"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店

The new extension of Plaza Singapura was opened a while ago. A colleague recommended me to visit this place for their parfait.

The curry rice contained bits of beef, a sausage and an egg. It was quite yummy but got a little gelah after a while. I would have preferred if the beef bits come in bigger slices. Otherwise I felt I was eating rice with the curry gravy every mouthful of it.


Curry Rice $15

The iced cafe latte was served in a golden colour thermal cup (meant to keep the coffee remain chilled longer) was fragrant.


Iced Cafe Latte $7.50

The fruits parfait was refreshing. Within the cold ice-cream, there were crunchy cereals, banana, strawberry, peach and a fragrant piece of sesame biscuit.


Fruits Parfait $12

They do not have much variety in their menu but there was a long queue when I left the restaurant. The prices are a little steep. Nonetheless, it’s worth a try.

7 Jun 2013


Updated: 2 Dec 2015

Second visit to Hoshino Coffee is more than two years later! I found the variety of food has increased and taste has become better! My orchestra friends and I met up for lunch at the new Suntec outlet and we ordered their lunch sets that comes with a free drink.

Browse through their menu here.


Iced Coffee

Look at the cute tiny metal cups that contain milk and syrup. I just can’t resist miniatures!

The wasabi was only put on top of the salmon. I thought it was a wasabi infused cream sauce. No, it wasn’t, sadly. I wished there was more salmon.


Salmon with Wasabi Cream Sauce Spaghetti (Set) $16

Not cheesy. It was just normal spaghetti with tomato cream sauce.


Shrimp, Avocado, Mozzarella with Tomato Cream Sauce Spaghetti (Set) $15


Pescatora with Tomato Cream Sauce Spaghetti (Set) $15


Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice (Set) $15

Curry was slight sweet and thick. The tonkatsu was nice!


Tonkatsu Curry Rice (Set) $17

Lobster bisque was not bad though it could contain more seafood flavour.


Lobster Bisque Soup Spaghetti (Set) $16

The top caramelised layer didn’t have the “cracking” sound. The creme was not bad but it was short of that vanilla kick. The ice cream went well with the creme brulee.


Creme Brulee with Ice-Cream $9.80


This pancake souffle was very soft and I love it! However I would order this for breakfast rather than as a dessert.


Double Pancake Souffle Style $12

Not bad but it was quite moist inside, wonder if it was caused by the chocolate sauce that we poured over.


Vanilla Souffle with Chocolate Sauce $10.80

This french toast with maple syrup couldn’t go any wrong. 🙂


French Toast with Sugar and Cream $9.80

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店
68 Orchard Road, #03-84, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-651, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 0800 – 2200; Weekends: 10oo – 2200
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoshinocoffee/


Manzoku Japanese Restaurant

My colleague has been raving to me about this affordable and delicious sashimi rice bowl and brought my friends here for a birthday dinner. It was fully packed and luckily we had made a reservation. The interior was not big and the table to table space was very small. You can hear the next table’s conversation easily.

Food was not bad and grill items were priced cheaper than other Japanese restaurants. As for the sashimi rice bowl (chirashi don), the sashimi were thickly-sliced and was value for money.


Chawanmushi $5


Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce $10

I would have preferred the fish skin not to be drizzled with the savoury sauce.


Salmon Fish Skin


Grilled Squid with Teriyaki Sauce $15 


Tendon $14


Chirashi Don $25

Reservations recommended. Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Restaurant: Manzoku Japanese Restaurant
Address: 18 Purvis St, Singapore 188597
Tel: 6734 4436
Opening Hours:  11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, 6:00 – 10:00 PM

Tomo Izakaya

This is undeniably the BEST sashimi bowl rice I have EVER eaten. It is not cheap and I can’t exactly remember how much it cost. I think it was $48? But it was worth every cent of it as every slice of the sashimi was thick and fresh and almost overflowed the bowl.

The waiting time was very very long, about an hour or so, but every anger evaporated when I put the fresh slices into my mouth. Mmmmm!


Restaurant: Tomo Izakaya
Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-09 Esplanade Art Centre, Singapore
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 12pm-2.30pm; Sun-Thu: 5pm-11pm; Fri, Sat: 6pm-1am
Tel: 63330012

Miam Miam

Miam Miam brings the best out of French Artisanal Cuisine & Techniques and traditional Japanese preparation & cooking arts.” ~Miam Miam

Actually, I don’t really know what I’m eating, not totally Italian and nothing Japanese. The seafood tomato cream was a tad too thin, I expected it to be more bisque. The prawns were disappointingly small. Should it had a more generous seafood serving, I would have given it a higher rating.

Seafood Tomato Cream Spaghetti

Seafood Tomato Cream Spaghetti $17.80

Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé

Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé $13.80

The souflle was why I walked into the restaurant. The Valrhona chocolate was rich but could be more. I don’t feel satisfied after eating this.

Iced Cafe Au Lait $6.20

Generally, I think it was tad too expensive. Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Restaurant: Miam Miam
Address: 10 Tampines Central 1 #B1-05 Tampines One Singapore 529536
Opening hours: Weekdays: 11:30 am to 10:00pm. Weekends: 11:30 am to 10:00pm
Website: http://miam.sg/

Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant

My cousin and I saw this promotion and decided to whack this! So we make a reservation and went down on a weekday! And of course, we chose the buffet with the wagyu menu. We are there to whack the wagyu beef! We topped up another $10 for free-flow of drinks and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream! For their full menu click here.

The restaurant was neat and tidy but they need to install more fume hoods perhaps. We were all smelling of smoke and I took two days to wash the smell away.

Wagyu Beef Ox Tongue

Wagyu Beef Ox Tongue

The ox tongue was crunchy but the thought that it was from the tongue kind of puts me off.

Sashimi - White tuna, salmon, sea bream , shime saba, tuna

Sashimi – White tuna, salmon, sea bream , shime saba, tuna, octopus

Sashimi was really fresh and it was my first time tasting the white tuna. From Wikipedia, I learnt that white tuna is not tuna, but butterfish or snake mackeral. The shime saba was very sweet, totally out of my expectations. I once ate saba sashimi at sushi restaurants but never liked them because they were too fishy.

Wagyu Beef Sashimi

Marinated Wagyu Beef Sashimi with egg yolk

Sorry, I have read so many people go woooos and wows about this marinated beef sashimi but raw beef? No thanks. I took at bite but didn’t swallow it. The rest of it went to the BBQ stove and we fried them.

Wagyu Beef Sashimi and Lightly Grilled Sashimi

Wagyu Beef Sashimi and Lightly Grilled Sashimi

Similarly, raw beef is not for me.

Giant Scallops

Giant Scallops

The scallops were so good I wished I could eat more of them but we were so full from the plates of wagyu beef. It was pretty fun bbq-ing them as I tried to sear them according to what I learnt from MasterChef.

Pork Cheek Fillet

Pork Cheek Fillet

Giant scallops (again) and prawns (really huge)

Giant scallops (again) and prawns (really huge)

Prawns were huge. As a result, bbq-ing them is usually overcooking them due to their size. But nonetheless, they were succulent and sweet. Next up is the show of the BBQ! Look at that marbling! It just takes less than 15 seconds to cook each slice. As you place them onto the hot stove, it sizzles in its own fat and when you put them into your mouth, they just melt. So tender… We had three plates of these.

Wagyu Beef Short Rib and Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Cap

Wagyu Beef Short Rib and Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Cap



Besides the BBQ section, they have a variety of cooked food such as garlic fried rice, chawanmushi, soba, shisamo, salad, etc. The service was pretty good. One waitress said we have to quickly bbq out beef because it was changing colour. The beef was actually freshly cut upon order. And indeed, after leaving it for a while, it oxidised and turn into a darker red colour.

Don’t forget to leave some space for Haagen Dazs ice-cream! There were vanilla, chocolate, yuzu and macha flavours.

My cousin and I unanimously agreed that one visit is sufficient. The good memories can remain in photos and videos format.

Restaurant: Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square Shopping Mall, #03-129, Singapore 039594
Opening hours: Weekdays: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:00pm. Weekends: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Website: http://tenkaichi.com.sg/
Phone: +65 – 6250 8918
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/TenkaichiRestaurant/
Reservation: Via website

Little Hiro

This Hawaiian-Japanese restaurant is really a budget place for some comfort food! Food quality is well-above the value of the price that you are paying for and it is definitely worth a visit! Their calamari, chicken wings and onion rings were already sold out when we were there at 8pm. This place closes early so you can’t really sit and chill with your friends till late.


Spam Fries


Hawaiian Grilled Chicken with sauteed mushrooms


Ramen burger (Waikiki Deluxe)



Mushroom Suisse burger



Nacho Chips Supreme

Menu (taken from their website):


One thing to point out is the indoor seats smell of food fumes and you may not be comfortable walking out feeling and smelling like oil.

Cafe: Little Hiro
Address:  #01-01, King’s Arcade, 559 Bukit Timah Road, 269695
Tel: +65 64663477
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 11:30 – 21:30; Fri – Sat: 11:30 – 22:00; Sun: 11:30 – 21:30
Website: http://www.hirobbq.com/#about-1

Bari Uma Ramen

My friend is going overseas for work (indefinitely) and he suggested we eat here together for his farewell. He said he will miss this ramen when he goes over to Philippines.

The sliding door is typical of a Japanese ramen shop. Once you stepped in, you are quickly filled with the fumes of the food. I really don’t like the smell of fumes. On the other hand, the food was superbly good. Skeptical of eating ramen in Singapore, this shop really changed my impression of ramen. Reasonably priced, the tonkatsu broth was surprising rich and flavourful without being too oily. I don’t usually eat the fats of char siew but my friend was so envious that my char siew was more fatty than his. So I took a bite of the fats and oh my, I can’t believe what I just ate. The fats melted in my mouth and was so so so delicious!!! I even commented that I will order a plate of tonkatsu serving the next time I come.



nori uma ramen

nori uma ramen

ajitama ramen

ajitama ramen

The ramen was of the correct texture and temperature. I once read about the steps of cooking good ramen and its temperature which is not an easy skill.



The gyoza was piping hot when served. The filling tasted perfect with the correct amount of chives not overpowering the whole gyoza’s taste. The vinegar matched them perfectly.

