"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Outside Singapore

Khmer (Cambodian) Food (Siem Reap)

I just got back from Cambodia yesterday and I should do a long post after my last post two years ago! I was basically too busy with work and life.

Cambodia was really hot and humid, 99% of its people depend on tourists to survive. Tuk-tuks are everywhere waiting for that fateful someone to get on and eateries are everywhere too. Hygiene may pose a problem but as long as you use your experienced judgement, you shouldn’t get any upset tummy. Food are also priced very reasonably from USD1 (low-end) to USD14 (high-end).

We stayed in The Villa, Siem Reap, situated within walking distance to the Night Market, Central Market, Pub Street and to many of eateries all around. TripAdvisor’s Genevieve Restaurant, Haven Training Restaurant and Bugs Cafe are all nearby. If you are bored of Khmer food, there is KFC and Sarpino’s Pizza. It is a very convenient and comfortable budget place to stay in!

The most common food you will see on menus are Lok Lak, fried MaMa noodles, Amok, Khmer curry and ginger chicken. Cambodians use fish sauce as a main seasoning that makes every dish delicious. We had our first meal at a place near our hotel called Lilypop Restaurant.
Website: http://www.lilypop-restaurant.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilypoprestaurant

Beef Lok Lak

Beef Lok Lak

Beef is both marinated and stir-fried in fragrant peppery sauces that is very appeitizing.

Deep-fried pork

Deep-fried pork

Stir-fried mee

Stir-fried mee

This stir-fried mee looked so plain but once you get started on it, you simply can’t stop! The noodles were surprisingly springy and full of flavour! It is a fusion of pepper, fish sauce and chilli sauce! I finished the whole plate and I must mention that this plate of mee cost only USD1.50!

On one of the evenings, we had our dinner at this well-acclaimed The Sugar Palm restaurant. Nice ambience but food was over-rated.
Website: http://www.thesugarpalm.com/spsr/


Fish Amok

Fish Amok that needed 45 minutes of preparation time

Khmer Crispy Noodles

Khmer Crispy Noodles

Ginger with chicken

Ginger with chicken

This ginger fish was taken at Fusion Kitchen (part of Soria Moria Boutique Hotel) along Wat Bo Road. We were there on a Thursday and happened to be “Oh My Buddha” day. So every food item was on 50% discount and drinks were one for one. I really liked the ginger and fish. It was much better than the ginger with chicken I ate at Sugar Palm.
Address: Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Wat Bo Road, Salakamrouk, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Website: http://thesoriamoria.com/


Fried, baked or charcoal-grilled chicken are also common on the menu. The chicken meat is tougher because they are reared locally and chickens run around the residents’ houses. You will find that the chickens have little fats. We really prefer this texture and the meat is more flavourful too. The chickens are usually marinated with lemongrass and ginger.

20150616_105923 20150617_133406 20150616_104931

Before I arrived in Cambodia, my friend has been telling me to eat tarantulas!! We chanced upon Bugs Cafe outside our hotel. Wanting to fused culturally, we stepped in and ordered the Mixed Insects (tarantula, scorpion, giant waterbug, crickets and silkworms wok-fried in chilli). OMG, it was an experience of my lifetime! And ONCE is ENOUGH!
Website: http://bugs-cafe.e-monsite.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bugscafesr


On our way taking the tuk-tuk 70 km out of Siem Reap, we saw many villagers selling bamboo sticky rice. So Daddy bought one and tried. It is made of glutinous rice, red bean, coconut and some sugar, cooked over heat for 20 minutes.


TripAdvisor recommended this Genevieve’s Restaurant, quoting it has the best fish amok and many other Khmer dishes at a very affordable price. We went there two days in a row!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GenevievesRestaurant#_=_
Address: Sok San Street, Siem Reap, Siem Reap 3058, Cambodia

Tom Yum Kong

Tom Yum Gong

We suggested the chef to make it much more spicy for us, as their original is said to be sweet. It turned out spicy enough for us and the tom yum tasted very authentic! A pity there was too little soup for the three of us to share.

Sweet and Sour Fish

Sweet and Sour Fish

Sweet and Sour Fish (with sauce separated)

Sweet and Sour Fish (with sauce separated)

Their freshwater fish – Red Fish, deep-fried and drenched on with sweet and sour sauce. The fish was very very meaty and well fried. A little muddy taste for those who are sensitive to it, otherwise, very delicious.

Fish Amok

Fish Amok

Every cube in that banana leaf wrap is fish. Not too sweet and not too coconut-ty. The fish had a good texture. What amazed me was the flavourful vegetables at the side.

