and Prawn Dumpling $5.80

Custard Bun $4.90 and Prawn Dumpling $5.80

Scallop, Prawns and Garoupa Porridge $11.80

Scallop, Prawns and Garoupa Porridge $11.80

Beef Brisket Noodles $10.30

Beef Brisket Noodles $10.30

Fried Rice with Salted Fish $11.80

Fried Rice with Salted Fish $11.80

Chinese Tea $1.50 per pax
Towel – $0.30 each

Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Restaurant: Canton Paradise
Address: #B2-10 Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467360
Tel: 6844 9244
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11am to 10pm. Weekends: 1030am to 10pm

Paradise Dynasty

This Chinese restaurant by Paradise Dynasty serves both northern and southern Chinese cuisine. Yes, trusty Paradise Group always make sure I leave the restaurant more than satisfied.

Daddy discovered this restaurant in the newly opened OneKM mall that serves Sze Chuan noodles and our favourite poached sliced fish in Sze Chuan chilli oil. Ever since our visit to Beijing more than ten years ago, we have grown to love this numbing and spicy sensation caused by Sze Chuan peppercorns. When the mouth feels numb, the saliva glands starts to flush saliva into your mouth provided a “sweet” sensation. Both lips go numb and felt like sausages. It is really a confusing sensation but so so so addictive.


Pork Dumpling with Hot Chilli Vinaigrette $6.40



La Mian with Poached Marbled Beef in Spicy Szechuan Soup


La Mian with Pork Dumplings $8.80


Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken $12.80

You can request for mild, medium or hot spiciness level. Looking at this picture is enough to make me salivate!


Poached Sliced Fish in Szechuan Chilli Oil

Look at those peppercorns! Yummy!!!


Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Restaurant: Paradise Dynasty
Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #02-33 OneKM, 437157
Tel: 6702 2540
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11am to 10 pm. Weekends: 1030am to 10pm.

Most Spicy Korean Instant Noodles (Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen) 불닭볶음면

I have no idea why I have not posted this before! This is the most spicy instant mee I have ever eaten!

I was in Korea last June and bought 12 packets back cos’ it was cheaper.

It has a strong korean pepper taste. Just look at the angry red colours of the sauce! It is as if challenging you to finish them! Having already a high tolerance of spiciness, I find this instant noodles more than tickle the buds of my tongue. The texture of the noodles is springy and thickness is just right. Try it for yourself!

Retail price in Singapore is about $6.90 for five packets.


It wrote “Noodle Soup” but please take note that you are suppose to cook the noodles first and then drain away the water. Lastly add in the extremely hot seasonings and its packet of garnish!




Check out this link for the top ten spiciest instant noodles! Will search for #1 and #2 and hope to do a review on them!