Gyoza  $6.50
Ajitama $15
Noriuma + egg $15.50
Green tea $1.50

Will be back for the tonkatsu! Till then, all the best my friend. It’s not goodbye. 🙂 (Quoted from Laura Pausini – It’s Not Goodbye)

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Bari Uma Ramen
Address: 19 Tanglin Road, #B1-01/02, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909 (Enter from where the taxi stand is. Below Kenko.)
Tel: 6887 4484
Opening hours: 1130 am – 10 pm

Mad Nest

Under the recommendation of my colleagues, I finally visited this restaurant with them one evening. The interior is spacious and furniture is simple. The paintings on the white walls make the whole interior look like an art gallery. Very soothing.

Mad Nest houses three different kitchens serving three different food of nationalities – japanese, indian and western. I was very impressed with all their appetisers and finger food. My favourite are the oiishii maki, tori teriyaki (yes, sound normal? try this and you will know that all other tori teriyaki you have eaten in the past were nonsense), truffle fries, and foie gras. The sake sashimi is thickly-sliced and every bite is filled with happiness. The mains are so-so.

1 for 1 Stella Artois Draught $10
Oishii Maki $16
Sake Sashimi $12
Tori Teriyaki $12
Chawanmushi $4
Papadam (Basket) $3
Shochikubai Toukkuri (Flask) $13
Gyu Niku Curry Rice $15
Katsu Curry Udon $12
Tamada Ramen $12
Truffle Fries $13
Fugu Mirin $15
Tandoori Chicken Briyani $10
Naan (Basket) $9
Butter Chicken $13
Tonkatsu $12
Una Don $15
Buta Shooga Miso Yaki $12
Foie Gras $20

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Restaurant: Mad Nest
Address: 378 East Coast Road Singapore 428985
Tel: 6348 6861
Opening Hours:

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant (M Hotel)

I must agree that Groupon always offers good deals and when such deals come, I will grab the opportunity to buy one. Groupon offered a 8-course Premium Kaiseki Meal at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant for $128 (which was worth $268). The 8-course consisted of:

Wafu Salad (mixed salad with seaweed in vinegar sauce)
Hokkaido Beni Ikura (Hokkaido Red Salmon Roe)
Premium Sashimi: Hokkaido Taraba (King Crab), Hokkaido Uni (Sea urchin), Hokkaido Maguro (tuna), Hokkaido Hotate (scallop), Hokkaido Aka Ebi (shrimp), Salmon Belly, Tai (Red Snapper) with truffle oil
Ginkarei (Grilled Flounder Fish)
Ohmi Wagyu Beef 120g
Garlic Fried Rice
Miso Soup
Homemade Ume Jelly
Free glass of House Pour Red Wine or Juice

Wafu salad was very appetizing with the vinegar sauce. The salmon roe was the sweetest and tastiest that I’ve ever eaten. Every roe is fresh and pops with tasty roe juice when chewed. The sashimi was equally heavenly especially the king crab. The flounder fish was tender and well-grilled unlike that from Sushi Tei. Sushi Tei’s would have burnt fins and skin. The wagyu beef comes with two lovely sauce but I rather eat it without sauce to appreciate its original taste. I ordered it medium rare and the meat melts in the mouth. Then comes the miso soup and garlic fried rice with fragrantly-fried garlic in it. The Ume jelly was the first time I’ve ever tried and the amount of Ume liquor was concentrated. One bite of the jelly and I could feel my face turning warm. The 8-course meal ends with a hot cup of tea. I was very full at the end of the course.

Restaurant: Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant
Address: M Hotel Singapore, Level 9, 81 Anson Road, Singapore 079908
Tel: 6221 3075 / 8458 3322
Fax: 6223 6276
Opening Hours: Open Daily: Lunch: 11.30am to  2.30pm; Dinner:  6.30pm to 11.30pm
Website: http://www.hokkaidosushi.com.sg/Welcome.html

Shimbashi Soba

I’m blogging from my iPhone now. Wanna see if the photos can be uploaded correctly and nicely.

Just before going for rehearsals today, I had dinner at Shimbashi. They specialize in soba and I always see a chef making soba behind the glass window whenever I walk by. So today I finally had the opportunity to give it a try!

Here’s what I ordered:


This is tempura seiro ($17.80). I found the buckwheat noodles not cold enough. However it had a very good chewy texture and I enjoyed it very much. The soba dip appeared to be a little salty but that’s still quite acceptable.


I also ordered a salmon sashimi ($9.80) which doesn’t impress me at all. It wasn’t a good cut from the salmon considering the hefty price and it lacked the sweet fishy salmon aroma when eaten. Disappointing.


Lastly, after I finished my noodles, the waitress came with this red little pot filled with soba-you (the broth used to cook soba). She poured the soba dip back into its container leaving just enough to flavour the hot broth she was going to pour in. It was nice!

The Houji cha ($1.20) I had was one of the best tea I ever had in a Japanese restaurant. The temperature was not too hot and the tea was rich in flavour, yet not bitter.

My dining experience was heightened as there was a Japanese man slurping his soba away. It was a joy to watch him eat his noodles so heartily. I would definitely be coming back for more soba!!!

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Restaurant: Shimbashi Soba
Address: 23 Serangoon Central #B1-02 NEX Shopping Centre Singapore 556083
Tel: 6634 4786
Website: www.res.com.sg

Wasabi Tei

We chanced upon this small restaurant in Far East Plaza. However one of my friends heard about this place and recommended we go in to try. He was saying his friend commented that the male server was very rude and you can’t choose your seat in the small 16-seater restaurant. But we decided to go in anyway. We were lucky to get a seat immediately. My friend was saying there is usually a very long queue.

The place was small and squeezy. The seats were bar-height and seats were small.

From the counter, you can also look into the kitchen.

We shared had salmon sashimi. JH and I had the cod fish claypot and CP had the sashimi rice set. We were taken aback by the lady serving us because she was actually quite nice. The man was also introducing us on what to eat. Hmm, probably their temper only comes when they are crowded. We took quite a long time to finally decided what to eat.

We were served with our drinks and this tasty dish – Hijiki seaweed. It tasted to have been braised. Indeed, it was a good appetiser. It was quite a big portion and none of us could finish it.

Hijiki seaweed appetiser

Then came our mains. Our salmon sashimi pieces were THICK, one of the thickest I’ve seen. It was fresh and tasted good. I think my photograph here does not do justice to how thick and big the sashimi was.

salmon sashimi

The codfish claypot was huge and generous on the cabbage. We could have just ordered one to share. It was an unexpectedly big claypot of soup.

Codfish Claypot

CP’s sashimi rice set was also generous with the thickness of the sashimi and he totally enjoyed every piece of fish. “Shiok” was what he used to describe.

sashimi rice set

They charge $2 for every seat and you can choose any drink (green tea, mineral water, canned drinks other than alcoholics). At least one dish must be ordered for every seat. There’s no additional GST or service charges.

Stall: Wasabi Tei
Address: 14 Scotts Road, #05-79, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Tel: 6238 8216
Opening Hours: Weekdays 12 pm-3 pm, 5:30 pm-9:30 pm; Sat 12 pm-4:30 pm, 5:30 pm-9:30 pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant

Never ever been so lavish on my expenditure over food. This cost even more than my visit to Morton’s!

I have heard about Tatsuya from different sources and the one that left an impression upon me was from ieatishootipost. This one fine day, my colleague friend was suggesting we visit this place. Hoho, finally I could try it!

We were comfortably seated at the counter in front of Chef Andy and the sashimi in front of us were screaming at me to eat them! The sashimi blocks incessantly made me salivate till I almost got dehydrated at the end of my meal. Every remaining soul/spirit of the fish and prawns were perpetually encapsulated by my imaginary mental power, analogous to the evil spirits being vacuumed by Sha Wujing’s magic gourd in Journey to the West.

Chef Andy Loo

Tuna Sashimi Blocks

Notice the difference in the amount of fats (fatty prints) present in these three pieces of tuna. Chef Andy said a fresh piece of sashimi must appear to be gleaming and shining at you. Those that appear dry and dull are not fresh.

Sashimi Platter for Two $150

This platter consists of ootoro, aji, salmon belly, bluefin tuna, scallop, ebi, octopus and shell fish. It was heavenly taking every piece. It took me a while to decide which to eat first and eventually started with my favourite – the ootoro. The scallop was huge and the sauce that topped it was flavourful in every chew. I have never had such fresh scallops!

Mirugai Mentai $15

Mirugai (geoduck) is a type of mollusk (clam). The meat was carefully diced and placed on the shell, and on top of it is mentaiko grilled to perfection. Every bite of the mirugai was sweet and the taste of mentaiko was not too over-powering. The red piece in the photograph is actually ginger stem and Chef Andy said the red part is not to be eaten. A pity I didn’t try the ginger stem.

salmon belly sushi $15

This is salmon belly tataki, lightly seared on the outside leaving it raw inside. I saw Chef Andy applied more than 6 kinds of toppings meticulously which he described as applying cosmetics to it to enhance the taste of the fish.

Rose Ebi Sushi $15

The size of the Rose Ebi (giant Ebi) is about three times the size of a normal ebi you would find in Sushi Tei. Fat and succulent, I wonder how its texture is like. I would have loved this as sashimi!

Morokoshi Age $6

This is a rare find – crispy, pop-py corn bits surrounding a big prawn, then dipped into some tempura and deep-fried. The result: sweet, crispy, corn-y.

Sushi Bento Set $30.90

The restaurant offers set lunch at very affordable prices. Being a sashimi lover, I ordered the sashimi sushi set. I had never eaten such yummy tuna! It was sweet and the taste of tuna was dominant. Every piece of sushi was bite size – you can eat it as a whole.

The chawanmushi is worth mentioning here as it was REALLY silky and smooth! It apparently melts in my mouth! On top of these, I believe the chef put mandarin peels in the preparation. Every mouthful was refreshing and I thought Sushi Tei’s was already good! Obviously, nothing was left on my plates at the end.

Udon Set $20.80

On top of these, my friend also ordered a Salmon Skin Temaki ($7) and a scoop of Japanese ice cream ($6). The temaki was not cone-shape; instead it was rolled into a cylinder. Chef Andy was explaining that the way he made the handroll is special as he wanted every bite to be even with the salmon skin, rice, tobiko and crispy seaweed.

Our total bill amount to $332.05 after a 10% discount with credit card.

It was about 3 pm before the chefs began to keep everything back into their cold refrigerators. Chopping boards were cleaned, knives were sharpened and working areas cleared – all ready for another round of feasting before dinner time arrives.

I will definitely visit the restaurant again, yup, after I get my bonus. And when you’re there, please do not be stingy with your pockets. If you are feeling generous with yourself, request the chef to recommend and make you some special items:

Kaiseiki Course (traditional multi-course Japanese meal) $165
Sushi course 16-18 pieces ($180-$200) 
Omakase (leaving your selection to the chef) $250


I patronize the restaurant again in early November 2011!!! There were 4 of us and all of us went for the omakase. How daring right? It was so exciting to wait for the next dish and we were always in anticipation. We budgeted for less than $200 per person but was shocked when the four-figured bill came. It amounted to $265 per person after GST, service charge and a 10% discount. This is the most expensive and extravagant meal I’ve ever eaten. I am going to live on hawker food for the remaining month.

Hence, to make sure that it was worthy of what we paid, I’m going to take time to post all the photos of the food we’ve eaten.

We made a reservation for the counter seats and Chef Andy served us again. He could actually remember us. That’s what makes an A-grade chef! The chef said that in an omakase, the chef has to take care of the choice and order of dishes. The dishes have to be balanced in terms of sweetness, saltiness, spiciness and portion.

1. Deep fried renkon and shishamo

The renkon (lotus root) was coated with sugar and hence the crispy renkon was different from its original tastelessness. There were three small shishamo that were very good. What is worth mentioning here is the ginkgo nuts!!! It was coated in sugar and deep-fried. I was surprised by them as it was so appetizing and am not a fan of ginkgo nuts. But I finished the three pieces one after another!

2. Fried toufu

This fried tofu was nothing spectacular.

3. BBQ Pufferfish (Fugu)

First time having puffer fish!! This was a portion for two. It tastes like bak-gwa except with a fishy taste. It was addictive especially for a fish-lover like me.

4. Flame-seared sword fish (Mekajiki)

Two very tantalizing pieces of sword fish. Chef Andy added the garnishings layer by layer with care. The fish was very well flame-grilled and its texture was very very good.

5. Sashimi

Next up, sashimi!!!! Love tuna belly!!! It just simply MELTS in your mouth!!!

5.1 Flame-seared sashimi for my colleague who doesn't take raw

Chef Andy flame-seared the sashimi for my colleague who still doesn’t take raw food. Such a waste to the fresh sashimi.

6. Grilled fish with one piece mentaiko-ed

Grilled fish!! This time I ate the whole ginger shoot!! It was a little gingerly-spicy but very very nice!! It gave your palates a rest from the overly-rich fish flavors. The round red piece you see on the right side is actually the cross-section of a sweet potato. It was heavenly sweet and soft!!!

7. Big succulent rose prawn temaki

This is the big brother of all prawns! The rose prawn, thicker than the diameter of your thumb, is succulent and is a must-have for all prawn lovers!!! The rose prawn was made a tempura first, then wrapped in top-grade Japanese seaweed that the chef claims it’s the top-second grade in the whole world. In order to take care that every bite has some rice, tempura and seaweed in the correct proportions, the chef wrapped it cylindrically.

7.1 The underside of the temaki

This is the underside of the hand roll. It is to prevent the insides from falling and dripping out. The chef calls it “wearing underwear”.

8. Tempura kani and Japanese green chilli

For a moment, I thought this was another prawn!! But it is actually the crab’s leg (kani)!! It was very meaty and the Japanese green chilli was full of chilli flavor. It wasn’t spicy though.

9. Mushroom soup

This dish was bland but really healthy. Probably this is to prepare our palates for the star of our omakase – our beef bowl!

Now let’s take a look at how Chef Andy prepares our beef bowl:

A layer of rice was already at the bottom of the bowl.

Chef preparing the layer of egg for beef bowl

Pulling up the egg

Flame-searing the beef

10. Beef bowl

I enjoyed watching how Chef Andy prepared this beef bowl. He even told us how this beef bowl came about. It is not in the menu. So one fine day, a customer didn’t want any sashimi or anything in the menu and only asked for beef rice. So chef Andy came up with this beef bowl and the customer commented it was the best beef bowl he has ever eaten. This beef bowl was also rumored and many other customers started to order this in the restaurant. So I really had high expectations of this beef bowl especially I had recently fallen in love with beef. However I was kinda disappointed because the whole beef bowl was full of the flame-seared taste. I was already quite sick of this taste from the first few dishes. So even though the beef was of top quality and filled with that beef flavour, I didn’t really enjoy a much as I thought. Moreover, I didn’t like tendons. The beef had many parts with what I deemed “unchew-able” parts. Hence I felt I wasted the good beef there.

11. Musk melon and pomelo

This dessert served as a relieve. The very polite waitress told us that we have to eat the musk melon first. It was really REALLY sweet. I’ve never eaten any melon like this before!!! Then it was the pomelo’s turn! Then we understood why we have to eat the musk melon first. The pomelo was SOUR! But even it was sour, it was so juicy and flavorful!!! At this point when I’m typing this, my saliva glands suddenly spewed extra saliva onto my tongue. How sour!

12. Mandarin orange peel ice-cream

I’m finally at the last dish of omakase. It ended with a refreshing mandarin orange peel ice-cream.

Our next visit? In 2012, after April after we get our bonus. LOL. Meanwhile, good luck to me to survive on hawker food for the rest of the month!!

Restaurant: Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant
Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Tel: 6887 4598  / 6737 1160
Email: tatsuya@singnet.com.sg

*The restaurant restocks every Wednesday.

