"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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Nabeyaki Udon

Travelled to Novena for my violin class. Hadn’t had lunch, and had craving for hot hot stuff. There was a Korean restaurant beside, but no suitable food on the menu for 1 person. So entered this Japanese restaurant. Looked very posh on the outside and interior. Thought it’s gonna be super expensive, but came out to be ok.

Nabeyaki Udon

Nabeyaki Udon

Surprisingly, the udon texture was good. It wasn’t too soft and bland. It was chewy and tasted really really good. Just fantastic for a hot stuff craving. The soup was not too salty and the claypot kept the udon hot for a long period of time. The portion was good for one person. While eating, this thing suddenly came:

Tempura Prawn

Tempura Prawn

HAHA! I forgot there’s tempura prawn with the udon! The appearance looks good right? But when I bite into it, the prawn was a little too over-coated with tempura flour, and there were soft and meshy parts. In the end I peeled off the flour and ate the prawn. Even so, the prawn didn’t taste like the freshest prawn.

The other items on the menu were expensive, especially their sushi. Mine cost $13. The appetizer – tuna with mayo was free! Green tea was free! But you have to pay for service charge and GST. Hence my total bill was $15.30. 

Stall name: Nara Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd
Location: 167 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre (Beside United Square)
Telephone: 62566568
Opening Hours: 1130 am to 230 pm, 6 pm to 1030 pm


Fish n Co. EXPRESS

My brother and I were thinking what to eat for lunch today. Suddenly he came up with Fish & Co. Express which he heard of from his friend. So we drove down to Downtown East. We initially thought it was at EHub, but nope! It is situated at Downtown East, the F&B area. Basically, what is different in this Express outlet and the usual outlets is that this serves “fast” food. Why “fast” is because they don’t really take food off the shelves. You get a number and wait for a while, and they will serve your food to you. Like what MOS Burger do.


All value meals are at $5.95 and comes with medium fries and coke. $0.30 to upgrade your coke to lemon tea. $0.50 to upsize to large fries and drinks. Both of which I thought they are cheaper than other fast food outlets.  And if you’re a student, show your student card and you can buy the student value meal at $4.50. Add $1.90 for six pieces of fish nuggets (only with purchase of student meals). Add $1.95 for their fish chowder for any value meal purchased.

They sell quite a different variety of burgers – Teriyaki Salmon, Jap-Mayo, Sambal Fish, Fish with cheese and Sea Dog! They also have chicken burger, deep-fried chicken, prawn fritters and calamari value meals. These are what me and my brother had:

fish co 2

The fish chowder consists of stuff that you can bite… HAHA! Though small and barely visible, you can actually bite fish pieces and assorted vegetables. The taste is similar to clam chowder. The teriyaki salmon burger is chewy. The salmon patty is not soft and meshy. Perhaps they added some other meat inside. The sauce was good, except it was a little too salty. A pity they didn’t put tomoto inside or some lettuce.  They would have improved the texture of the burger bite. The fish and chips was good. Ah well, it’s supposed to be their trademark!

Left the place feeling satisfied!

Stall name: Fish & Co. EXPRESS
Location: Downtown East
Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 11am – 10pm, Fri-Sat & PH: 11am – 11pm


Ichiban Sushi

If you have a tight budget of around $20, a Jap-food crave and do not want to wait for long, you can try Ichiban Sushi.

Grilled Mackeral Premium Set

Grilled Mackeral Premium Set

The serving is big, and is not expensive. The grilled mackeral set is less than $25. My dad likes the Don Don set that comes with Salmon don and unagi don. Of course, it comes with the extra side dishes which is worth every penny.

Don Don Set

Don Don Set

I ordered the Salmon Nabemono because my Dad could not finish the two bowls of Don Don, so I have a little rice from him.

Salmon Nabemono

Salmon Nabemono

 The solid fuel hasn’t even finished burning even after I finished my food. So I poured some green tea in to prevent the pot from getting burnt. The soup is not as salty as what I had tried before. The salmon was fresh and being a sashimi fan, I wouldn’t bear to dip my salmon pieces into the nabemono. HAHA!

Try their cheesecake too. You can purchase them while you are settling your bill. Their cheesecake is good.

Stall Name: Ichiban Sushi
Location: Various outlets (Part of R E & S Enterprises Pte Ltd)
Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm daily

Happy Veg

Introducing to you a special snack – vegetable “crackers”!

vege stall

It is like the traditional prawn “cracker” that  has a piece of prawn with shells deep fried together with flour mixture. These stall here sells it with other chives, soft shell crab and crab stick. The price ranges from $1.10 for the chives to $2.50 for the soft shell crab one.

vege cracker

The flour is crispy and does not have any portion of flour that is soft and meshy. The taste is good, perhaps a little salty for me. Because it is deep fried, so your hands can get stained through their paper bag.

Stall name: Happy Veg
Location: Tampines 1, Basement 1
Opening hours: All day open during shopping centre hours

大食家 (Big Eater)

This a place you cannot miss!! This place sells fantastic crabs and zi-cha. My favourite is their crab bee hoon in XO soup! No place sells this taste this good. The soup is really fragrant with the freshness of crab as well as the XO they poured in.

Next is their black pepper crab. Spicy black pepper together with curry leaves and crab’s roe – HEAVENLY. Their chilli crab with mini buns is ok. Not fantastic. If you’re not craving for chilli crabs, you should order something else on the menu like cereal oats crab or butter crabs.

