"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


Mad Nest

Under the recommendation of my colleagues, I finally visited this restaurant with them one evening. The interior is spacious and furniture is simple. The paintings on the white walls make the whole interior look like an art gallery. Very soothing.

Mad Nest houses three different kitchens serving three different food of nationalities – japanese, indian and western. I was very impressed with all their appetisers and finger food. My favourite are the oiishii maki, tori teriyaki (yes, sound normal? try this and you will know that all other tori teriyaki you have eaten in the past were nonsense), truffle fries, and foie gras. The sake sashimi is thickly-sliced and every bite is filled with happiness. The mains are so-so.

1 for 1 Stella Artois Draught $10
Oishii Maki $16
Sake Sashimi $12
Tori Teriyaki $12
Chawanmushi $4
Papadam (Basket) $3
Shochikubai Toukkuri (Flask) $13
Gyu Niku Curry Rice $15
Katsu Curry Udon $12
Tamada Ramen $12
Truffle Fries $13
Fugu Mirin $15
Tandoori Chicken Briyani $10
Naan (Basket) $9
Butter Chicken $13
Tonkatsu $12
Una Don $15
Buta Shooga Miso Yaki $12
Foie Gras $20

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Restaurant: Mad Nest
Address: 378 East Coast Road Singapore 428985
Tel: 6348 6861
Opening Hours:


Food Court @ Tampines 1

Some really good local food can be all eaten at the food court located at the top level of Tampines 1. The portions are big and really value for money. If you buy the top-up card, your food will get a 10% discount.

The Hokkien mee here is stir-fried with pork’s lard, and you can top up with any amount of crispy deep-fried pork lard. The egg omelette is thick, juicy and the oysters are BIG! The mee hoon kuay’s soup and chilli are good. Not the lousy taste. If you are having a light diet, go for the sliced fish soup that comes served with a piece of deep-fried egg. Its soup is thick and fragrant. My dad particular likes the nasi bryani there. The portion is HUGE and their curry mutton is good. Not to be missed is the chendol at this food court. The gula melaka is very very fragrant. That’s what makes the whole chendol good.

Come here for a try!

Location: Tampines 1 (Beside Tampines MRT)
Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm

Shahi Maharani Restaurant

I got to know of this North Indian restaurant back in 2005. I won a $50 voucher from Symphony 92.4 and my whole family went to try this restaurant. Little did we expect the food here to be SUPERFABULOUSLYEXCELLENT! Since then, this has been my Dad’s favourite restaurant. He will always request the chef to give more gravy so he can dip his naan in them.

The restaurant is very cosy. The whole place is carpeted. The furniture is bulky. There is a glass to view the chef grilling your Tandoori chicken.

We will always order:

1. Tandoori Chicken (quarter – $12.50, half – $22.50 , whole – $34 )
2. Rogan Josh $21
3. Mutton Vindaloo $21
4. Goa Fish Head Curry $38.50 (need to wait for 20 minutes)
5. Saffron Rice $7.50
6. Plain Naan $3.50 each
7. Raan Sikandra (half – $30 , whole – $43 )

You will be served complimentary Indian crackers (one per diner) as starters. Their crackers are fragrant with spices and some of them can be spicy hot. Then your main dishes will be served all at the same time.

So far, all our visits were never disappointing. Their food is always kept at a consistent standard. Every dish is fragrant and will make you cry for more! The waiters and waitresses will come over and ask for your feedback on their food. During dinner times, there will be a live-band to display some North Indian music.

Prices exclusive of 7% GST and 10% service charge. Go for their 1 for 1 lunch buffet on weekdays for your money’s worth at $42++. (i.e. $21 per pax) However, their buffet menu is not the same everyday. Sometimes, they don’t have our favourite saffron rice and tandoori chicken. The buffet comes with refillable crackers and naan.

Let me know if you can find something better than this restaurant!

Restaurant: Shahi Maharani (North Indian Restaurant)
Address: 252 North Bridge Road #03-21B Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore 179103
Tel: 6235 8840 (Do make reservations)
Fax: 6339 1889
Email: shahimaharani@pacific.net.sg
Website: http://www.shahimaharani.com
Opening Hours: All Day. 12 noon – 2 30 pm, 6 30 pm to 10 30 pm.

Indian Rojak

This Indian rojak is definitely worth the wait.
Indian Rojak

Indian Rojak

You have wait for at least 15 minutes during non-peak hours and at least 45 minutes during peak hours. The owner makes sure that every piece that you put on your plate is served crispy and warm. You can see many people sitting outside his stall, and these people are actually waiting for their rojak.

The chilli peanut sauce is not very spicy. So it should be fine to most people. This sauce complements the rojak very well and should NEVER be eaten without it. I personally like their Dahl Vandai and I don’t eat this with the sauce because the original taste is SUPER DUPER nice!

This rojak is NOT to be missed.

Prices and Options

*minimum of 4 items to be choosen
Sambal prawn $1.50
Big prawn $1.50
Tahu prawn $1.80
Tahu beancurd $1.20
Fish cake $1
Fish ball $0.70
Paru $1.20/$1.50
Limpa $1.50/$1.80/$2
Egg $0.70
Plain flour $0.70
Vadai $0.80
Cuttle fish $2/$2.50/$3
Squid $3/$3.50/$4
Potato $1.20/$1.50/$1.60/$1.80/$2

Stall name: Al Mahboob Rojak
Address: Block 506. Tampines Central. S11 foodcourt. (near Tampines Ave 7 and Ave 4)
Closed on:
Opening Hours: