"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Chicken Rice @ Holland Drive

My mum had been giving a lot of praises for this chicken rice lately. So today we drove down to Holland Drive to taste it.

We ordered one plate white and one plate roasted chicken. Both of which were chicken thighs. Each plate that came with tasty cabbage soup and a generous portion of fragrant chicken rice was only $2.50! Additional chicken intestines is only $0.50! Cheap right! The important thing is of  course the chilli!!! The chilli has lemon grass and lime added that gives it its specialty. Together with the coriander leaves, this chicken rice will definitely leave a “MMMMMM” in you. However, if you stay too far from Holland Drive, there is no need to make this special trip. This is just a recommendation of chicken rice should you be there.

Be careful to order from the correct stall, as we also ordered another plate of chicken rice from another stall, which doesn’t taste good at all.

chicken rice

chicken rice 1

Next up, we also ordered Wanton Noodles. Based on the looks, you can tell it’s good, right? HAHA! YES! The char siew is extremely good. Tasted like my mum’s! I don’t really eat char siew, with the exception of my mum’s. The noodle is springy and not soggy nor soft. Neither did it taste of ammonia. $2.50.

wanton mee

Because the wanton that comes with the noodles tasted good, so we ordered a bowl of wanton soup. $2 for 10 pieces of wanton! How cheap! If you look carefully, the wanton actually did not have microscopic meat. ^_^ Worth trying!


Location: Blk 44 Holland Drive, Food Market
Stall name: #02-40 Kim Seng Hainanese Homemade Chicken Rice
#02-08 Heng Kheng Cooked Food (Wanton Mee)


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