"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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Bari Uma Ramen

My friend is going overseas for work (indefinitely) and he suggested we eat here together for his farewell. He said he will miss this ramen when he goes over to Philippines.

The sliding door is typical of a Japanese ramen shop. Once you stepped in, you are quickly filled with the fumes of the food. I really don’t like the smell of fumes. On the other hand, the food was superbly good. Skeptical of eating ramen in Singapore, this shop really changed my impression of ramen. Reasonably priced, the tonkatsu broth was surprising rich and flavourful without being too oily. I don’t usually eat the fats of char siew but my friend was so envious that my char siew was more fatty than his. So I took a bite of the fats and oh my, I can’t believe what I just ate. The fats melted in my mouth and was so so so delicious!!! I even commented that I will order a plate of tonkatsu serving the next time I come.



nori uma ramen

nori uma ramen

ajitama ramen

ajitama ramen

The ramen was of the correct texture and temperature. I once read about the steps of cooking good ramen and its temperature which is not an easy skill.



The gyoza was piping hot when served. The filling tasted perfect with the correct amount of chives not overpowering the whole gyoza’s taste. The vinegar matched them perfectly.

Gyoza  $6.50
Ajitama $15
Noriuma + egg $15.50
Green tea $1.50

Will be back for the tonkatsu! Till then, all the best my friend. It’s not goodbye. 🙂 (Quoted from Laura Pausini – It’s Not Goodbye)

Prices exclude 7% GST and 10% service charges.

Restaurant: Bari Uma Ramen
Address: 19 Tanglin Road, #B1-01/02, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909 (Enter from where the taxi stand is. Below Kenko.)
Tel: 6887 4484
Opening hours: 1130 am – 10 pm


Extra Hot and Spicy Korean Ramen

Introducing you the most spicy Korean instant ramen I’ve found! I bought it at the Korean supermart at Tampines One basement. Try it and be spiced!! LOL!

The Asian Kitchen

The Moonlight Hor Fun is a definte MUST-TRY here. Few places in Singapore serves the wok-hei taste of hor fun. So here, you can have your fill! You can have the option to have the egg raw or cooked. If you order the raw egg, the step is to mix it into the hot hor fun, so that it can get cooked by the heat from the hor fun.

Another special dish is the soft shell crab ramen in “Singapore Chilli Crab” sauce. You have eaten it with man tou, but have you tasted it with ramen? *Caution: It is REALLY filling!!

The best dish I enjoyed is their chilli bean paste brinjal. It is served to you dangerously hot and spicy. Be careful not to scald your tongue while eating!

On the other hand, their dumplings and gyoza are only so-so.

Restaurant: The Asian Kitchen 亚洲小厨
Address: Vivo City #B2-29
Tel: 6376 9623
Website: http://www.theasiankitchen.com.sg/

Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant

Food on my menu queue:

“Eight levels of spiciness are available for 13 types of ramen, including shiraike jigoku, which comes with vegetables such as assorted mushrooms, corn and bamboo shoot and the oniyama jigoku, which is topped with crispy fried chicken.

Price: From $7.80 for the shiraike jogoku. The price is the same for all levels of spiciness.”

Adapted from The Straits Times. Lifestyle section, 14th February 2010.

Restaurant: Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant
Address 1: 20 Cross Street #01-19 China Square Central
Tel: 64380328
Opening hours: Weekdays – 1130 am to 3 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm. Weekends – 1130 am to 10 pm.

Address 2: 302 Tiong Bahru Road #02-16 Tiong Bahru Plaza
Tel: 62730013
Opening hours: 1130 am to 10 pm daily

Ohsho Japanese Restaurant

Aline and her husband brought me to this place at Cuppage Plaza for Japanese Ramen. You can check out their daily promotion set at the shop front. This unnoticed place sells budget tasty ramen. The shop is very small which can sit only around 20 people. The chefs don’t look like Japanese, and the waitress speaks Chinese. Only the cashier whom I guess is the boss is Japanese, cos’ of his accent when he speaks and his looks.

