"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Thai Food

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ

Mum suggested going to Mookata for lunch today! Ah, finally something different! So I Googled for Mookata and this place was one of the few that opens for lunch. Most Mookatas are only opened from 5pm or 6pm. I wonder why.

The restaurant was surprisingly not crowded at 1pm. It was clean and aircon was chilling. And fume hoods to minimise the smelly smoke from the cooking. The mookata pot was huge. It was placed on a metal tray.


Flaming hot charcoal burns underneath the pot. I was quite scared that the sparks might hit my face or eyes. Luckily it didn’t happen.


We ordered the set for four people. It is a combination of marinated chicken (thigh), pork (collar), prawns, squid, suriyaki, streaky bacon, pork belly, fishball, meatball, crabsticks, otah fishcake, round cabbage, chinese cabbage, kang kong, xiao bai cai, corn, golden mushroom, eggs, tung hoon and tofu, for $68.90. IT WAS EXPENSIVE! Dad was all disappointed with the portion. However, the marinate of the meat was tasty and mum enjoyed it very much. We even ordered an additional 200g of the yummy chicken thigh ($7.50). Needless to say, the soup was very yummy and I liked that it wasn’t too salty.


The chilli came in three levels – mild, spicy and hot. I tried all three and yes, they were really different. The hot was still not too hot but had a punch! The chilli dip was good!


The bbq area was made too round, mum kept complaining about the food sliding off. The pot became charred very quickly. This set for four didn’t really fill our stomachs.


Will I visit this place again? Yes, the place was comfortable and food was fresh and tasty. They were much more tasty than other steamboat or mookata food that I have eaten. No, food was on the pricey side.

Rice is at 90 cents per bowl. Plain water is complimentary. Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Restaurant: Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ
Address: 103/105 East Coast Road, Singapore 428797
Tel: 6344 2985
Opening Hours: Mon – Wed 5pm to 12am; Thur – Fri 5pm to 1am; Sat – Sun 12pm to 12am
Website: http://mookata.com/en/index.php?id_cms=8&controller=cms&id_lang=1


Charcoal Thai

Situated in Kovan area, this Thai eatery is opened by my friend’s boyfriend. We finally had the opportunity to meet up for dinner today!

It was a clean place and the air-con was comfortable. The interior gave a cosy feeling. Here’s what we ordered:

The crackers tasted spicy! I was expecting some really normal-tasting crackers but these proved me otherwise!

The tom yum came in a mini ceramic furnace. It was POWERFUL! It was spicy enough yet not chocking to the throat (at least for me). The ingredients (fresh mushrooms, prawns, squids, fish) were generous. However, just to note, the fish in the soup is dory fish. So for non-dory lovers, you would have wasted big chunks of dory slices. I know of many people who cannot take the taste of dory. I’m a fish lover, so dory’s ok for me!

The minced pork with century egg was too full of the taste of basil leaves. I don’t really like basil leaves. Hence, I only took a piece of the century egg. The egg was tasteless compared to the traditional century egg porridge. So if you do not like the century egg taste, don’t be afraid to try this.

The fish was well-sliced and its presentation was good. The meat wasn’t overcooked and I loved the meat texture. The slices of fish made it easy to eat too.

The green curry chicken wasn’t the type of curry I was expecting. Probably I was too accustomed to the taste of the ready-cook pack by Dancing Chef. This green curry chicken was again too full of basil leaves’ flavour which I don’t fancy.

The toufu was average. Though toufu tasted plain and the same everywhere, the restaurant could have spent some time creating a special dip sauce to go with it. The peanut dip wasn’t that good to leave an impression in me.

Clams! Oh clams! Vongole! My favorite! The clams were considerably fat and juicy but lack a “wow” factor. I am always looking out for that “sea” aroma in shellfish – the kind of taste that makes you feel like you’re just by the sea eating freshly-harvested clams.

The stir-fried vegetables were good. I like the wok-hei it had and the various vegetables were evenly cooked – crunchy ones remaining crunchy and the soft ones juicy.

The Thai milk tea was refreshing and cools the throat after having much heaty food. The tea was aromatic.

Thank you boss for the red ruby dessert! It wasn’t reflected in the bill!  It was very nice and the red rubies were very crunchy and full of coconut flavour. However the red rubies were all stuck together and doesn’t give a good visual appeal or the ease to eat.

Bought home chicken wings and tom yum soup for my mum. She said the tom yum soup was good. However the chicken wings lacked of flavour. Probably it wasn’t well marinated as she said the wings were tasteless – not salty and neither were they spicy. She also commented the wings were small, but I thought they were normal in size? She probably expected more after drinking the aromatic tom yum soup.

The restaurant had a good flow of customers on a Friday night. So you may want to make reservations. The restaurant also serves steamboat and bbq (grill). Hence, if there are customers having bbq, you will walk out “fumed”. The boss may have to look into their fume hoods and ventilation.

Plain rice – $0.80
Towel – $0.30

There is no GST or service charge.

Restaurant: Charcoal Thai
Address: 7 Simon Road Singapore 545894
Tel: 6288 6260
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 12pm – 2 pm; 530pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 12pm – 10pm
Email: charcoalthai@gmail.com 

Absolute Thai

My first visit there was quite good. I thought that their bee hoon tom yam soup was spicy and flavourful. Besides, the portion was quite substantial. However the chicken wings were small. Thai iced milk tea was quite refreshing.

The second time I was there was with my cousins. We ordered quite a bit. Their green curry was not bad on the first taste, but upon second tasting, it became a little “jelat”. The coconut milk was too much and the chicken breast meat tasted of the “frozen fridge”. Fail.

The clear tom yam soup was not spicy and my cousins said it tasted too much of a certain spice which we couldn’t really determine what was it. However the prawns were big and luckily they tasted fresh.

Pandan leaves chicken were a bit tasteless. Moreover, they were too small.

Phad Thai was not too sweet. Maybe one of the better ones I’ve eaten so far. Pineapple rice was also not bad.

Our free red ruby dessert (upon $30 expenditure) was refreshing. Crunchy red bits wrapped in a layer of red jelly-like coating.

Fragrant steam rice at $1 per plate. Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Absolute Thai
Address:  2 Tampines Central 5, #01-19/20/21/22 Century Square Shopping Centre, Singapore 529509
Tel: 6260 8846
Fax: 6260 8847
Opening Hours: 1130 am – 945 pm

Nakhon Kitchen

My family and I had lunch at this neighbourhood place. There was actually a long queue, but it was fast. There were only 11 tables, but the waitress actually took down your orders even before you sit down. Hence when you sit down, your food will be served already.

My impression of olive rice changed ever since. Their olive rice is fragrant on every rice bead. Yummy.

Not so for the rest of the so-so dishes. Come here for value-for-money Thai food. We couldn’t finish the rice and had to pack home as dinner.

No GST nor service charges. Good and friendly servers in the stall.

Restaurant: Nakhon Kitchen
Address: Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3 #01-166 Singapore 460130
Tel: 6245 5548
Fax: 6286 8741
Email: nakhon.kitchen@gmail.com

Thai Express

Very impressed with their BBQ fish. Must go there to try that!

Thai Fried Squid – $7.90
BBQ Fish – $14.90
Seafood Tom Yum Soup – $6.90
Exclusive of 10% Service charge and 7% GST

Stall name: Thai Express
Location: Link Here

Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen

Heard my brother saying that Tuk Tuk serves very good beef kuay teow. So finally had a chance to go try the food at this restaurant at East Coast Road. However, I don’t think they have the beef kuay teow in their menu there. The red-der Tom Yum soup is just visually spicy. The milder, friendly looking one is actually the evil in disguise. Hehe. Generally, the food there is not bad. Give it a try.

Stall name: Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen
1. #03-22/24, Suntec City Mall (Between Tower 1 & 2), 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983 Tel: 6333 3362
2. #01-67/68/69, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588 Tel: 6293 5101 / 6293 5221
3. 221, Geylang Road (Beside Lor 7), Singapore 389281 Tel: 6742 8664 / 6742 6419
4. 135/137 East Coast Road (Ground Floor) Singapore 428820 Tel: 63482573
5. 68/68A Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555964 Tel: 62866768

Website: http://www.diandinleluk.com
email: diandin@singnet.com.sg