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Home-cooked Pancake

Parents are out again!! It’s time to mess the kitchen! Ok, just kidding.

Made this last Saturday for brother and I for breakfast. This is my first time trying out how to make a pancake. Seriously, I have never fancy my mum’s pancakes but after this try, I will eat every pancake she makes.

I actually bought a pre-mix from a Korean super mart. I roughly followed the instructions that were written in Korean with no friendly English translation sticker. Just in case you are wondering, there were no pictures on the pack too. 😦

The mixing was quite easy. I used a soup spoon to try out on the non-stick pan first. The first one got slightly burnt. So I turned the fire even lower. The difficult part is actually flipping the pancake! After making three pieces, I suddenly recalled watching my mum tossed the pancake by flipping the pan. So I tried. It wasn’t that difficult tossing the pancakes.


As for the taste of the pancakes, it must be because of the pre mix that it tasted “flour-y“. The maple syrup that I got was not good either. I still think the maple syrup from McDonald’s is the best.

Verdict: FAIL. Try again this Saturday!


Jade Restaurant – The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

This post has been long overdued. By the time I post this, I have already eaten twice at this place.

The quality of food is good and for a place like this AND buffet dim sum, the price is really reasonable. The number of pieces of dim sum is according to the number of people in the table. So there is no worry about too much or insufficient servings.


$36+++ for Adult and $18+++ for 6 – 11 year old child

Restaurant: Jade Restaurant
Address: Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

Opening Hours:
Weekend A La Carte Dim Sum Buffet Lunch:
1st seating : 11.00am – 12.45pm (last order 12.15pm)
2nd seating : 1.15pm – 3.00pm    (last order 2.30pm)

For reservations, please call (65) 6877 8188 or email dining-rsvp@fullertonhotel.com

Home-cooked Fish Soup and other dishes

My parents were out of town and my cousin sis and bro’s gf came over for dinner. That sums up to 5 people and I’ve never cooked any meal more than for 3 people. But i felt cooking more is easier than cooking for less.

So here’s what I whipped out:

Fish Soup

1. Fish soup:
I bought fish trimmings, garoupa fish head and a garoupa fillet from NTUC Finest. Heat the pot with oil and garlic. Then add in half a bowl of Shao Xing wine into the hot pot. Be careful of the sizzling. Then add in bowls of water. More sizzling. This should give the soup a very fragrant taste. When the water boils, add in the fish head and tomatoes. You may add in soft beancurd too. Add salt, chicken cubes, pepper, mushroom powder to enhance the taste. Lastly add in the remaining fish and vegetables.I used chinese big cabbage here as it gives the soup a very sweet taste. It’s surprising these easy steps can give a very good soup.

2. Sitr-fried mixed vegetables:
Heat the wok with oil and big onions. Cook the carrots, peas and mini corns as they are more difficult to get cooked. Lastly add in the mushrooms. Season with salt, mushroom powder and 鱼露.

3. Luncheon meat omelette:
Cousin Sis favourite food is luncheon meat. So brother went out to buy Mei Way 美味 Pork Luncheon Meat which tasted very well! Cut the luncheon meat into small cubes and fry till the surface till golden brown. Then scoop them out and mix into the beaten eggs. Add in cut chilli for more spice! Do not add salt as luncheon meat is salty by itself. Pour a little of the mixture into a well-heated wok and fry under low heat. I even fried two additional pieces of luncheon meat for her!

4. Stir-fried beef with broccoli:
From NTUC, buy the beef flank or beef for stir-fry. Marinate with pepper and soy sauce. Boil the broccoli in hot water till cooked. Stir fry the beef over high heat, and dash in Shao Xing wine at the end to create the aroma. Serve beef on top of the broccoli.

5. Sambal chilli brinjal:
Boil the brinjal in hot water till cooked. Then I used Team’s Gormet Chrispy Prawn Chilli and fry them a while to mix the chilli into the brinjals. Super fragrant and spicy!!!

Serve with piping hot rice! Of course, all the food were finished!!

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant 瑞春点心拉面小笼包

We finally had this dim sum after talking about this for a month! We visited this place a week and half ago but was closed because it was a Tuesday! But today we finally had it and it was awesome!!

Assortment dim sum

Assortment dim sum

Assortment of dim sum

Assortment of dim sum

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Custard Bao

Custard Bao

Hor Fun

Hor Fun

酸辣宋城萝卜糕 $1
萝卜糕 $2
奶黄流沙包 (3 pcs) $3.60
叉烧包 (2 pcs) $1.60
烧卖 (2 pcs) $1.80
虾饺 (2 pcs) $2.20
凤爪 $2.30
排骨 $2.50
面线糕 (6 pcs) $2
葡式蛋挞 (2 pcs) $3
小笼包 (4 pcs) $4
红油抄手 (4 pcs) $4
千层饼 $4.30
黄金豆腐 (6 pcs) $3.50
香蕉高丽豆沙 (3 pcs) $4
猪肠粉 $1.80
明虾角 (3 pcs) $4.20
滑蛋虾仁炒河粉 $5.50

The prices were so reasonable and the quality of food was beyond my expectations. The hor fun left a good impression as it encompassed  the “wok hei” which is not commonly found in Singapore. I also enjoyed the Portuguese egg tart very much. The pastry was light and flaky and the egg custard was just nice – not too hard, not too sweet. The 红油抄手 was good too. I liked it that the vinegar was fragrant and the combination of it with chilli oil was of good proportion. The 流沙包 had a good skin texture and the salted egg custard filling was generous. What I did not like was the cheong fun only. It was plainly garnished with soy sauce and sesame seeds accompanied with the sweet sauce. I was expecting the usual char siew / prawn cheong fun.

The restaurant also serves la mian, cooked dishes and desserts. Definitely going back for more!

Expect long queues but waiting time is usually quite fast. They do not allow seating until majority of the people have arrived.

Prices exclude 7% GST. No service charges.

Restaurant: Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant 瑞春点心拉面小笼包
Address: 185/187/189/191, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882   (Drivers are recommended to park at the multi-storey carpark at Blk 638 and walk over.)
Tel: 6226 7788
Office: 6294 0070
Opening Hours: 6pm – 6am (Closed on Tuesdays)
Email: admin@sweechoon.com
Website: http://sweechoon.com