Tamago Ramen – $13. The egg yolk looks half-cooked. Yummy! Her husband said the pork-based soup is very very tasty. He finished all the soup!

tamago ramen

Set B (Paprika Miso Bean Paste Ramen with 6 pcs gyoza) – $16. Not spicy, definitely suitable for those who cannot take spicy food. Lotsa bean sprouts. And only when I almost reached the bottom did I realise that there were quite a number of tablespoon full of tasty marinated minced pork that I can go with the ramen. The portion of ramen was huge.

paprika miso bean paste ramen


The gyoza cannot be missed. The base is crispy and the skin is thin. Inside the gyoza is white cabbage with minced pork. The fillings were not dry and were soft. You have to pour the chilli-vinegar sauce on the table to accompany this gyoza. The gyoza is one of the best I’ve eaten. I want more!

gyoza with sauce

Set F (Egg omelette with crabstick on Rice with 6 pcs gyoza) – $11. Aline had this. Some Japanese-Chinese fusion dish. There wasn’t much ingredients to go with the rice and I don’t really like the sauce and I find the dish quite bland. But many people were eating this.

egg with crabstick on rice

egg with crabstick on rice (inside)

Softdrink – $2

Aline’s husband finished his tamago ramen and requested for additional ramen. Give the waitress the bowl and it will be refilled with ramen at $2.

Ice water is free-flow. Pour them yourself. Prices exclusive or 7% GST. No service charges. If you ask me, I will only return for their gyoza. The ramen I had at Central was better.

Stall name: Ohsho Japanese Restaurant 饺子の王将 (Gyoza no Ohsho Singapore)
Address: 5 Koek Road #01-10 Cuppage Plaza Singapore 228796
Tel: 67357068
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 11 30 am to 2 am , Sunday and PH: 12 pm to 12 am
Website: http://www.sential.com.sg

Ramen Santouka

Authentic Hokkaido ramen can finally be tasted in Singapore!

The restaurant is very small, with about 10 tables, housing around 30 people at a time. But they take your orders while you’re queuing, so the food comes quite quickly. People also eat quite fast, and leave quickly. There isn’t much variety of ramen that you can choose from. However you can choose to upsize your ramen or to order with some rice as a set.

1. Curry Kara Miso – $18.50 – This was what I ordered! The kara miso wasn’t that spicy, but the broth was thick and flavourful. The stingy piece of char siu was very well cooked. The noodles were quite well-done, but could have been more springy. The curry that accompanied the rice was not outstanding. It only contained a few pieces of chicken. The rice was authentic Japanese rice. YUMMY! This ramen can be rated very good in Singapore, but the one I ate at the Ramen Museum in Tokyo was much much better. Not that bad to get your fix of Hokkaido ramen in Singapore!

2. Char Siu Rice Miso – $17.50 – Jiehui ordered this. She said it was salty.

3. Chicken Shoyu – $22 – CP and Von ordered this. They also said the ramen was too salty.

4. Komi-Tamago – $1 – We all ordered an egg each. The egg was cooked in an excellent manner – the yolk was molten as you can see! VERY VERY yummy yolk. However, the egg was quite bland with only a slight tinge of shoyu.

Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Stall name: Ramen Santouka
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, #02-76, Singapore 059817
Tel: 62240668 (No reservations, all friends must be present before they let you go in)
Website: http://www.santouka.co.jp
Opening Hours: 11 am – 9:45 pm (Last order)

Sushi Tei

I found out that Sushi Tei serves really good cold soba and soft shell crab for my budget. Their curry udon is also super yummy! The udon and soba is very tasty and chewy.

Here are some pictures (will update more when I try more dishes):

Nama Kaki Sushi (Raw oyster sushi) – $3.20
Kakiage Udon – $10
Katsu Curry Rice – $13
Gindara Teriyaki (Teriyaki Cod Fish) – $10
Soft Shell Crab (2 big pcs) – $10
Salmon Belly soup – $8.00
Ootoro Sushi – $10.80
Salmon Belly Sushi – $3.50
Ebi Tempura Sushi – $4.80
Rainbow roll – $12
Corn Croquette – $7
Cha Soba – $7
Yosenabe – $12
Shishamo (2 pcs) – $5
Zuwai Crab Rice – $12
Ika Okonomiyaki – $7
Curry Udon – $10
Ebi Tempura – $10
Meat Gyoza – $5
Asari Sakamushi – $12
Passion Mango Ice – $3.60
Orange Juice – $3.60
Towel – $0.20 each

Just by looking at the names of the dishes make me salivate!

Excludes 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Get their VIP card at $88. It comes with $100 voucher, 10% off per visit and 20% off in your birthday month. Very worth it if you visit Sushi Tei often.

Stall name: Sushi Tei
Locations: Click Here