"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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Ji Xiang Confectionery (Ang Ku Kueh) 吉祥食品 (红龟粿)

Very very nice ang ku kueh in Singapore with a long queue. The salted, green bean and peanut one are the best. Traditional taste with thin and delicate chewy skin. You can watch the aunties making each kueh with their hearts. Lovely pale palette colours.

Other fillings include yam, durian, corn and coconut. All flavours are sold at 60 cents with the exception of the yam and durian which is at 70 cents. The salted one is usually sold out at lunch time. Be sure to be there early to grab some!

Address: Block 1 Everton Park #01-33 (Near Cantonment Road) Singapore 081001
Tel: 6223 1631
Business Hours: Mon – Sat: 8 am to 5 pm (closed on Sun and PH)


Damansara Palace Restaurant Sdn. Bhd 白沙羅皇宫大酒楼

My cousin brought me here for brunch. The place is air-conditioned and spacious. Totally comfortable.

The stir-fried carrot cake is SUPER SUPER SUPER nice. We ordered like three rounds of it. On top of that, the siew mai and har gau was also good. Its century egg porridge was smooth. Ah, really love to have dim sum as the first meal of the day. A pity there was only 2 of us and her 5-year old daughter. Otherwise, we could have ordered more food.

$2 for tea and $1 for towel per person.

Prices exclude 10% service charge and Government tax.

Restaurant: Damansara Palace Restaurant Sdn. Bhd 白沙羅皇宫大酒楼
Address: 1st & 2nd floor, Plot A, Persiaran Surian, Jalan PJU 3/31, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03 7801 5055 / 03 7801 5058
Wetbsite: http://www.dpalace.com.my

Branch: Selayang Palace Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. 士拉央皇宫大酒楼
Address: PT 358/3, Bandar Selayang, Batu Mukim, Daerah Gombak, Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 017 273 6099
Website: http://www.selayangpalace.com


A supposedly well-known eatery that serves Taiwan snacks and desserts.

What is good here is there laksa!!! The gravy is rich, and most importantly, I really like their noodles. It is thick and chewy!! It comes with stuffed items like lady’s finger and fish ball. The wantan and siew mai are also good. My niece loves the strawberry “lo” which is strawberry ice there. The carrot cake was so-so. Definitely a place to re-visit, and the next time I’m gonna order a big bowl of laksa for myself!

Stall name: 记得食
Address: No. 22, Jalan SS2/63, 47300 P.J. Selangor
Tel: 03-7877 2499

Address 2: F345A, First Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7728 8499

Address 3: Lot G9 & G10, Ground Floor at Bazaar Low Yat, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 8379

Delicious Cafe

The relaxed cool atmosphere was a cosy resting place with and area of sofa and cushions. It has an al-fresco area, and the place is dimly-lit. It serves a wide selection of food which include light teatime snack, a local dish or breakfast set, etc. The duck spaghetti above was a big portion enough to serve two. It is very fragrant with all the coriander and chilli garnishings. The duck meat is flavourful and its texture was not hard and chewy. A very special type of spaghetti that I’ve never eaten.

This lemon meringue is a little sour with a little sweetness. Look at how pretty this meringue is. It is again big enough to be shared between two people.

Next time, I’ll go with a REALLY empty stomach so that I can eat more!!!


I’m back to this place one year later today! (9th December 2010) This time with more cousins and their children and my youngest brother. My brother could not get to eat the duck confit spaghetti as the cafe had no supplies for the past two days. These were what we had:

In conclusion, the duck confit spaghettini is still the one I like. The rest of the dishes were so-so only.

Prices exclude 10% service charge and 5% GST.

Restaurant: Delicious Cafe
Address: F315, First Floor, 1 Utama Phase 2 Shopping Centre (New Wing), Bandar Utama, 47400, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-77241086
Fax: 03 7726 3441

P.J. Seafood Restaurant 人打靈興旺钓鱼场餐馆

Big Prawn Sheng Mian

Like the big prawns and taste. As I always believed, 煮炒/大炒 is always better in Malaysia.

Stir-fried Vegetables

Cheese Crab

This is the crab you have to try!! It is butter cheese crab served in a claypot. The cheese doesn’t get hard after a while, and the flavour is rich. A pity the crab is not Sri Lanka crab, otherwise it would be better.

La-la Mee Hoon

I have only eaten the soup version of la-la bee hoon. This one is the 煮炒/大炒 style. Love it!! Especially eaten together with green chilli-padi!

The place is not air-conditioned, and the roof was old. So you could see long planks of wood running all over the roof, and hiding lots of lizards. We were a little afraid that the lizards would add some unwanted “seasonings” to our food. Also, because the place is located beside a big pond, there were mosquitos. It got quite uncomfortable there. They should do up the place, and probably could attract more customers.

Restaurant: P.J. Seafood Restaurant 人打靈興旺钓鱼场餐馆
Address: Plot A, Kampung Chempaka, Petaling Jaya, 47410 Selangor
Tel: 03 7883 0177
HP: 016 3382 222 / 017 6214 707 / 012 9277 162

Nyonya Colors

This place is great for you to enjoy a tea break after shopping. They offer an extensive range of colourful nyonya kuihs for you to choose from. A small slice of kuih costs about 80 cents to RM1, pricier than the one sold in pasar malam but I can assure you that the kuihs tasted really GOOD! There is roasted coffee, assorted kuihs & desserts, nasi lemak, laksa, toast… The list just goes on and on. It was the typical Nyonya café serving all sorts of yummy food!

The un-imaginable POWER mee siam!!! It comes with a few slices of egg omelette and is a little sour and spicy. But this harmless looking mee burst with flavour when you put them into your mouth! You just can’t stop eating this!!! It is also quite a small portion, so you will just end up buying another packet, just like me! RM2.50.

Mini nasi lemak. Really a good portion for tea break. Taste is ok only.

A few types of their kuih-kuih (which I don’t really fancy, but my cousin said she really loves them):

Be sure to head down to Nyonya Colors for its mee siam if you’re in 1U!!! Be prepared to fight for seats and try out their nyonya specialties!!!!

Stall name: Nyonya Colors
Address: 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lot 65, First Floor (Old Wing), Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03 7729 2266
Website: http://www.nyonyacolors.com/

Tian Jin Fong Kee 天津冯记

Went to People’s Park to help my Dad pay for his China tour trip and came across this shop. He said that this shop has over 20 over years of history and that it’s dumplings (锅贴) are very good.

So we sat down and ordered a small serving, $6. They have an air-conditioned area, and they also have a stall in the market hawker beside it.

We waited for about 10 minutes. While waiting, we were guessing how many dumplings would there be for $6. It was a surprising 10 when it was served to us.

The dumplings were not those that I expected – crispy bottom and soft at the top. This seemed more like it was steamed, then deep-fried whole. The vinegar was average, and their ginger did not look or taste fresh. There wasn’t much ginger taste too. However, the fillings were moist and juicy, and the minced pork were not fatty.

A pity that there was only a single type of filling for the dumplings – chives and minced pork. There was also limited Tian Jin cuisine. The majority of their food in their full menu are already very localised. Otherwise, it would feel more authentic to be eating real Tian Jin cuisines. I would fail their dumplings.

Prices exclude 7% GST. No service charge.

Stall name:Tian Jin Fong Kee 天津冯记
Address: 1 Park Road, #01-100, People’s Park Complex, Singapore 059108
Tel: 6532 3318
Website: http://www.fongkee.com

Steamed Egg 蒸水蛋

I made this nice, smooth and tasty steamed egg today. It has always been my favourite. But egg-dishes always look simple, but difficult to master. So here’s how to make really smooth steamed egg.

1. Using a standard rice bowl, beat one egg (small) and add water to 3/4 the height of the bowl. (If the egg is bigger, add a little more water.)
2. Repeat Step 1 for more eggs.
3. This photograph shows 5 eggs in a big soup bowl. Use a low, but wide soup bowl so that the egg will not be too “old”.
4. Add light soya sauce, pepper, salt and chicken powder into the egg mixture.
5. When the water is boiling, put into wok and steam for 20 minutes under very gentle fire. Harsh fire will make your egg grow “pimples”.
6. Use a metal skewer to check if the egg is thoroughly cooked before removing from heat.
7. Drizzle light soya sauce and pepper on top before serving.

Al Dente Trattoria

The Al Dente Trattoria is an Italian restaurant featuring Italian pastas and pizzas. The food is not considered pricey considering its location. They had good customer service and the place is quiet and clean. The waiter kept promoting to us their aragosta risotto – slipper lobster & confit tomato where they are having their promotion at $58, serving enough for the two of us.

The restaurant is available for private dinners and events with a capacity of 40 pax and 100 pax for the 1st and 2nd level respectively.

A pity that my friend wasn’t that hungry, so we only ordered one fired-wood pizza (12″) – crispy pizza with foccacia with melted mozzarella, ricotta, parma ham, spring onion and drizzled with truffle oil. Otherwise we would have ordered the lobster risotto too.

Fired Wood Pizza $18

Our dessert to finish the meal: torta di cioccolato – bitter chocolate torte with fresh berries and vanilla gelato

Bitter Chocolate $14

A pity that their food is only so-so.  The Makansutra Gluttons Bay (local foodfare) beside it have much more appealing powers for its food.

Address: Blk 8, #01-13, No 8, Raffles Avenue, Colour on the Bay, Singapore 039802
Tel: 63419188
Email: mail@createries.com
Catering line: 64114999
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 11.30am to 3pm
Mon-Thu: 6pm-10.30pm
Fri, Sat, and public holidays: 6pm-11.30pm

Website: http://www.aldente.com.sg/index.htm

Chocolate Destenation (DeSté)

I really liked the al-fresco style of having desserts here. The cafe is cosy and had a good ambience. They served a variety of desserts, cakes, gelato, freeze, smoothies and frappucino.

tiramisu - $7.80

I initally wanted to have their Black Forest, but it was sold out. So I had this Tiramisu instead. This was topped with mascarpone cream with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, chocolate pearls and dusting of grand cru cocoa powder. The coffee-soaked ladyfingers were really really nice with a little bit of moist.

Stefano's Grandma Cake - $7.80

My friend had this grandma’s cake. It is a home-styled apple pie with meringue, almonds and chocolate streusel. I thought it also tasted of cinnamon when I tried it. Not as nice as my tiramisu.

Some other cakes include:

For now, there are several promotions namely the dessert degustation set @ $14.80+ (daily from noon to 6 pm) which includes a pastry of your choice, one chocolate bon bon, a scoop of gelato and coffee / tea. Alternatively, enjoy a 1-for-1 Hot Chocolate on Tuesday or Ladies Night on Wednesday for a 1-for-1 Chocolate Cocktail and Wine from 5 pm till late.

Definitely coming back to try more of their desserts!

10% discount using AMEX, UOB and Citibank credit cards.

Free-flow of ice-water to wash down the sweetness of your desserts!! Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Cafe: Chocolate Destenation (DeSté)
Address: 313 Orchard Road, #01-25/25A, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Tel: 68365344
Opening Hours: 9 am to 11 pm
Email: enquiries@deste.com.sg
Website: http://www.deste.com.sg/


This Singapore hand-made candy is simply authentically tasty and interesting to watch the masters craft the sweets. The candy is like the Japanese rock candy, but this comes much cheaper and in more flavours. Behind the various flavours of the rock candy are two masters making the candy. It started with a big roll of candy, about 10 cm in diameter, and the master will pull at one end to form the candy. I was amazed at how the designs in the middle of the candy remains after pulling it and elongating it!

rolling and pulling the sweets

pulling the candy

cutting the candy

Some interesting flavours include peanut butter crumble, mangosteen, pink grapefruit, passion fruit and raspberry lemonade. The taste are really authentic. I love their mango candy.

colours and flavourings in glass bottles

packed neatly in glass jars

Their website offers online purchase. Visit their website for more pictures and information!

Stall name: Sticky
Address: The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, B1-54/55, Singapore 059817
Tel : +65 6238 5178
Fax : +65 6224 6012

Trattoria Cucina Italiana

three meat pizza - $16.30

The three meat pizza, comprised of honey-baked ham, pepperoni and Italian sausage on a thin crust pizza. Not bad at all. Their chilli flakes were really spicy.

salmon black tagliolini - $17.80

Home-made black tagliolini pasta with fresh salmon in a creamy sauce was bland. My friend had to add Parmesan cheese and chilli flakes to add taste. This was really nothing compared to the Cuttlefish Ink Spaghetti we had at Ma Maison.

seafood linguini - $17.80

Linguini pasta seafood with prawns, squids, fresh clams served in olive oil and garlic. The squids were tiny. Taste was all right.

Well, for this kind of affordable price without GST and located in town, the portions were considered big, less the taste. Didn’t know if it was coincidence that S.H.E. was singing at Stadium station and Jay Chou’s concert at Indoor stadium that drew the crowd away or their customers didn’t return. We actually didn’t have to queue for seats at 630 pm. This restaurant was usually packed with long queue. No harm to give this a try.

No GST charges. Price excludes 10% service charge.

Restaurant: Trattoria Cucina Italiana
Address: 313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, #01-16/17/18, Singapore 238895
Tel: 68344833
Opening hours: 8 am to 1030 pm

Super Dog

Taken from the Superdog Philosophy:

“At Superdog, Freshness is the key.
Our burger patties and sausages are never frozen. The beef patties are made from 100% pure premium beef, air-flown from australia, free of addictives, fillers and preservatives of any kind. Superdog’s beef patties are made from only chuck meat, no other beef parts used.
To bring out the best flavor of burger patties and sausages, Superdog prepares them the old-fashioned way. The patties and sausage are manually grilled to retain the flavor and juiciness. Of course, making the best burgers and hotdogs does not stop here.
Superdog takes great care in serving our customers with the highest quality food. one simply cannot resist Superdog chilli, a special sauce concocted from 16 quality ingredients, giving the perfect blend of toppings for the hotdogs. At Superdog, we believe in bringing the best burgers and hotdog experience to our customers. We make effort to serve you the best in our menu, from burgers and hotdogs, to fries and desserts. If we can’t make it our own, we scout the best for you. “

Introducing the super yummy hotdogs at affordable prices!! I love hotdogs that are CRUNCHY!! Just like German sausages, Superdog serves their dog crunchy but just a little too skinny. Nonetheless, the portion and price are good. Most importantly, the taste is goooooooooooood.

Capsicum Chicken Dog

Stall name: Superdog
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, Vivo City #B2-40/41 Singapore 098585;
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, White Sands #01-22 Singapore 518457;
1 Pasir Ris Close, Downtown East #04-101 Singapore 519599
Website: http://www.superdog.com.sg/

Blog Special: 10 Korean Customs To Know Before You Visit Korea

Whether you’re thinking of coming to Korea for work, or just want to stop by on a greater sweep through East Asia, knowing the following ten customs is essential for getting by in this unique culture.

Korean culture has survived for 5,000 years, despite the best efforts by hostile neighbors to stomp it out. If you know and respect Korean culture you will get much more out of your time in Korea.


Kimchi is sliced cabbage, fermented with red chili sauce and anchovy paste. It is pungent, spicy, and sour. Koreans love it and eat it with every meal – usually on the side – though they also use it as an ingredient in countless other dishes.

Kimchi is symbolic of Korean culture: it’s strong, distinctive, and defiant. Some foreigners can’t stomach it, but if you can, you will earn the locals’ heartfelt respect.


When entering a Korean home, you must remove your shoes. To do any less is a sign of great disrespect.

Koreans have a special relationship with their floor, on which they sit and often sleep. A dirty floor is intolerable in a Korean home, and they view Westerners as backward savages for remaining shod in our living rooms.

3. SOJU!

Korea is a drinking culture, and their national booze is soju, a clear, vodka-like drink.

Soju is drunk out of shot glasses, and like all liquor in Korea, it’s always served with food. Koreans drink in boisterous groups, regularly clinking glasses, while shouting geonbae! (cheers) and one shot-uh!

At night you will see men coming out of norae bang (karaoke rooms) and staggering through the streets, laughing, singing and arguing. Just be sure to avoid the puddles of reddish-vomit often left behind, which are also known as kimchi flowers.

Koreans have strict drinking etiquette: never pour your own drink, and when pouring for someone older than you, put one hand to your heart or your pouring arm as a sign of respect.

4. RICE!

Like the Japanese, the Koreans eat rice with almost every meal. It’s so ingrained in their culture that one of their most common greetings is Bap meogeosseoyo?, or ‘Have you eaten rice?”

Unlike the Japanese, Koreans usually eat their rice with a spoon, and they never raise the rice bowl off of the table towards their mouths.

Also, chopsticks must never be left sticking out of the rice bowl, as this resembles the way rice is offered to the dead.


Koreans are a warm and generous people, but you would never know it from the sourpusses they paste on in public.

Sometimes, the chaotic streets of the peninsula resemble a sea of scowls, with everyone literally putting their most stern faces forward. This is NOT true of the children however, who will invariably grin and laugh while shouting “Hello! Hello!”


Korea is a crowded country. It’s a cluster of stony mountains with only a few valleys and plains on which to build.

The result is a lot of people in small spaces, and folks will not think twice about pushing and jostling in order to get onto a bus, into an elevator, or to those perfect onions at the market.

Don’t even bother with “excuse me,” and beware of the older women, known as ajumma. They’re deadly.


South Koreans fought hard to achieve the democratic society they now enjoy, and are among the top in the world when it comes to exercising their right to protest.

Dissent is alive and well. Koreans protest with frequency and they protest with fervor – on all sides of the political spectrum.

Protesters employ a variety of methods, from the violent (angry students regularly attack riot police with huge metal rods), to the absurd (cutting off fingers, throwing animal dung, covering themselves in bees).


As Korea is mountainous, it should come as no surprise that hiking is the national pastime.

Even the most crowded of cities have mountains that offer a relative haven from the kinetic madness of the streets below.

Koreans are at their best on the mountain. They smile and greet you and will often insist on sharing their food and drink. Make sure to stop at a mountain hut restaurant for pajeon (fritter) and dong dong ju (rice wine).


Yes, some Koreans do eat dog meat, despite some sporadic attempts by the government to shut down the boshingtang (dog meat soup) restaurants, in order to improve the country’s “international image.”

Dog meat is mainly consumed during the summer and by men, who claim that it does wonders for stamina.


Koreans are an extremely proud people, and sometimes this pride transforms into white-hot nationalism.

You see this nationalism displayed at sporting events, where thousands of Korean fans cheer their national teams on in unison, banging on drums and waving massive flags.

This nationalism especially comes to a boil whenever Japan is mentioned, as Japan has invaded them several times, and occupied Korea as a colony for almost the first half of the 20th century, decimating the country’s resources and conscripting thousands of their women as sex slaves.

Finally, please remember the two following things:

To a Korean, there is no such thing as The Sea of Japan. The body of water between Korea and Japan is known only as the East Sea.

Also, Koreans fervently believe that Dokdo – the disputed islets between Korea and Japan (known in Japan as Takeshima) – belong only to Korea.

It would be most unwise to attempt to disagree with either of these points, as Koreans don’t consider them up for debate.

Article taken from: http://matadorabroad.com/10-korean-customs-to-know-before-you-visit-korea/

Deep-fried Promfret

My favourite promfret deep-fried in wok. =)

Season the promfret with salt. Dab onto some corn flour before frying. Fry some ginger slices as garnish. Yummy!

Luncheon meat omelette

A simple yet hearty dish.

1. Cut up the luncheon meat into small cubes.
2. Stir-fry them in wok till fragrant and a little crispy.
3. Beat up eggs in a big bowl. Add some salt and cut chilli padi into the egg mixture.
4. Mix the luncheon meat into the egg mixture.
5. Using a well-heated wok, add oil and pan-fry each omelette under gentle fire.
6. Serve with plain porridge or rice!! Yummy!

Home-made Instant Noodles with CP Wanton

Mum wasn’t home today, and I was in a mad rush preparing for my presentation. So I opened the fridge to see what I can find and quickly whip up with. Taa-daa!! My CP wanton that I bought over a week ago is still lying in the freezer!!

So I am going to cook the wanton!! But I’m also craving for egg and noodle!! So I opened a pack of Nissin Tokyo Shoyu instant noodles and cracked an egg into the pot. Delicious wanton instant mee.

But it was too much, I couldn’t finish my noodles. LOL! What a waste. Oh, do remember to cook your wanton separately in another pot, otherwise the soup will be thick and taste like flour.

Ma Maison Restaurant (Japanese-French fusion food)

Ma Maison is the French word for “My Home”. The ambience is cottage-like, with country-style curtains and furniture. The place is dimly lit so it is definitely not like any other Japanese restaurants with tatami.

Our orders:

Escargot Baked with Garlic Butter ($9.50 for half dozen) – extremely aromatic garlic and flowing butter that makes you crave for more snails. Very well baked and it has been the best I’ve eaten so far. We ordered a dozen of these!

Cheese Fritter $9.20 – deep fried cheese coated with batter. Not cheesy so you won’t feel sick after two bites.

Scallop Carpaccio $9.80 – a must-eat appetizer. The sauce that comes on top of each scallop is so refreshing and cooling. It literally opens up your stomach for your main course! How would I describe it? Cool, a little sour, a little sweet topped with orange fish roes and onions. Lost for words.

Cuttlefish Ink Spaghetti $15.90 – Share this with your friends. It gets a little dry and sick after a few mouthfuls. There is very few pieces of cuttlefish. Such a pity. How I wished they would add some seafood to the dish to make it more worthy of the fragrant cuttlefish-inked black spaghetti.

Italian Hamburger Steak with Cheese (160g) $16.90 – A whole piece of cheese topped on top of your thick hamburger steak with some greens as sides. The hamburger steak is not dry inside, and the cooking was good as the steak which was almost 2 cm tall was cooked thoroughly in.

Chilled Red Wine (Prom Mama) $12.30 per glass – My friend commented that it is not the best red wine in town. It is “sting-ing”. Oh well, nothing beats our favourite at The Wine Company. Throughout the course, we were discussing when to visit The Wine Company again for some nice wine and their seared black pepper tuna. AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Their specialties are Special Beef Stew, Original Hamburger Steak and Paella. Their menu also include the traditional katsu curry rice. Well, it does serve some Japanese food. However, a pity there wasn’t much variety of food to choose from in their menu.

Reservations is a must as their restaurant is small and usually packed with diners.

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Ma Maison Restaurant (Akinori Singapore Pte Ltd)
Address: 200 Victoria Street, #02-51 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Tel: 6338 4819
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10pm; Sat & Sun: 1130 am – 10 pm
Email: mamaison@singnet.com.sg
Website:  http://www.ma-maison.co.jp

Other branches:
1. 6 Eu Tong Sen St @ CENTRAL. #03-96. Singapore 059817. Tel: 63278122
2. 9 Raffles Boulevard. PARCO Marina Bay Stall P3-03. Singapore 039596. Tel: 63389391