"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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Ah Yat Seafood

My family and I came here for the first time to celebrate my mum’s birthday. They had this set promotion at the time and we ordered the $198++ set. This was very worth it because the portions were big and they were not stingy on the seafood ingredients. Every dish served onto our table was a “WOW”.

My favourite was the braised e-fu noodles with Boston lobster. I would expect lobster to be tasteless when cooked in this manner. However, it was so sweet and full of the sea flvour on every strand of noodle, sauce and the tender lobster meat itself. Suckling pig did not have the foul “piggy” taste so I could eat it! Shark’s fin was generously seen in every of our bowls. The fish was well accompanied with the  fragrant soy sauce. It was the first time I’ve eaten Alaska king crab too. This is where the authentic long crab stick meat come from! We were given a special pair of scissors each and I had fun eating them!

As for the dim sum I had with CP on another occasion, there is nothing worth mentioning. Dim sum is obviously not their forte.

Har Gao $4.20
Steamed dumpling with scallop $4.20
Siew Mai $3.80
Deep fried banana ball with red bean paste $4.20
Deep fried scallop in yam paste $3.80
Baked Mini Egg tarts $3.80
Pan-fried turnip cake $3.20
Steam ricesheet roll with shrimp $4.80

Dim sum items at 50% off from Mon to Sat and 40% off on Sundays and PH.

Tea/Water/Nut/Towel at $2 per pax.
Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Ah Yat Seafood
Address: 200 Turf Club Road, #03-01, Main Grandstand, Turf City, Singapore 287994
Tel: 68832112 (reservations recommended)
Fax: 68832022


Penang Kitchen

Another occasion to CP’s house for majong, we stopped by Coronation Road for Starbucks and lunch. So here’s what we had:

Not bad Penang food, but definitely not the nicest I’ve eaten. Char Kway Tiao does not have the “wok-hei”. Duck mee sua which I had was no doubt tasty, but they could have been more generous on the herbs used to broil the soup. Fruit rojak was not bad. Belacan chicken wings tasted nothing near to belacan.

Char Kway Tiao – $8.30
Prawn Mee – $8.30
Mee Sua Kor – $8.80
Duck Mee Sua – $9.50
Char Mee – $8.30
Rojak – $6
Belacan Chicken Wings – $6.30

Conclusion: An expensive place to satisfy your sudden craving of Penang food, but definitely not a place you would think to re-visit.

Try Penang Food Restaurant instead.

Prices exclude 10% service charges. No GST.

Restaurant: Penang Kitchen
Address: 5 Coronation Road, Coronation Arcade, #01-05, Singapore 269406
Tel: 64666193
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 11am-9:30pm; Mon 11am-9:30pm
Email: penangkitchencatering@gmail.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6335032923

Wasabi Tei

We chanced upon this small restaurant in Far East Plaza. However one of my friends heard about this place and recommended we go in to try. He was saying his friend commented that the male server was very rude and you can’t choose your seat in the small 16-seater restaurant. But we decided to go in anyway. We were lucky to get a seat immediately. My friend was saying there is usually a very long queue.

The place was small and squeezy. The seats were bar-height and seats were small.

From the counter, you can also look into the kitchen.

We shared had salmon sashimi. JH and I had the cod fish claypot and CP had the sashimi rice set. We were taken aback by the lady serving us because she was actually quite nice. The man was also introducing us on what to eat. Hmm, probably their temper only comes when they are crowded. We took quite a long time to finally decided what to eat.

We were served with our drinks and this tasty dish – Hijiki seaweed. It tasted to have been braised. Indeed, it was a good appetiser. It was quite a big portion and none of us could finish it.

Hijiki seaweed appetiser

Then came our mains. Our salmon sashimi pieces were THICK, one of the thickest I’ve seen. It was fresh and tasted good. I think my photograph here does not do justice to how thick and big the sashimi was.

salmon sashimi

The codfish claypot was huge and generous on the cabbage. We could have just ordered one to share. It was an unexpectedly big claypot of soup.

Codfish Claypot

CP’s sashimi rice set was also generous with the thickness of the sashimi and he totally enjoyed every piece of fish. “Shiok” was what he used to describe.

sashimi rice set

They charge $2 for every seat and you can choose any drink (green tea, mineral water, canned drinks other than alcoholics). At least one dish must be ordered for every seat. There’s no additional GST or service charges.

Stall: Wasabi Tei
Address: 14 Scotts Road, #05-79, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Tel: 6238 8216
Opening Hours: Weekdays 12 pm-3 pm, 5:30 pm-9:30 pm; Sat 12 pm-4:30 pm, 5:30 pm-9:30 pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Gaia Korean Restaurant

My friend and I wanted to go Seoul Garden today but it was fully booked at the Marina Square branch. Craving for Korean food, both of us hunted down Suntec City Sky Garden – Gaia Korean Restaurant. I’ve always wanted to go there to try but was either alone or had no Korean craving.

Gaia have both indoor and outdoor seats to hold a large capacity of customers during busy lunch hours and of course a wide range of food choices to capture your appetite. We were there quite early and was able to choose our seats. There were a few tables of Koreans when we stepped in. My friend was saying if there were Koreans customers, it must serve quite authentic Korean food! Besides, the boss is Korean and all their servers were able to speak Korean!

We ordered a Budae Jjigae (Ham and sausage spicy soup) and Kimchi Pa Jun (kimchi pancake). We didn’t expect the servings to be that huge! It could fill 4-5 people!

We were served with six types of Ban Chan (side dishes). Every dish was incredibly good, especially the tofu and cabbage kimchi!

Ban Chan - Complimentary

Then our kimchi pa jun came. It was a very very well-made pancake. I’ve never seen and eaten such even texture and colour Korean pancake. It comes served on a hotplate so that it will be kept warm throughout your meal. The pancake does not have too much flour and the exterior is crispy. The kimchi cabbage within is crunchy. A little pity the kimchi-ness and spiciness is lost. There wasn’t much seafood in it too. Nonetheless, still good.

Kimchi Pancake $15

Next came the budae jjigae. The waiter placed it on the stove, then turned on the heat. Soon it was bubbling and the ramyeon within started to get cooked. I loved the amount of vegetables they put in – golden mushrooms (enokitake), cabbage, big bean sprouts, leek and spring onions. There were two gyozas and a few chewy ddogbougi (rice cake). The sausages were aplenty and tasted really good. The ham wasn’t a favourite for me as I do not really like pork personally. But my friend finished them all. The egg and toufu added some soft texture to the overall chewy and spicy experience.

Not wanting to waste the good soup, we ordered a steamed rice ($2) to share. It was lovely, sticky, chewy and piping-hot rice. Wonderful!

We left the restaurant very filled and packed back our remaining food. ^^

Budae Jjigae - $40

Try this out and get to see a couple of handsome and pretty Korean customers here! Oh, how I love Korean food!! Will definitely come back for their bbq next time!

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Gaia Korean Restaurant
Address: No 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-10/12 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Tel: 6339 3313
Fax: 6339 3303
Opening Hours: 11 am – 2.30 pm, 5.30 pm – 10 pm daily

Westlake Restaurant

This has always been one of my favourite places since young. My dad used to drive the family from the east to the west just for their kong ba bao. But over the recent past 10 years, we only went back once. Dad explained it was too far away. CP stays in the west and one very fine weekend, we were all at his house for majong. However, I wasn’t one of the majong kaki since I had alot of work to complete. Hence, while they were having their majong fun, I was sadly working away at his dining table. After they finished one round, I suggested Westlake for dinner! So we drove down and had a little trouble finding the place because Google’s search results didn’t indicate that it was a BLOCK. We ended up driving around Crown Centre along Queen’s Road. Westlake is wrongly mapped on Google Maps, so please ignore that!

Eventually I called up the place to ask for more specific directions. So readers, drive all the way down Queen’s Road to the housing blocks (towards Empress Road). Westlake is located on the second floor of the carpark Block 4.

JH loved the Yam basket the most while CP and I devoured the fish maw soup delightfully. Von’s bf enjoyed the kong ba bao the most. They even went back there twice without us after that! CP also went back for their fish maw soup without us!!

The yam was so “yammy” and tender! Frog legs were so full of ginger and onion flavour that none of the ginger or onion (besides the frog legs) were spared. Fish maw soup was generous with prawns, crab meat and thick fish maw. The soup was well divided into 6 portions for each of us. The beancurd was also very good, the red garnish that came with was very appetizing and went very well with rice.

Chinese Tea – $0.70 per pax
Towel – $1 per pax
Peanuts – $2
Plain rice – $0.80 per bowl

On previous occassions, I have tried their hor fun and fried rice which my Dad and I deemed the best in Singapore! Can’t wait to go back for more satisfying food!

Prices exclude 10% services charges and 7% GST.

Restaurant: Westlake Restaurant
Address: Block 4, #02-139, Queen’s Road, Singapore 260004
Tel: 64747283 / 64752982
Website: http://www.westlake.com.sg/

Absolute Thai

My first visit there was quite good. I thought that their bee hoon tom yam soup was spicy and flavourful. Besides, the portion was quite substantial. However the chicken wings were small. Thai iced milk tea was quite refreshing.

The second time I was there was with my cousins. We ordered quite a bit. Their green curry was not bad on the first taste, but upon second tasting, it became a little “jelat”. The coconut milk was too much and the chicken breast meat tasted of the “frozen fridge”. Fail.

The clear tom yam soup was not spicy and my cousins said it tasted too much of a certain spice which we couldn’t really determine what was it. However the prawns were big and luckily they tasted fresh.

Pandan leaves chicken were a bit tasteless. Moreover, they were too small.

Phad Thai was not too sweet. Maybe one of the better ones I’ve eaten so far. Pineapple rice was also not bad.

Our free red ruby dessert (upon $30 expenditure) was refreshing. Crunchy red bits wrapped in a layer of red jelly-like coating.

Fragrant steam rice at $1 per plate. Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Absolute Thai
Address:  2 Tampines Central 5, #01-19/20/21/22 Century Square Shopping Centre, Singapore 529509
Tel: 6260 8846
Fax: 6260 8847
Opening Hours: 1130 am – 945 pm

Freshness Burger

Following the burger craze, my colleague and I went to try this out. The classic cheese burger was not bad at all. However it was a little small in size and expensive. Probably due to the fresh ingredients they used. The cup of lemon cranberry was small. The only good thing about the burger chain is their choices of sauces – mustard, chilli, ketchup, Tabasco green pepper sauce and some other sauces which appear alien to me. The onion rings tasted nothing near to onions.

Served in small portions, we had:

Fish Burger – $3.50
Classic Cheese Burger – $6.90
Lemon Cranberry – $2.80
Onion Rings – $3.20
Chicken Nuggets – $3.50

How about going to BK or MOS burger?

Prices inclusive of 7% GST.

Stall: Freshness Burger
Outlet: 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-37, Century Square, Singapore 529509
Tel: 6785 3436
Website: http://www.freshnessburger.com.sg/

The Century Square outlet has closed down in June.

Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel is having a special Mao Shan durian puffs this season till 30 June 2011! Get your butts down to satisfy your durian cravings!

Here’s what CP, JH and I had some time back:

We ordered durian puffs, durian cake and durian ice cream cake. The waitress said the durian strudel had to take 1 hour to thaw before they can serve us. Otherwise, we would have ordered that. That looked really delicious!

The durian puffs were really thick and creamy. The durian custard was not too “squishy” and every bite was generous on the durian custard. I wonder if the three of us will be able to find time off to go back for their Mao Shan durian puffs. 🙂 Shall arrange that!

Durian Cake (1 slice) $9
Durian Puff (6 pieces) $14.80
Durian Ice Cream cake (1 piece) $12.80


JH and I went again for the Mao Shan Power Puff! It was really powerful! It was BIG and super flavourful! Much much tastier and “durian-y” than the D24 durian puffs. JH was still busy editing the power puff photograph on her iPhone and I was busy eating away. I just couldn’t resist! When she was finally done, she asked why did I eat so fast! But it was really irresistable!

Mao Shan Power Puff

It looked like Hong Kong’s pineapple bun with a crispy sweet crust. But once you cut it open, the aroma of durian diffused out willingly. Hmmm! Crispy crust with soft durian filling, sweet bun with bitter durian… totally took my senses away! I would have preferred if the durian filling was more pulpy.

Durian buffet is now on till 17th July 2011 at $26.80++ per person. However the choices are limited and durian ice-cream is not included.

Mao Shan Power Puff (1 piece) $12.80

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Hotel: Goodwood Park Hotel (L’espresso Cafe)
Address: 22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221
Website: http://www.goodwoodparkhotel.com/promotions/durian-fiesta-2011-,diningOffers_viewItem_47-en.html

Wild Honey

Wild Honey serves all-day breakfast originating from many different countries such as Yemen, Japanese, Mediterranean and Tunisia – exotic and rare choices. The interior is very cosy. Definitely a place to imagine yourself having breakfast at some exotic country. However, not for me. (Read on… to know why)

It was a day off-in-lieu for CP, JH and I (for the GE). So we decided to go early in the morning for brunch and catch a movie later. I have heard from my colleagues that the place is usually crowded and have to wait for hours to get in. So we went there at about 10 am (recommend you to go at 8 am on weekends). The restaurant was already full but we were lucky in a way that we were first in the queue.

We didn’t have to wait really long to get in. Lucky us. We put down our bags and went over to the counter to place our orders. They have iPads for you to browse through their menu! Then you order and pay at the counter first before going back to your seats. I would have preferred if someone could come over and take our orders having to pay 10% for service charges.