Khmer Beef

Khmer Beef

Tenderloin beef was used in this beef dish cooked to the level of your choice. We had them medium and it turned out perfect. Garlic was the main garnishing and the side sauce was a mixture of black pepper, fish sauce and lime (I think). It was very appetizing.

Khmer Fish Curry

Khmer Fish Curry

The Khmer Fish Curry was also very good, not too spicy and with a little bit of sweetness.

Picture taken from Central Market showing where the locals eat. There wasn’t any foul smell from the wet market or smelly fumes from the cooking surprisingly. But we still did not want to put our stomachs to risk here.


cooking with charcoal underneath


looks like our niang tou fu, don’t they?


sweet desserts, with lots of houseflies above


Cooking just at the side of her business


cai-fan look-alike stall. Many many houseflies!!!


no idea what this is…

20150618_120458 20150618_120449

We also saw crickets and grasshoppers being sold in markets. Do you dare to eat them?



20150617_091055 20150617_091044


steamed quails eggs

We also bought some Jasmine Rice home. It was really cheap. USD0.80 for 1 kg.


That almost summed up all the food we have tried in our six days of stay in Siem Reap. Goodbye Siem Reap, and to all the dust and heat too.


Restoran Win Yin 容原宮保田雞粥

This is the place where my cousin has always been wanting to bring me to. She claims that the frog porridge here is better than the one I brought her to.

We ordered the frogs in “gong bao” flavour, sliced fish in spring onion and ginger, stir fried lala, peanuts and preserved vegetables, together with 5 servings of porridge. Each frog is RM7.50 and the whole meal cost RM$66.50.

I felt the frogs weren’t as flavourful as that I had here. But the sliced fish were not bad. The lala was not bad too.

Preserved vegetables 咸菜

Shellfish “Lala”

Frogs, sliced fish and porridge

The only bad part is we were really thirsty after our dinner. Probably too much MSG in the food.

Restaurant: Restoran Win Yin 容原宮保田雞粥
Address: 68 Jalan Toman 4, Kemayan Square, 70200 Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 630pm – 0430am

Restoran Yong Tao Fu Sam

My favorite niang tou fu stall in Seremban.

Each item is 90 cents. Niang toufu items are always filled fully with marinated meat. The meat is usually mixed and made by the stall themselves unlike the homogeneous white tasteless meat bought from some wholesalers in Singapore. Items are so chunky, you feel like you are eating every cent of your money’s worth.

You can order it with “lai fan”, bee hoon, kuay tiao, yellow mee or rice. It comes with fragrant dark soy sauce and minced meat.

After selecting the items, the stall will heat up either by cooking in the soup or deep-frying the items again.


Restaurant: Restoran Yong Tao Fu Sam 亚生酿豆腐餐室
Address: 1851 Taman Ujong, Jalan Tok Ungku, 70100 Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Opening hours: 730am – 330pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

U Crab Wang Restaurant 柔蟹皇海鲜饭店

Had supper at this place yesterday at Seremban. We ordered 3 crabs cooked in 2 flavours – mushroom and chilli (辣子). We were quite apprehensive about the mushroom one at first but since the waitress said it is one of their most popular flavour, we decided to give it a try.

We couldn’t really tell how they made the mushroom gravy, but guessed they probably used Campbell’s canned soup and added onions, garlic and cheese. It was quite flavourful.


The chilli one was not bad either, with curry leaves, dried shrimps, garlic and chilli. I felt it was not spicy enough.


The crab was meaty but had a slight tinge of muddy taste. Price – RM$63 per kg.

The restaurant offers 28 types of flavours of crab. Besides this, they also have a “zi char” menu.

Note: Mosquitos are abundant at night. Spray insect repellent first if you are eating supper.

Restaurant: U Crab Wang Restaurant 柔蟹皇海鲜饭店
Address: 259 Jalan Haruan 5/7 Pusat Komersial Oakland 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel: 06-632 7833; 016 906 6591
Email: ucrabwangrestaurant@yahoo.com
Opening hours: 11am – 3pm; 6pm – 12am. Closed on Tuesdays.

Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro

On our last night in Bali, our driver took us to try their local specialty – soft bone chicken!

The chicken was cooked in their special manner such that the bone is soft and melts upon chewing and that the spring chicken can be eaten without any leftovers. The meat was chewy, crispy and fragrant. I prefer the telur asin (salted egg yolk) flavour. It was really a memorable eating experience.