Another of their restaurant must-eat dishes is their black Hokkien Mee. This restaurant uses udon, unlike others using flat mee (like those in lor mee). Fragrant with deep fried pork fats (猪油炸) ensures you leave the place with guilt. Very few places can serve such nice black hokkien mee.

I would also recommend you their “la-la”. Very different taste here. Not the hawker centre taste. They fried it with lots of mini shrimps (虾米). Another one will be their deep fried prawn meat in beancurd skin. Their fried rice is good too. The hor fun is not that great.

1 kg of crab for $38. Usually their crabs are big (more than 1 kg each)
No service charge in this restaurant. This gives you really affordable meals with such good tasting food.

Stall name: 大食家 (Big Eater)
Location: Upper Changi Road (Near Simpang Bedok, Changi Fire Station)
Closed on:
Opening hours:

小霸王 (Xiao Ba Wang)

小霸王 (Xiao Ba Wang) is opened by Taiwanese actor based in Singapore 王建复.

xiao ba wang

xiao ba wang

It was horribly disappointing to taste such mee sua when the queue was so long.

mee sua

mee sua

Firstly there was no oyster. Secondly, the mee sua was too glue-y. Thirdly, the diced garlic left an ultra long lingering taste in your mouth, that you can’t seem to get rid of it no matter what you do. Fouthly, the price was $3.80 for that bowl of cheap mee sua which you can get 2 boxes of mee sua at NTUC. Ok, perhaps the meat ball that replaces the oyster was quite passable. Nah, it shall go into my condemn list.

Deep fried Chicken bites

Deep fried Chicken bites

Then on another day, we tried the deep fried chicken bites and the flower tea. The chicken bite was a bit too salty and the flower tea was… erm… you need an aquired taste for it. See my cousin’s depiction of the flower tea (a picture speaks more than a thousand words):

Flower tea
Flower tea

Stall name: 小霸王 (Xiao Ba Wang)

Location: Tampines 1 basement
Opens all day during shopping centre hours

Indian Rojak

This Indian rojak is definitely worth the wait.
Indian Rojak

Indian Rojak

You have wait for at least 15 minutes during non-peak hours and at least 45 minutes during peak hours. The owner makes sure that every piece that you put on your plate is served crispy and warm. You can see many people sitting outside his stall, and these people are actually waiting for their rojak.

The chilli peanut sauce is not very spicy. So it should be fine to most people. This sauce complements the rojak very well and should NEVER be eaten without it. I personally like their Dahl Vandai and I don’t eat this with the sauce because the original taste is SUPER DUPER nice!

This rojak is NOT to be missed.

Prices and Options

*minimum of 4 items to be choosen
Sambal prawn $1.50
Big prawn $1.50
Tahu prawn $1.80
Tahu beancurd $1.20
Fish cake $1
Fish ball $0.70
Paru $1.20/$1.50
Limpa $1.50/$1.80/$2
Egg $0.70
Plain flour $0.70
Vadai $0.80
Cuttle fish $2/$2.50/$3
Squid $3/$3.50/$4
Potato $1.20/$1.50/$1.60/$1.80/$2

Stall name: Al Mahboob Rojak
Address: Block 506. Tampines Central. S11 foodcourt. (near Tampines Ave 7 and Ave 4)
Closed on:
Opening Hours:

Prawn Mee (Penang Style)

Come across this Penang style prawn mee soup by chance. My family and I wanted to eat the wanton noodles there, but we discovered that this stall looks much better. The wanton mee is not nice.

prawn mee

prawn mee

I ordered the kway tiao soup, but the kway tiao is not the “skinny” kind. That kinda spoil the taste, and makes the soup bland. Prawn mee still tastes best with the yellow mee and thin bee hoon. What attracts me to this stall is their soup base. You can taste the prawn in the soup. Probably the boss has cooked the soup base for a long time with prawn shells. It’s among the best Penang style prawn mee in Singapore.

The chilli paste is not fantastic, neither was the chilli powder. The boss is from Penang and cooks rather slowly. So you’ve gotta wait a little.

Each bowl cost $2.50. Picture above is $3.

Stall name: 北马槟城福建虾面 (English translation: West Malaysia Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee)
Address: Lorong Mydin (near Kembagan Plaza)
Closed on: Sundays
Opening Hours: 6 am to 1 pm

Roast Duck

I am recommending you almost, perhaps and definitely the best roasted duck and roasted pork in Singapore!

roast duck

roast duck

Fantastic roasted duck, 烧鸭 and roasted pork, 烧肉。 The duck is not overly-dried, and it comes served warm. The layer of fat on the duck skin is easy to scrap away. The duck skin is very fragrant. Eat it together with the layer of fat! Forget the sin of it!

The roasted pork is superbly roasted. The skin is SUPER crispy, and the meat is like the duck – not roasted dry!

The chilli and honey sauce are not that fantastic tough.

Half roasted duck cost $19 (without head and neck) and one full roasted duck cost $38. The size of the duck is big. Very worth it! Usually my family of 5 orders a duck and $10 roasted pork. These will fill you with satisfaction.

The stall also sells broiled soup, 炖汤, char siew and roasted chicken too.

Name of stall:
Address: Block 214, Yio Chu Kang Link. (near Serangoon Stadium)
Opening Hours:
Closed on: