"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


Restoran Win Yin 容原宮保田雞粥

This is the place where my cousin has always been wanting to bring me to. She claims that the frog porridge here is better than the one I brought her to.

We ordered the frogs in “gong bao” flavour, sliced fish in spring onion and ginger, stir fried lala, peanuts and preserved vegetables, together with 5 servings of porridge. Each frog is RM7.50 and the whole meal cost RM$66.50.

I felt the frogs weren’t as flavourful as that I had here. But the sliced fish were not bad. The lala was not bad too.

Preserved vegetables 咸菜

Shellfish “Lala”

Frogs, sliced fish and porridge

The only bad part is we were really thirsty after our dinner. Probably too much MSG in the food.

Restaurant: Restoran Win Yin 容原宮保田雞粥
Address: 68 Jalan Toman 4, Kemayan Square, 70200 Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 630pm – 0430am


Sichuan Spicy Ma La Frog 四川麻辣牛蛙

Just came back from Xi’an and Beijing a few days ago. Totally missed my favourite food there!!!! 牛蛙 or otherwise known as 田鸡 or frogs in Singapore. However, those found in Beijing are bigger and has more meat!! I still can’t find any comparable ones in Singapore!! Managed to had two meals of frogs consecutively on my 8th day there. The last time I ate was back in 2005!!! OMG, 5 years ago!!!! And the frogs are cheap there!!! One big pot for only RMB $58! The pot usually consists of 5-6 frogs, and they are slaughtered only upon orders. In Singapore, one frog will easily cost you $7 – 8.

麻辣牛蛙 - RMB 58

Restaurant: 麻辣诱惑 Spice Spirit
Address: 北京朝阳区三里屯太古广场 (VILLAGE) 南区2号楼3层
Tel: 86-10-64132908
Website: http://www.spicespirit.com

水煮牛蛙 - RMB 58

You can actually order frogs from any restaurants that serves 川菜 (Sichuan dishes), and request for 微辣 or 加辣. The meaning of “水煮” does not mean “cooked in water”. In fact, the frogs are quickly deep-fried and then cooked in spicy chilli oil with cayenne pepper (麻椒). The cayenne pepper provides the numb or 麻 feeling when you eat. The spiciness is controlled by the amount of chilli oil they topped on top of the dish. Totally providing numbness and addiction to the unique sensation.


This is not that spicy if you’re not a chilli-eater. Some restaurants have other cooking methods. So make sure you check with the 服务员 (waitress).


This is probably the best I’ve eaten so far back in 2005. However the restaurant has once been closed down due to hygiene problems. This restaurant had live performances of the popular 川剧变脸演出 (literally Sichuan face-changing performances) which amazed me. Watch the youtube video HERE. My dad also unbelievably won the top prize in their lucky dip and won RMB $300 dining vouchers at this restaurant, hence we were there for dinner for a few occasions.

Note that all servings in Beijing are large and only comes in one size. See the bowl of steam rice at the top corner? Imagine the size of the frogs! The steam rice in this restaurant are very fragrant. I hope I’ll still be able to visit this place once again.

Restaurant: ShuGuoYanYi 蜀国演义酒楼
Address: 北京市东三环劲松桥畔劲松大厦
Tel: 010-87376566 / 68
Email: shgyy@shgyy.com
Website: http://www.shgyy.com

麻辣牛蛙 - RMB 38

Restaurant: 鸿运天外天茶饮有限公司
Address: 北京市东城区东直门外胡家园小区21号楼
Tel: 86-10-64667132 / 64667195
Website: http://www.hytwt.com

Besides these, there is another 泡椒牛蛙 which I’ve tried before, but without a photo.

Amazed by all the different frog dishes compared to our boring local ones? Make sure you walk into a Sichuan restaurant in Beijing and try for yourself!

Croak croak!!!!!

Frog Porridge and Oyster Omelette

My favourite place to eat frog legs porridge and oyster omelette! No need to go Geylang and sweat over parallel car-parking!

My colleague had a craving for these today, and hence, we were there AGAIN! HAHA! The only bad thing is that the tables are small – can only fit 6 people at most! Our table is always filled to the sides. And the place is super crowded and a little dirty.

Frog leg porridge: 1 for $8, 2 for $16 and 3 for $22.

The 宫煲 (gong bao) flavour one is the best! Spicy and fragrant! The frog is not the mini small ones, but quite large ones, which are meaty and their meat is so irresistably chewy! The gravy that comes with it matches the plain white porridge perfectly. The plain porridge comes in small, medium and large sizes. They also have it in ginger-onion (姜葱) flavour, which is more suitable for those that cannot take spicy stuff. Seriously, why is it that so many people not be able to take spicy stuff?!?! They are missing out so much food! Next time I will post on spicy steamboat (麻辣火锅).

frog porridge

frog porridge

There is also this stall that sells carrot cake, oyster omelette and Hokkien mee. All of these mentioned are FANTASTIC! The Hokkien mee is not too dry, nor too soggy. And the mee has that prawn flavour all infused! The oyster omelette ($5 or $8) is crispy  and  do not miss out their chilli sauce!!! I usually don’t dip chilli while eating oyster omelette. But this one is super good that I can’t resist! The carrot cake has a lot of egg with it, and almost every bite of it is with egg. YUMMY!

oyster omelette

oyster omelette

Stall name: TP802 Coffee Shop
(Do remember to let the frog porridge lady know your table number!)
Location: Block 802 Tampines Avenue 4 (Opposite Tampines Neighbourhood Police Centre)
Opening Hours: 4 pm to about 1130 pm