1/2 Ayam Goreng Crispy 50k
1/2 Ayam Telur Asin 66k
Gurami Goreng Terbang 64k
Nasi Putih 8k
Juice Semangka 25k
Juice Sirsak 28k
Juice Terong Belanda 28k

Prices in Rupiah. Prices exclude 10% tax and 5% service charge.

Restaurant: Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro
Address: Jalan Kediri No. 501-J, Kuta, Bali
Tel: 361-759192

Other locations:
1) Jalan Kartini No. 47, Surabaya. Tel: 31-5687164/31-5687165
2) Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo No. 75, Surabaya. Tel: 31-5947677/31-5940084
3) Jalan Mayam Wuruk No. 88, Denpasar. Tel: 361-245230

Iiga Warung

This is Babi Bakar (BBQ Pork Ribs) that is popular in Bali. Our driver took us here on the second day and we finally tried this. As much as I do not like pork, I have to try this popular local dish. I must say I enjoyed this quite much.

We waited for almost half an hour for the ribs to get BBQ-ed. Throughout the grilling, we could smell the aroma of the ribs. The meat was tender and well-marinated. Neither was the pork as fatty as that in Singapore. The mie goreng was well fried and it wasn’t that oily. The strawberry milkshake was a cooling drink in the hot weather.

The shop front is clean and the staff is friendly.

Babi Bakar (Pork Ribs ~300g) 105k
Mie Goreng 65k
Strawberry Milkshake 30k

Prices in Rupiah and does not include 10% service charge.

Restaurant: Iiga Warung
Address: Jalan Uluwata II, Jimbaran, Bali
Tel: 81-338- 262009 / 81-239-78359
Email: iigawarung@yahoo.com


This restaurant is warmly romantic, decorated with traditional Balinese furniture. Service was good and we even got a complimentary seared tuna from the chef!

Food was very good despite the steep prices.



Interior 3

Interior 3

Interior 2

Interior 2

Interior 1

Seared Tuna

Seared Tuna

Papua Crab Tower

Papua Crab Tower

Pan Roasted Kingfish

Pan Roasted Kingfish

Indian Ocean Bouillabaisse

Indian Ocean Bouillabaisse

Passion Fruit Sorbet

Passion Fruit Sorbet

Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

Complimentary Seared Tuna from the chef
Papua Crab Tower 90k
Pan Roasted Kingfish 160k
Indian Ocean Bouillabaisse 190k
Blanc de Mer 190k
Passion Fruit Sorbet 40k
Vanilla Ice Cream 40k

All prices in Rupiah. Prices exclude 8% service charge and 10% tax.

Restaurant: Sardine
Address; 21 Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: 62-361-8436111 / 62-361-8436333 (Reservations recommended)
Email: sardine@sardinebali.com
Website: http://www.sardinebali.com/

Ganesha Cafe

After our full day out for water sports, massage and visiting the paddy fields, temples and beach, our last stop is this dinner place in Kuta. This whole stretch of shops is built on the beach and the al fresco dining is on the beach facing the sea. Beware of sand flies! Every restaurant here serves the same food and I guess they depend on the local tour guides to bring in business.

We reached just in time when the sun was setting and the view was pretty. My friend took a few shots of the sunset and the glistening sea waters.

Frankly, food here was expensive and to make matter worse, though they look more than presentable, they are not that delicious. Two of us couldn’t finish the food as there was a minimum weight of the seafood that we need to order. Besides the live band that moves around to spice up the beach atmosphere. Nothing worth coming back here again.

chicken satay

chicken satay

fried jumbo prawns

fried jumbo prawns

grilled red snapper

grilled red snapper

live band

live band

1kg Fried Jumbo Prawn 335k
1kg Red Snapper 155k
1 set Chicken Satay 85k
Coconut 20k

Comes with complimentary peanuts and sambal kangkong.

Prices in Rupiah. Prices exclude 15% service charge.

Restaurant: Ganesha Cafe
Address: Kedonganan Beach, Kuta, Bali
Tel: 361-8585222
Email: info@ganeshacafe.com
Website: http://ganeshacafe.com/


A very nice ambience to bring your close ones here for dinner. It has a field in the restaurant and I guess it would look nice in the day for photo-taking. It was full house as we did not make reservations. We were seated near the bar so our tables were all coffee tables and we had to bend down while eating. There were many Westerners there dining and drinking.

The food came in large servings. They were delicious especially the soufflé!!! What interests me is their foie gras menu!! Someone please try and leave your comments here!

Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter



Seafood Platter 745k
Pista Chocolate Souffle 72k
Raspberry Souffle 72k
Apero White Wine 50k

Prices in Rupiah. Prices exclude 8% service charge and 10% tax.

Restaurant: PT Metis Anugrah Dewata
Address: Jalan Petitenget No. 6, Kerobokan Kaja, Kuta, Bali
Tel: 361-737888
Website: http://metisbali.com/

Noryangjin Fish Market

On the last day in Seoul, we visited the Noryangjin Fish Market. There were not many people but there were so much seafood from small fish to big fish, prawns to big hairy crabs, clams to abalones and baby squids to giant octopuses. However as we walked down the lane, every shop was actually similar in the seafood they were selling. Some of the sellers would try to talk to you persuading you to buy. There are also Chinese nationals there whom we could communicate with.

Finally, we settled for a flatfish sashimi. We chose the smallest in the tank and it cost us W20000. The stall tender sliced the fish swiftly and pieces of pink meat was laid neatly onto a styrofoam plate. We were then asked to go into the small stall to eat our sashimi. It was actually the space he used to kill and slice the fish. It was a bit gross so we paid and found a place to sit down to eat. The texture of the meat was tender. I especially liked the meat around its fins. As for taste, the meat was tasteless. It was a big plate for two of us and we got super cold eating in the cold weather. Hence we tried to find a restaurant to see if they could cook it for us.

We were lucky to enter this stall managed by an elderly couple. The stall is located by the staircase of the overhead bridge. We ordered kimchi stew and requested the ajuma to put the fish slices into the stew. She was very kind and didn’t grumble, scold or charge us extra. The kimchi stew was accompanied with Korean black rice (Heuk Mi Ssal 미쌀) and cost only W4000. We had a set each and the hot stew warmed our chilled bones.

다올식당 on Jeju Island

Our first proper meal in Korea on Jeju Island was at this restaurant. We were on our way to Manjanggul Cave and drove past this eatery. Immediately, we pulled over for lunch.

Here’s what we ordered:

The banchan themselves were already very good! The kimchi was heavenly and very spicy. The bibimbab was really worth mentioning. I’ve never eaten such good bibimbab before! The vegetables were fresh and crunchy. Other than the usual spicy-sweet chilli pepper sauce (gochujang) used to mix in with the sticky rice and vegetables, the ajuma added in very very aromatic level 10 sesame oil! It was a taste of a lifetime!

The Okdom Gui (fish) was made sweet and spicy. The meat is a little soft but very sweet and tasty. Okdom is one of Jeju’s local products. The Jeju Okdom have reddish skin, translucent eyes and have four to five white tail fins. They are caught along the coast of Jeju and Japan. They are highly nutritious and flavourful due to the rich minerals present in Jeju waters.

The pork cutlet was surprisingly huge! It could easily be shared between 2-3 people!

One more specialty about the restaurant is that they used Korean black rice (Heuk Mi Ssal 흑미쌀) mixed with white rice! It became a pretty purple-ebony bowl of rice.

This restaurant is really worth visiting if you’re on Jeju island!

Restaurant: 다올식당
Address: On the way to Manjanggul Cave (5 minutes away from cave)
Tel: 064-784-7049

한밭식당 in Jeonju

In our adventure at Jeonju in Korea, we chanced upon this dull-looking eatery while looking for a place for lunch. It was so cold walking along the lifeless streets and we really wanted to eat something hot. Most shops were closed at the time of only 2pm! There were many shops which also seemed to have stopped their business. There were only a few souls driving on the road. It portrayed to be a dead town.

Hungry and cold, we tried our luck in this shop that was still open. We initially wanted to order only kimchi stew and bibimbab but the kind ajuma was saying we do not need to order as we won’t be able to finish. Not long after, we were served with 18 banchan, 3 hot stews, 2 grilled fish and 2 bowls of rice. We were truly shocked but yet at the same time amazed at what was laid before our eyes. One of the stews was piping hot steamed egg which was super delicious. The other was my favourite kimchi stew and the third was bean paste stew. The grilled fish was very fragrant and its meat sweet. The rest of the 18 banchan were equally tantalising. We really tried our very best to finish everything on the table and we succeeded. We paid W10 000 each for this very filling meal.

The eatery stall front

Our food

Restaurant: 한밭식당
Tel: 284-3367

Hello Kitty Town Restaurant and Amusement

I’m back from Korea and I had a good meal everyday! There’s so much to share with you here!

First of all, I would like to share on Hello Kitty Town Restaurant and Amusement in Seoul to all the Hello Kitty fanatics out there. The directions I had were a little complicated and we took quite a while to find the place. We tried asking some passerby but they had no idea about the place. So, here’s a video I made on how to get to the place:


Here’s a more detailed note on how to get to the place:
1. Seoul Metro Line 3 (Orange Line)  Madu station Exit #5
2. Walk straight after coming out of the exit for about 200m. You should see New Core Outlet on your right side.
3. Cross the big traffic intersection diagonally to Lotte Castle. (You may cut through the carpark to get to the pink building too.)
4. Walk straight down for about 100m until you see the statue in the video.
5. Make a left turn and walk straight for about 300m. You will pass by two mini marts (one on left and one on right).
6. Head towards the pink building and you will see Hello Kitty Town banners on the building.
7. Walk to Western Tower III lift lobby and take the lift to Level 3.

Here’s what we ordered:

The portion is well-sufficient for one person. The food is so-so. When I requested for chilli flakes and cheese, they gave me some fragrant curry powder and said they didn’t have what I wanted.

Menu: Download

Child admission is 7000 Won for the use of play area. There is also a small area for purchasing Hello Kitty gifts. There is nothing much interesting for the adults. Neither are the food enticing.

The Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae (Hongik University station Exit #5) area is a more attractive place for Hello Kitty fans.

Restaurant: Hello Kitty Town Restaurant and Amusement (Seoul)
Address: 경기도 고양시 일산동구 장항동 868 웨스턴타워 B동 T3 3층
Tel: 031-904-1772
Opening Hours: 11 am to 9 pm
Website:  http://www.hellokittytown.co.kr/index.php

꼬꼬나치킨 & 호프 Chicken and Hof

Had authentic Korean Fried Chicken in Jeju near Seongsan Illchubong last night. We were exploring around our minbak and saw this small little shelter that was selling red bean paste fish-shaped pancake (붕어빵). It was selling 3 for ₩1000. It was piping hot that warmed us up in the super cold winter. The pancake was crispy and the red bean filling was aplenty.


After finishing the pancake, the adjacent shop was selling Korean Fried Chicken!! The wife was selling the pancake and the husband was frying chicken inside. Without much hesitation, we walked in and ordered a soy sauce flavored chicken.


A kind lady customer offered us 3 pieces of fried chicken while we were waiting for our soy sauce chicken. Koreans are so kind!!!


We ordered a glass of beer (₩3000) to go together with our chicken. I think it was a whole chicken that was served to us. Compared to the Korean Fried Chicken I ate in Singapore, this is so much cheaper. The taste is comparable to the one at Kko Kko Nara but at a much cheaper price.


Restaurant: 꼬꼬나치컨 Chicken and Hof
Address: near Sunrise Peak, Seongsan Illchubong, Jeju, South Korea

They offer delivery too.

횟집 (제주)

Blogging from Jeju, Korea!! Just finished a fantastic lovely meal near Hyeopjae (western Jeju-do). It’s our second day in Jeju and so far all our meals were really really awesome!

The restaurant was located by the bay and the setting was authentically Korean. You have to take off your shoes before entering the restaurant. The floor had a heating system and everybody spoke Korean. It was quite difficult telling the ajuma what we wanted.

Nevertheless, here’s what we had today:









Seafood soup (해물탕), fish stew in soy and spices (생선조림) and fish sashimi (회). The seafood soup was sweet with the seawater aroma. The fish in the fish stew was very sweet but it’s meat was a little soft. The spiced stew was very fragrant and it went so well with the warm white sticky rice. The fish sashimi was arranged in order of its texture. I guessed it was arranged according to the different parts of the fish.

The restaurant was very kind to deep fry some sweet potato tempura for our lovely 7-year old child as she didn’t eat sashimi. They were so kind!

We spent a total of ₩117000. On our way back to Travellers Hotel, it snowed. Lovely day!

Tel: 796-1608
(enter the tel number to search in GINI GPS)

Kukup Trip

Came back from a 2D1N Kukup trip today! It was pretty fun and I must say that it was above my expectations. Mum was telling me the place is dirty and food isn’t nice. However, the $85 I paid for was worth very cent!

The mini van came to pick the 9 of us up at our designated location and we left Singapore customs at about 4pm. Customs was smooth on a Friday afternoon. It took slightly more than an hour to reach Kukup. Mr Lim (our host) was already waiting for us there! We got down the mini van and he walked us up to an air-conditioned restaurant for our seafood dinner. It was already getting dark at 6pm and tide was low. We could smell the sea and the buildings are just by the sea. Mr Lim helped us take our wine and beer to his resort to chill while we settle for our dinner.

It was okay only. Not very impressed with the tastes. The prawns were a little small, and the crab wasn’t the meaty Sri-Lanka crabs. The tofu dish and fish were good. Perhaps expectations were a little too high for this meal as I’ve heard people telling me how good and fresh Kukup seafood is.

Day 1 Dinner

After we finished our food, Mr Lim came to pick us to his resort. It is actually one of his houses and turned it into a homestay experience. Actually there are many such homestay in the same area. [contacts of home stay are at the end of this post] Mr Lim led us in on his bicycle. All the residents there either cycled or rode on motorcycles.

The sky was dark and we were walking on narrow walkways that did not have any barricades. One could easily fall into the mud during low-tide and into the waters during high-tide. In case you are wondering, the houses are build on concrete poles on the seabed. So when the tide is high, the water is just below the house and when it’s low-tide, you could see all the mud and everything underneath the house.

It was a confusing way to walk in and hence we didn’t venture out after we reached the house. I was totally impressed with the cleanliness of the house and the facilities! It provides everything a house has and was air-conditioned. It was so comfortable and cosy, you would be quickly feeling at-home.

Through the big porch into the gate, it was a big living room. The two mahjong tables and tiles caught my attention when I stepped in. There were 3 doors to the bedrooms along the hallway. The first two bedrooms had 3 to 4 double decker beds and the third bedroom had only 1 double decker bed with a space to lay mattresses on the floor. The guys took the first room (for security reasons) and the ladies the second room. We left the third room empty. Then it led to the dining area. Adjacent to the dining area was one seating-toilet, one squating-toilet, a bathroom and two external basins. There was a back door that led to the kitchen and a balcony.

Mr Lim then showed us how to turn on the TV, karaoke set and briefed us on some safety issues. He left us and said he would be back at 830pm for BBQ. Before we could really settle down, another man walked in. This man was selling firecrackers! He had 2 pieces of chart displaying the pictures of the various types of firecrackers he had. We bought a box of crackers (60 sticks), one 25-shot fireworks and 3 Kong Ming lantern. It cost us a total of RM$100.

We settled down and played Monopoly Deal and before we knew it, Mr Lim had already starting BBQ-ing and called us to the balcony area for another round of feasting! This time, the food was really good. But I was already full from dinner and there was a lot of leftovers. Mr Lim cooked the chicken wings really tender and the Muar otak, sambal sotong, sambal stingray and prawns were really delicious. The prawns were huge! I really enjoyed the prawns. We poured out the soft drinks prepared by Mr Lim in the fridge and put in the ice. Everything was already prepared and we felt so pampered. After the soft drinks, red and white wine came. (We bought it in JB after the customs.)

Mr Lim kept away the food we couldn’t finish and said we can use the heat from the BBQ pit to heat them up if we wanted to eat later in the night. Eventually all the food was finished up by the guys at midnight. After BBQ, we had a lot of fun with our firecrackers at the balcony. Mr Lim even had bricks prepared for the firecrackers! Then it was shower and KTV time! We slept at about 3am.

Next day, we woke up at 830am. Mr Lim had already prepared breakfast for us! There was milo, kopi-O, nasi lemak, kueh-kueh and dough fritters. We took breakfast, washed up and then it was time to visit the fish farm. He guided us on this bicycle again to the jetty. This time, he detoured to the jetty, walking along the inner part of the Kukup Laut to show us the people and temples. We took a boat out to the fish farm that took less than 10 minutes.

At the fish farm, we walked along the shaky wooden planks. There was a guy telling us the fish farm is worth a few million ringgit. Then he scooped up a baby shark, a horseshoe crab, puffer fish and a archer fish mini “show”. We stayed there for about an hour before taking the boat back. We went back to the house to pack our stuff and checked-out. Mr Lim’s wife was already in the house doing the cleaning up and there will be another group arriving at 2pm. He mentioned that the place is usually full over the weekends.

We then headed to the restaurant beside the jetty (non-air-conditioned). This time, I thought the food was much much better! The prawns were bigger. However, there was so many houseflies, we were busy fanning them away.

Day 2 Lunch

After lunch, Mr Lim got the mini van to pick us up for our departure. We thanked him whole-heartedly and left the place feeling refreshed and happy! Mr Lim’s service left a good impression on us! Highly recommended to relax and spend time with family or friends.

Homestay contacts:

The first row was our host – Mr Lim Eng Seng.

The rest are other home stay contacts I took while walking.

Instant Noodles from Japan

My student went Japan last year and bought me two Nissin cup noodles from The Momfuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. From what I have searched and read online, the place looks interesting!! Definitely one of the places to go when I visit Japan. 

Here are the pictures of my noodles:

Milk Seafood Noodles and Chicken Ramen Noodles.

Inside the Chicken Ramen Noodles, I see this cute chunk of dried egg and chicken bits:

After adding in hot water:

Milk Seafood Cup Noodles are available in Singapore. However, I felt that the taste of this cup from Japan has more milk taste. Hmm… thinking too much while eating?

Cup Noodles are nonetheless SUPER YUMMY stuff! 🙂

Place: The Momfuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum
Location: Osaka Prefecture. From Hankyu Ikeda Station take the south exit and turn left. There are signs directing you to the museum, which is about a five minute walk from the station.
Opening Hours: 9am to 4pm daily
Tel 072-752-3484 for general information, 072-751-0825 to reserve the noodle making experience.
Website: http://www.nissin-noodles.com
Read more: http://www.nissin-noodles.com/pamphlet_e.pdf

Restoran Guan Sin 源星冷气酒楼 Part II

First post was in Feb 2010. Read here.

We visited the restaurant again. This time we had:

1. 干煎雪鱼 – 2 pieces for RM$48

Really crispy ginger slices that accompanied the fresh cuts of cod fish.

2. 印尼馒头虾 – RM$60

Thick curry gravy with big prawns.

3. 香脆南瓜 – RM$20

Deep-fried pumpkin slices stirred with salted egg and curry leaves. A very unique dish that is uncommon. Very very nice!

4. 盐蒸鸡 – RM$30

Just nice for those who are bored with steam chicken or 白斩鸡. A slight tinge of salt makes this really good.

5.  清炒菜胆 – RM$18

Some greens stirred fried in garlic. How fragrant!!

6. 泰式猪手 – RM$32

Crispy and meaty!

Restaurant: Restoran Guan Sin 源星冷气酒楼
Address: No. 144, 146 & 148, Jalan Putri I, Taman Putrimas, 86200 Simpang Renggam, Johor
Tel: +60 07 7551818
Fax: +60 07 7552929

Main Branch:
Address: Ground Floor 288, 290 & 292, Jalan Haji Mana, 86000 Kluang, Johor
Tel: +60 07 7763688

Quan An Ngon

Ate at this restaurant on the second last day in Hanoi. After searching it online, it is one of the best restaurants in Hanoi.

So here’s to post what we ate there. Many of the Vietnamese food actually tasted quite similar to our local food. Hence it wasn’t difficult adjusting to their food. The food are really not bad here. Do visit this place should you be in Hanoi.

We had 48 people in the really really big (huge to be exact) restaurant and our bill came up to 5 209 000 dong (approx S$385). This is considered cheap in an atas restaurant!

Restaurant: Quan An Ngon
Address: 18 Phan Boi Chau, Quan Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: (04) 3942 8162
Fax: (04) 3942 8164
Email: sales@ngonhanoi.com

Vietnam Pho

Been to Hanoi for work purpose in November. Finally tasted their Pho (pronounced: fur). It tasted non other like our local kway tiao soup. What is different is that the soup is not oily and no MSG added. It tasted real good due to the cold weather. I added their chilli too! The first time I had it, I added in a ladle of their chilli. Wow, it was HOT, but super super shiok! Hence, the second time when I ate it, I learnt my lesson to put a little by little.

What surprised me was that the chilli was left uncovered, and on the table put cut chillies, fish sauce, lime and a big basket of raw mint, basil, coriander and parsley, which I had doubts of their cleanliness. Luckily, I didn’t had the slightest food poisoning after eating them. Our pho cost 20 000 dong (approx. S$1.50).

A little of Vietnamese:
pho (fol) = soup
bo (ball) = beef
ga (gaw) = chicken

So look out for stalls that write Pho Bo or Pho Ga to eat these!


Seremban Roasted Pork Bao

I usually have this whenever I’m in Seremban. However the quality seems to have dipped over the past 10 years and it has lost its “home-made” taste. Nevertheless, I still like this as it’s very flavourful, lotsa pork fillings and most important of all, no fatty meat. RM$1.30 for one. Expensive for a local, isn’t it?