I had a cup of cuppuccino ($6) and a Stephanie’s steak sandwich ($24)- 120g grass fed Australian ribeye, shaved onion, beetroot, parmesan cheese, grain mustard and fresh horseradish on toasted ciabatta. It was served on a small chopping board which I had to cut REALLy carefully with a blunt knife so that my food does not drop onto the table. Can’t they serve it on a bigger board or a plate? And since I was having steak sandwich, shouldn’t I be given a proper knife? The steak was so-so, not too much beef taste and the ciabatta was hard and dry.

CP had cinnamon lemon tea and the Canadian set – A stack of classic pancakes served with wild berry and hibiscus compote, Canadian maple syrup and bacon.

JH had mocha cafe latte and the European set – Wild Honey’s version of Eggs Benedict. Two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto on toasted homemade brioche and hollandaise sauce.

There was a long queue outside by the time we finished and a waitress came over to hint us to leave so that a family could have our big table. I thought that was inappropriate since we were also customers. It should be a place for customers to relax and unwind.

My friends and I decided that we will not go back again given the poor service and expensive (yet normal) food.

Scandinavian Set – $24. Not bad at all. The salmon was well-cooked and the rostti was very fragrant. Love the big cherry tomato!

Lovely cup of Cappucino

raspberry juice

English breakfast - very big portion!!

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Wild Honey
Address: 333A Orchard Road, #03-02, Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238867
Tel: 6235 3900 (No reservations)
Opening Hours: Weekdays 9 am to 1030 pm, Weekends 8 am to 1030 pm
Website: http://www.wildhoney.com.sg/10/index.htm#b


It’s the school holidays and my cousins brought along their kids to Singapore for holiday! This day, my cousin met up with her friend and we all joined in. We wanted to go Settlers Cafe at SMU campus initally, but due to the heavy rain, we were not able to walk over and decided on this place in Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Aerin’s offers modern classical European cuisine. There were 11 of us and the cafe wasn’t crowded on a Sunday afternoon. The seats were comfy and it was a quiet place to chat by the fountain. Here’s what we had:

Truthfully, the food wasn’t that great. I was only impressed with their Baked Apple Rhubarb Pie. It comes with a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream on top of a layer of puff crust, covering a pot of piping hot baked apples, rhubarb and raisins. Hot and cold, sweet and sour, soft and crunchy, flaky and solid. It was a combination of textures and tastes that made me want to have more. It was indeed a special apple pie I’ve ever eaten. Will surely go back for their apple pie and drinks.

Cajun Chicken $18
Angus Striplion $33
Snapper Fillet $21
Fish and Chips $17
Aerins Tagliatelle $17
Strawberry Froth $6.50
Ice Lemon Tea $3.80
Icy Green  $6.50
Baked Apple Rhubarb Pie $12

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges. 10% discounts with DBS credit cards.

Cafe: Aerin’s
Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #B1-11/12, Singapore 179103
Tel: 63372231
Fax: 63377620
Email: reservation@aerins.com.sg
Online menu: http://www.aerins.com.sg/Aerinsmenu.pdf
Website: http://www.aerins.com.sg/

Werner’s Oven

Werner’s Oven is Singapore’s first German bakery and confectionery. It is also a German restaurant that serves delicious breakfast!

These were what we had for our breakfast:

clam chowder

The clam chowder was smooth and clams were sweet and tasty. I love the bun that comes with it! The crust was crispy and the inside was soft and a little moist. Perfect!

beef goulash

My colleague had this beef goulash.

keep it simple - sausage

keep it simple - ham

Keeping it Simple wasn’t really simple after all. It was very filling. The ham was made by the restaurant and I’ve never eaten ham that looked like this. I was expecting the round or square piece of ham we usually buy at supermarkets. But this was thick and juicy and flavourful! Very very yummy! Love the bun so much that I stuffed it into my stomach even when I was feeling really full.

grill it up

My colleague was saying that this pancake was very very fluffy and thick. It went well with the butter and maple syrup. Definitely better than McDees.

pile them up - ham

Pile Them Up is a sandwich with the similar home-made ham piled with tomatoes and egg. The pickles are separately placed on the plate.

Keeping it Simple  $7.80
Pile Them Up $6.80
Grill It up $7.50
Clam Chowder $6.80
Beef Goulash $6.80
Lime Soda $4.50
Pineapple Juice $3.50

Their breakfast menu:

Set Lunch – $22.50

Prices exclusive of 7% GST. No service charges.

Breakfast is served from 830 am to 1130 am, Tuesdays to Sundays.

Restaurant: Werner’s Oven
Address: 6 Upper East Coast Road #01-01/02/03 Singapore 455200
Tel: 6442 3897
Email: admin@wernersoven.com.sg
Website: http://www.wernersoven.com.sg
Opening Hours: 830 am to 10 pm (Closed on Mondays)