*Do request to sit at the counter to give your eyes a good feast too!

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant (The Heeren)

My parents and I came over for buffet for a weekday lunch when I didn’t need to work. I was surprised to find such affordable Japanese buffet. The place was big and comfortable. The sashimi was fresh and there was a large variety of food. Eat as much as you can from a spoilt choice of sashimi, cold seafood, sushi, grilled and fried meats and seafood, tempura, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, desserts plus hot and cold beverages!!!!

Its buffet has more than 200 items, including sashimi, Sri Lankan Blue Swimmer crabs, ribeye steak and grilled salmon belly. A dessert counter serves up tofu cheese cake and rice balls with sweetened adzuki beans.

My parents loved the grilled salmon fish head and rushed to get them.

Their soba was good too! Besides that, I liked their fish and chips, tempura, teppanyaki meats and sashimi. Not to miss out is their tofu cheesecake!! So cheesy and rich but yet not “jelat”. They were not on display and my Dad asked the chef if they have it! We were lucky!! There were only a few pieces left!! The chef said the making process is long and could not make in time for all the diners.

Lunch (Mon – Fri): $19.80++ Adult, $12.80++ (Child)
Lunch (Weekend, eve of PH and PH): $26.80++ Adult, $16.80++ (Child)
Dinner (Mon – Fri): $29.80++ Adult, $14.80++ (Child)
Dinner (Weekend, eve of PH and PH): $32.80++ Adult, $16.80++ (Child)

Do not expect high quality Japanese food though. The price is worthy because of the variety of food available.

Restaurant: Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant (The Heeren)
Address: 260 Orchard Road, #B1-01 The Heeren, Singapore 238855
Opening Hours: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm
Tel: +65 6736 1216

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

This is a newly opened Japanese restaurant at Eastpoint Mall. The previous Eatzi has shifted to Bedok Point. This Japanese restaurant’s parent company JP Pepperdine also owns Jack’s Place, Eatzi Gourmet, Seafood Harvest and BrewBaker’s. With competition from Sakae Sushi in the same mall, we went to try to find out its survival rate. Here’s what we ordered:

The taste of salmon is normal. This is replaceable at Sakae Sushi.

For the price, this is pretty good deal.

Sakae Sushi definitely does not have this. Be careful of oil sizzles while eating this. The amount of butter on top is too much. Two layers of beef here, so make sure you flip the top side down otherwise they will not have the “grill” taste. The meat was sweet, juicy, tender and succulent. Not bad at all.

Chawanmushi was normal.

On another occasion, I stepped in again. This time I had the Saikoro Steak with a Set E (rice, miso soup, chawanmushi, salmon sashimi and fruit) and Gindara Teriyaki. The steak was not bad at all. All I could say is their beef is quality.

However, the Gindara was not to my liking. Somehow, after coating and deep-frying it, the taste of the cod fish was missing. Sushi Tei does a good job at its gindara. Sakae’s is too salty.

Chawanmushi – $3.60
Ishiyaki Wagyu Steak – $28.80
Hot Green Tea – $1.50
Salmon Sushi – $3.80
Salmon Harami – $8
Saikoro Steak – $8.90
Gindara Teriyaki – $13.80

Verdict: I will travel to Tampines 1 for Sushi Tei.

Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Restaurant: Restaurant Hoshigaoka
Address: 3 Simei Street 6 #03-14 Eastpoint Mall Singapore 528833
Tel: 67866388
Opening Hours:

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Was filled with disappointment with this buffet. To think that my brother has visited this place for three times! I won’t even go there for a second time. Take a look at their buffet menu before heading down.

They do not have soft-shell crab and many kinds of common sushi are not included. I’m also disappointed with their chawanmushi.

Their soba does not have the chewy texture and comes soaked in its dipping sauce. However, I am quite impressed with their FRESH sashimi, especially with its variety of sashimi. Their sashimi tasted really sweet!!!

Not impressive waitresses’ services, especially their uniform. They wear mini skirts with an apron in front. Kind of inappropriate in a hotel restaurant?

Restaurant: Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
Address: 401 Havelock Road #01-01 Hotel Miramar Singapore 169631
Tel: 6887 3788
Opening Hours: Mon–Sun: 11.30am–2pm, 6pm–11pm

JK Don Cuisine

A budget japanese and korean cuisine.

A place with bad air ventilation inside. You come out smelling of smoke. Not fantastic food, you can find similar standards or even better ones at any food courts. There were four of us, and we requested for a four-piece chicken wing instead of their usual three. However, we didn’t get what we wanted. So I ended up without a chicken. Portions are quite small. I left the place with much disappointment.

Definitely not a place to revisit. Sorry.

Lime juice – $1.50

Prices exclude 10% service charges. No GST.

Address: 1000 East Coast Parkway, #01-05 Marine Cove, Singapore 449876
Tel: 62451955
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11.30am – 11.30pm; Sat to Sun: 11.30am – 1.00am

Ma Maison Restaurant (Japanese-French fusion food)

Ma Maison is the French word for “My Home”. The ambience is cottage-like, with country-style curtains and furniture. The place is dimly lit so it is definitely not like any other Japanese restaurants with tatami.

Our orders:

Escargot Baked with Garlic Butter ($9.50 for half dozen) – extremely aromatic garlic and flowing butter that makes you crave for more snails. Very well baked and it has been the best I’ve eaten so far. We ordered a dozen of these!

Cheese Fritter $9.20 – deep fried cheese coated with batter. Not cheesy so you won’t feel sick after two bites.

Scallop Carpaccio $9.80 – a must-eat appetizer. The sauce that comes on top of each scallop is so refreshing and cooling. It literally opens up your stomach for your main course! How would I describe it? Cool, a little sour, a little sweet topped with orange fish roes and onions. Lost for words.

Cuttlefish Ink Spaghetti $15.90 – Share this with your friends. It gets a little dry and sick after a few mouthfuls. There is very few pieces of cuttlefish. Such a pity. How I wished they would add some seafood to the dish to make it more worthy of the fragrant cuttlefish-inked black spaghetti.

Italian Hamburger Steak with Cheese (160g) $16.90 – A whole piece of cheese topped on top of your thick hamburger steak with some greens as sides. The hamburger steak is not dry inside, and the cooking was good as the steak which was almost 2 cm tall was cooked thoroughly in.

Chilled Red Wine (Prom Mama) $12.30 per glass – My friend commented that it is not the best red wine in town. It is “sting-ing”. Oh well, nothing beats our favourite at The Wine Company. Throughout the course, we were discussing when to visit The Wine Company again for some nice wine and their seared black pepper tuna. AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Their specialties are Special Beef Stew, Original Hamburger Steak and Paella. Their menu also include the traditional katsu curry rice. Well, it does serve some Japanese food. However, a pity there wasn’t much variety of food to choose from in their menu.

Reservations is a must as their restaurant is small and usually packed with diners.

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Ma Maison Restaurant (Akinori Singapore Pte Ltd)
Address: 200 Victoria Street, #02-51 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Tel: 6338 4819
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10pm; Sat & Sun: 1130 am – 10 pm
Email: mamaison@singnet.com.sg
Website:  http://www.ma-maison.co.jp

Other branches:
1. 6 Eu Tong Sen St @ CENTRAL. #03-96. Singapore 059817. Tel: 63278122
2. 9 Raffles Boulevard. PARCO Marina Bay Stall P3-03. Singapore 039596. Tel: 63389391

Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant

Food on my menu queue:

“Eight levels of spiciness are available for 13 types of ramen, including shiraike jigoku, which comes with vegetables such as assorted mushrooms, corn and bamboo shoot and the oniyama jigoku, which is topped with crispy fried chicken.

Price: From $7.80 for the shiraike jogoku. The price is the same for all levels of spiciness.”

Adapted from The Straits Times. Lifestyle section, 14th February 2010.

Restaurant: Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant
Address 1: 20 Cross Street #01-19 China Square Central
Tel: 64380328
Opening hours: Weekdays – 1130 am to 3 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm. Weekends – 1130 am to 10 pm.

Address 2: 302 Tiong Bahru Road #02-16 Tiong Bahru Plaza
Tel: 62730013
Opening hours: 1130 am to 10 pm daily

Ohsho Japanese Restaurant

Aline and her husband brought me to this place at Cuppage Plaza for Japanese Ramen. You can check out their daily promotion set at the shop front. This unnoticed place sells budget tasty ramen. The shop is very small which can sit only around 20 people. The chefs don’t look like Japanese, and the waitress speaks Chinese. Only the cashier whom I guess is the boss is Japanese, cos’ of his accent when he speaks and his looks.

Tamago Ramen – $13. The egg yolk looks half-cooked. Yummy! Her husband said the pork-based soup is very very tasty. He finished all the soup!

tamago ramen

Set B (Paprika Miso Bean Paste Ramen with 6 pcs gyoza) – $16. Not spicy, definitely suitable for those who cannot take spicy food. Lotsa bean sprouts. And only when I almost reached the bottom did I realise that there were quite a number of tablespoon full of tasty marinated minced pork that I can go with the ramen. The portion of ramen was huge.

paprika miso bean paste ramen


The gyoza cannot be missed. The base is crispy and the skin is thin. Inside the gyoza is white cabbage with minced pork. The fillings were not dry and were soft. You have to pour the chilli-vinegar sauce on the table to accompany this gyoza. The gyoza is one of the best I’ve eaten. I want more!

gyoza with sauce

Set F (Egg omelette with crabstick on Rice with 6 pcs gyoza) – $11. Aline had this. Some Japanese-Chinese fusion dish. There wasn’t much ingredients to go with the rice and I don’t really like the sauce and I find the dish quite bland. But many people were eating this.

egg with crabstick on rice

egg with crabstick on rice (inside)

Softdrink – $2

Aline’s husband finished his tamago ramen and requested for additional ramen. Give the waitress the bowl and it will be refilled with ramen at $2.

Ice water is free-flow. Pour them yourself. Prices exclusive or 7% GST. No service charges. If you ask me, I will only return for their gyoza. The ramen I had at Central was better.

Stall name: Ohsho Japanese Restaurant 饺子の王将 (Gyoza no Ohsho Singapore)
Address: 5 Koek Road #01-10 Cuppage Plaza Singapore 228796
Tel: 67357068
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 11 30 am to 2 am , Sunday and PH: 12 pm to 12 am
Website: http://www.sential.com.sg

Ramen Santouka

Authentic Hokkaido ramen can finally be tasted in Singapore!