Stall name: Seremban Kee Mei Siew Pow Sdn Bhd 芙蓉奇美烧包有限公司
Address: 1849, Jalan Tok Ungku, 70100 Seremban Negeri Sembilan, D.K., Malaysia
Tel: +60 06 631 6348
Fax: +60 06 632 3442

Tai Cheong Bakery Express 泰昌饼家

We followed some food guide to this place to try their egg tarts. It cost about 60 cents, which is considered very cheap! However, I found the egg custard too sweet and the pastry was a little hard. No second try for me.

Stall: Tai Cheong Bakery Express 泰昌饼家
Address: 中環擺花街35號地下, 香港
Tel: 852 2544 3475
Email: infor@taicheongbakery.com
Website: http://www.taicheongbakery.com

Noodles and Dumplings in Xi’an

I had some really nice noodles during my stay at Xi’an in June. This post is to share some of the types of noodles I had.


This noodles does not come with any meat or vegetables. The essence to this noodles is the fragrant oil and chilli that you add to it. Stir them up well and they are very yummy. I totally fell in love with its texture. It is not “flour-y”. They were very chewy, thin and slippery. I added lotsa chilli to it. Finished a big bowl of it very quickly. Unfortunately, I did not take down the address of this lovely noodles.


This is the familiar “la-mian” that we usually eat. The chef does the “pulling” of the noodles on the spot, then drop them into the boiling water and cook for you instantly. You can choose to top it up with its braised beef broth or have it dry. Top up with chopped spring onions and cilantro. Woohoo!! The details of this place:

Restaurant: The Theatre Restaurant 剧院餐厅
Address: 75, Changan Road, Xi’an Shaanxi, People’s Republic of China (Inside Xi’an Hotel)
中国陕西省西安市长安路75号 邮编:710061 (西安宾馆)
Tel: 86 29 8782 2222
Email: postmaster@xiantangdynasty.com
Website: http://www.xiantangdynasty.com

Another feast that I had was dumplings feast, 饺子宴. Though I had eaten it in Beijing, but you can’t miss this staple food of Xi’an.

This is not really a very fancy one. Neither was it really tasty. If you search online, you will find many delicate dumplings of different designs, colours and method of cooking. The ones I had here were normal – chives, pork, pumpkin, duck, chicken, prawns, walnut and red bean paste. If I didn’t remember wrongly, the whole course consisted of 18 different types of dumplings, ending with a last one – mini dumpling soup:

In this finale mini dumpling soup (Empress Cixi hotpot), you have to use the ladle and scoop up the mini dumplings, but just one time. The number of mini dumplings that you scooped up has certain significance.

One – pleasant trip 一帆风顺
Two – double happiness 好事成双,双喜临门
Three – promotion in near future 吉祥如意, 步步高升
Four – wealthy throughout the year 四季发财,财源广进
Five – reap a harvest and be successful in the year 五谷丰登,事业有成
Six – everything will be well-off 六六大顺
Seven – lucky and be blessed 七星高照
Eight – make a fortune 恭喜发财
Nine – everlasting love 天长地久
Ten –  perfection in everything in your life 十全十美

Zero – nothing to worry about 无忧无虑

I got two! HAHA!

Restaurant: Hantang Era 汉唐天下 (陕西汉唐天下茶饮有限公司)
Address: 陕西省西安市雁塔区经七路副18号C-03栋 邮编:710061
Tel: 029 8235 7660 / 61

Read up on some other Xi’an foods: http://www.chinaodysseytours.com/shaanxi/xian-meals.html

Restaurante “Dumbo” 小飞象葡国餐

Restaurante Dumbo is a Macau restaurant of the traditional style serving typical dishes such as curry crabs, grilled eel, steak with onions, pork chops with tomato sauce. Not strictly Portuguese or Macanese, but Macau’s very own interpretation of western style cooking – the type of food that Macau became famous for in the ’60’s & ’70’s. Good food, freshly cooked, and plenty of it – that’s Dumbo’s motto!

This is my first time having Portuguese food. It is not bad for a try. We were served warm buns with butter as starters. I love their grilled sardines. I have only eaten canned tomato sardines, but never grilled sardines. The sardines turned out to be sweet and tangy. First time I had to be careful of their bones! Haahaa, but after a while, I realised their bones could still be eaten as they are soft by nature! Must order this! Really good!

Restaurant: Restaurante “Dumbo” 小飞象葡国餐
Address:  小飛象葡國餐廳, 澳門氹仔地堡街喜來登廣場地下A舖連壹樓全層
Rua do Regedor Loja A, Hei Loi Tang Kong Cheong, Taipa
Tel: +853 2882 7888
Opening Hours: lunch and dinner hours