"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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Shahi Maharani Restaurant

I got to know of this North Indian restaurant back in 2005. I won a $50 voucher from Symphony 92.4 and my whole family went to try this restaurant. Little did we expect the food here to be SUPERFABULOUSLYEXCELLENT! Since then, this has been my Dad’s favourite restaurant. He will always request the chef to give more gravy so he can dip his naan in them.

The restaurant is very cosy. The whole place is carpeted. The furniture is bulky. There is a glass to view the chef grilling your Tandoori chicken.

We will always order:

1. Tandoori Chicken (quarter – $12.50, half – $22.50 , whole – $34 )
2. Rogan Josh $21
3. Mutton Vindaloo $21
4. Goa Fish Head Curry $38.50 (need to wait for 20 minutes)
5. Saffron Rice $7.50
6. Plain Naan $3.50 each
7. Raan Sikandra (half – $30 , whole – $43 )

You will be served complimentary Indian crackers (one per diner) as starters. Their crackers are fragrant with spices and some of them can be spicy hot. Then your main dishes will be served all at the same time.

So far, all our visits were never disappointing. Their food is always kept at a consistent standard. Every dish is fragrant and will make you cry for more! The waiters and waitresses will come over and ask for your feedback on their food. During dinner times, there will be a live-band to display some North Indian music.

Prices exclusive of 7% GST and 10% service charge. Go for their 1 for 1 lunch buffet on weekdays for your money’s worth at $42++. (i.e. $21 per pax) However, their buffet menu is not the same everyday. Sometimes, they don’t have our favourite saffron rice and tandoori chicken. The buffet comes with refillable crackers and naan.

Let me know if you can find something better than this restaurant!

Restaurant: Shahi Maharani (North Indian Restaurant)
Address: 252 North Bridge Road #03-21B Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore 179103
Tel: 6235 8840 (Do make reservations)
Fax: 6339 1889
Email: shahimaharani@pacific.net.sg
Website: http://www.shahimaharani.com
Opening Hours: All Day. 12 noon – 2 30 pm, 6 30 pm to 10 30 pm.


The Wine Company

chilly wine cellar

A nice place to chill. Parking is per entry. The Wine Company @ Evans has a nice ambience to chill out with friends. Their wines are affordable and most importantly, the service is good.

Asara Rose 2009

We ordered a bottle for Asara Rose 2009 wine. The wine is PINK! My first time having pink wine. It’s not that dry and it’s light. The wine is kept chilled in a metal ice-container stand beside the table. This bottle is one of the cheapest in the menu – $32. $6 for in-house consumption. The total bill was $38. All their prices includes 7% GST and a flat $6 for in-house consumption instead of 10% service charge.

Check out their full wine list on their website. I was shocked with their wine menu placed on our table. There were so many to choose from!

The place also serves food which looks tempting. Next time probably!

Updated 21st March 2010:

After a trip to the Botanical Gardens, my colleague and I came here for desserts  and drinks. Still love this place!! The pepper seared tuna is definitely a must-try! It’s very very good!!

pepper seared tuna

chocolate molten lava cake

white wine

This half bottle is just nice for the two of us to finish.

Updated 22nd June 2010:

Again I visited this place. We had the sausage platter ($16.82) that came in 3 varieties. Simply loved them!! I had the cod fish ($18.69). Love them!

Restaurant: The Wine Company @ Evans
Address: 26 Evans Road #01-05 Evans Lodge Singapore 259367
Tel: 67321229
Website: http://www.thewinecompany.com.sg

Ohsho Japanese Restaurant

Aline and her husband brought me to this place at Cuppage Plaza for Japanese Ramen. You can check out their daily promotion set at the shop front. This unnoticed place sells budget tasty ramen. The shop is very small which can sit only around 20 people. The chefs don’t look like Japanese, and the waitress speaks Chinese. Only the cashier whom I guess is the boss is Japanese, cos’ of his accent when he speaks and his looks.

Tamago Ramen – $13. The egg yolk looks half-cooked. Yummy! Her husband said the pork-based soup is very very tasty. He finished all the soup!

tamago ramen

Set B (Paprika Miso Bean Paste Ramen with 6 pcs gyoza) – $16. Not spicy, definitely suitable for those who cannot take spicy food. Lotsa bean sprouts. And only when I almost reached the bottom did I realise that there were quite a number of tablespoon full of tasty marinated minced pork that I can go with the ramen. The portion of ramen was huge.

paprika miso bean paste ramen


The gyoza cannot be missed. The base is crispy and the skin is thin. Inside the gyoza is white cabbage with minced pork. The fillings were not dry and were soft. You have to pour the chilli-vinegar sauce on the table to accompany this gyoza. The gyoza is one of the best I’ve eaten. I want more!

gyoza with sauce

Set F (Egg omelette with crabstick on Rice with 6 pcs gyoza) – $11. Aline had this. Some Japanese-Chinese fusion dish. There wasn’t much ingredients to go with the rice and I don’t really like the sauce and I find the dish quite bland. But many people were eating this.

egg with crabstick on rice

egg with crabstick on rice (inside)

Softdrink – $2

Aline’s husband finished his tamago ramen and requested for additional ramen. Give the waitress the bowl and it will be refilled with ramen at $2.

Ice water is free-flow. Pour them yourself. Prices exclusive or 7% GST. No service charges. If you ask me, I will only return for their gyoza. The ramen I had at Central was better.

Stall name: Ohsho Japanese Restaurant 饺子の王将 (Gyoza no Ohsho Singapore)
Address: 5 Koek Road #01-10 Cuppage Plaza Singapore 228796
Tel: 67357068
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 11 30 am to 2 am , Sunday and PH: 12 pm to 12 am
Website: http://www.sential.com.sg


Our initial plan was to go Kko Kko Nara. But they were full for the night. So we went to Magma, which was round the vicinity. Magma is cosy, with a few tables. It’s kitchen is clearly visible to the diners, with two (probably) German chefs.

We ordered Cherry beer – 0.5 l, 4.8% alcohol, $12. I had never drunk RED beer before. It’s colour was so pretty I can’t help but take a picture of it with my lousy Bold camera. The beer was smooth, and no smelly cherry taste.

cherry beer

I had Berliner Currywurst mit Brot (Fried sausage “Berlin style” with spicy curry gravy), $14. Hmmm… not the tough texture type of sausages. My friend it tasted like some curry otah. HAH! But I quite like it.

Fried sausage “Berlin style” with spicy curry gravy

We also ordered a REGULAR sized pizza, which we three couldn’t finish.  Hühnerbrust, Tomate, Zwiebeln, Apfel & Kaese (Chicken breast, tomato,onions, apple & cheese), $29. The base is actually sour cream, and not tomato. On top of the biscuit-thin pizza crust were big tender chicken chunks, apple, tomato, onions and cheeseeeeeee!

Chickenbreast, tomato, onions, apple and cheese pizza

In the bistro, other diners were seen having pork knuckles (HUGE)! The servings in the bistro were big. They serve a good variety of German food. Visit their website to see their full menu. I should bring my Daddy there soon! Remember to make reservations!

Restaurant: Magma (German Wine Bistro and Shop)
Address: 2-4 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089816
(near New Majestic, OSO and Absinth) MRT Station Outram Park, Exit H, Teo Hong Road (200 m)
Website: http://www.magmatc.com/
Tel: 6221 0634
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 12noon – 11pm, Fri 12am – midnight, Sat 11am (Brunch) – midnight, Sun/PH 11 am (Brunch)-11pm
Email: reservations@magmatc.com.sg

Pineapple Tarts

It’s the time of the year again!!! My mum’s most popular cookies definitely can’t have this MISSING! YES, PINEAPPLE TARTS!! She used to make them for sale ten over years ago and the smell of butter would fill the whole corridor. So here I’m going to share the recipe with all of you!! SHOUT YEAH!

Pastry Ingredients:
1.    250 g butter (my mum uses SCS butter)
2.    50 g icing sugar
3.    1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
4.    1 whole egg
5.    375 g plain flour
6.    25 g corn flour

You can buy ready-cooked pineapple jam, imported from Thailand, from Phoon Huat. 1 kg for $4.60.

Method of Pastry:
1. Beat sugar and butter until sugar dissolves and whole mixture becomes light.
2. Add in the egg and beat. (not too long)
3. Fold in sieved plain and corn flour and vanilla essence into the mixture.
4. Ready for use on any mould.
5. Roll in the pineapple jam.
6. Brush on egg yolk (additional. 1 egg yolk to 2 teaspoon of water) on the pastry’s surface before placing into the oven for “golden” appearance.

7. Preheat oven before-hand.
8. Bake at 180 degree Celsius for 20-25 minutes.


Dou Hua Restaurants Pte Ltd 四川豆花饭庄

We went to this restaurant as a well-wishes dinner for Aline. Located on the 60th storey, we had to change to another lift to get up. A very atas restaurant. I can’t really remember how much the dinner was, but be prepared to fork out $50 – $60 for a dinner like mine. It is buffet-style, which is a consolation.

I like the food here, especially the 辣子鸡 (Spicy chicken cubes) which we ordered twice. That left us going to the toilet 4 times the next day. Their douhua is smooth and tasted special with the addition of wolfberries. Their deep-fried soon hock was so fresh and crispy in the soy sauce, perfectly deep-fried.

Stall name: Dou Hua Restaurants Pte Ltd 四川豆花饭庄
Address: 80 Raffles Place, #60-01, UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624
Tel: 65356006
Website: http://www.sichuandouhua.com

Khmer Delight

The only Cambodian restaurant in Singapore opens! This is set up by SJAB Zone 2 President, Mr Andrew Tay. I have not been there yet.

If you like Cambodian cuisine, why not go and try this out and leave your comments here?

Restaurant name: Khmer Delight
Address: 922 East Coast Road Singapore 459114
Tel: 64491529
Opening Hours: Tue–Thu: 11.30am – 10.00pm; Fri–Sun: 11.30am – 10.30pm; Closed on Mon
Email: andrew@sihs.com.sg

Y.L.S. Catering Services

Their specialty is their 扣肉馒头 Braise Pork with Bun. I find their 炸小笼包 Deep Fried Xiao Long Pau special. This is something you won’t find normally. And I feel that their prices are much cheaper than other caterers around. They also offer a big variety of food to choose from, from their menu.

I like their online service. Just “check” on the items you like for your buffet, and click submit. They will receive your order, and give you a call for confirmation. No hassle.

Caterer: Y.L.S. Catering Services
Address: Blk 3017 #03-06 Bedok North St 5 Singapore 486121
Contacts: Mr. Lim +(65) 6745-1855
Ms. Josie Neo +(65) 6743-5823
Mr. Ronnie Neo +(65) 6441-9052

Website: http://www.ylscatering.com.sg/

Smiling Orchid

Had this at SJABHQ today. Like their Golden Fish Fillet in Honey Lemon Sauce and Oriental Fried Rice Special. Well, their prices are reasonable. Give it a try.

Cater: Smiling Orchid Singapore Pte Ltd
Address: Block 171 Kampong Ampat #02-03 Kampong Ampat Industrial Estate K A Food Link Singapore 368330
Tel:  6471 0898
HP:  97844924
Email: samat@smilingorchid.com
Website: http://www.smilingorchid.com

Red Dot Bake House

Recommend their coffee swiss rolls and banana cakes. They sell pies, cakes, sandwiches and bread. They cater to babies’ Full Month, Party packs, birthday cakes and wedding cakes too.

Delicious cakes can be bought and catered from:

Shop name: Red Dot Bake House
Address: Block 6001 #B1-64 Golden Mile Tower Singapore 995819
Tel: 85226037