The restaurant is very small, with about 10 tables, housing around 30 people at a time. But they take your orders while you’re queuing, so the food comes quite quickly. People also eat quite fast, and leave quickly. There isn’t much variety of ramen that you can choose from. However you can choose to upsize your ramen or to order with some rice as a set.

1. Curry Kara Miso – $18.50 – This was what I ordered! The kara miso wasn’t that spicy, but the broth was thick and flavourful. The stingy piece of char siu was very well cooked. The noodles were quite well-done, but could have been more springy. The curry that accompanied the rice was not outstanding. It only contained a few pieces of chicken. The rice was authentic Japanese rice. YUMMY! This ramen can be rated very good in Singapore, but the one I ate at the Ramen Museum in Tokyo was much much better. Not that bad to get your fix of Hokkaido ramen in Singapore!

2. Char Siu Rice Miso – $17.50 – Jiehui ordered this. She said it was salty.

3. Chicken Shoyu – $22 – CP and Von ordered this. They also said the ramen was too salty.

4. Komi-Tamago – $1 – We all ordered an egg each. The egg was cooked in an excellent manner – the yolk was molten as you can see! VERY VERY yummy yolk. However, the egg was quite bland with only a slight tinge of shoyu.

Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Stall name: Ramen Santouka
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, #02-76, Singapore 059817
Tel: 62240668 (No reservations, all friends must be present before they let you go in)
Website: http://www.santouka.co.jp
Opening Hours: 11 am – 9:45 pm (Last order)

Sushi Tei

I found out that Sushi Tei serves really good cold soba and soft shell crab for my budget. Their curry udon is also super yummy! The udon and soba is very tasty and chewy.

Here are some pictures (will update more when I try more dishes):

Nama Kaki Sushi (Raw oyster sushi) – $3.20
Kakiage Udon – $10
Katsu Curry Rice – $13
Gindara Teriyaki (Teriyaki Cod Fish) – $10
Soft Shell Crab (2 big pcs) – $10
Salmon Belly soup – $8.00
Ootoro Sushi – $10.80
Salmon Belly Sushi – $3.50
Ebi Tempura Sushi – $4.80
Rainbow roll – $12
Corn Croquette – $7
Cha Soba – $7
Yosenabe – $12
Shishamo (2 pcs) – $5
Zuwai Crab Rice – $12
Ika Okonomiyaki – $7
Curry Udon – $10
Ebi Tempura – $10
Meat Gyoza – $5
Asari Sakamushi – $12
Passion Mango Ice – $3.60
Orange Juice – $3.60
Towel – $0.20 each

Just by looking at the names of the dishes make me salivate!

Excludes 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Get their VIP card at $88. It comes with $100 voucher, 10% off per visit and 20% off in your birthday month. Very worth it if you visit Sushi Tei often.

Stall name: Sushi Tei
Locations: Click Here

Nabeyaki Udon

Travelled to Novena for my violin class. Hadn’t had lunch, and had craving for hot hot stuff. There was a Korean restaurant beside, but no suitable food on the menu for 1 person. So entered this Japanese restaurant. Looked very posh on the outside and interior. Thought it’s gonna be super expensive, but came out to be ok.

Nabeyaki Udon

Nabeyaki Udon

Surprisingly, the udon texture was good. It wasn’t too soft and bland. It was chewy and tasted really really good. Just fantastic for a hot stuff craving. The soup was not too salty and the claypot kept the udon hot for a long period of time. The portion was good for one person. While eating, this thing suddenly came:

Tempura Prawn

Tempura Prawn

HAHA! I forgot there’s tempura prawn with the udon! The appearance looks good right? But when I bite into it, the prawn was a little too over-coated with tempura flour, and there were soft and meshy parts. In the end I peeled off the flour and ate the prawn. Even so, the prawn didn’t taste like the freshest prawn.

The other items on the menu were expensive, especially their sushi. Mine cost $13. The appetizer – tuna with mayo was free! Green tea was free! But you have to pay for service charge and GST. Hence my total bill was $15.30. 

Stall name: Nara Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd
Location: 167 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre (Beside United Square)
Telephone: 62566568
Opening Hours: 1130 am to 230 pm, 6 pm to 1030 pm

Ichiban Sushi

If you have a tight budget of around $20, a Jap-food crave and do not want to wait for long, you can try Ichiban Sushi.

Grilled Mackeral Premium Set

Grilled Mackeral Premium Set

The serving is big, and is not expensive. The grilled mackeral set is less than $25. My dad likes the Don Don set that comes with Salmon don and unagi don. Of course, it comes with the extra side dishes which is worth every penny.

Don Don Set

Don Don Set

I ordered the Salmon Nabemono because my Dad could not finish the two bowls of Don Don, so I have a little rice from him.

Salmon Nabemono

Salmon Nabemono

 The solid fuel hasn’t even finished burning even after I finished my food. So I poured some green tea in to prevent the pot from getting burnt. The soup is not as salty as what I had tried before. The salmon was fresh and being a sashimi fan, I wouldn’t bear to dip my salmon pieces into the nabemono. HAHA!

Try their cheesecake too. You can purchase them while you are settling your bill. Their cheesecake is good.

Stall Name: Ichiban Sushi
Location: Various outlets (Part of R E & S Enterprises Pte Ltd)
Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm daily