"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

King’s Laksa Steamboat

Hi readers! I’m back with a post! It has been a very hectic period – preparation for my examination, juggling with work and gig performances. To make matters worse, my computer kept giving me countless problems. I finally got myself a Mac Airbook just in case my computer fails me again. I’m so glad I bought my Mac and I’m gonna be a Mac-convert! Thank you for your support if you’re one of those who click on this blog occasionally to check for updates. Of course not to forget those who subscribed to my blog!

Today, my usual clique and I finally went to eat laksa steamboat buffet that we have been talking about for months. We went there for lunch today and there was only three tables on a public holiday. It was quite good as we were served promptly and the place was not stuffy and “steamy”. Best of all, we were sitting under the cooling air-con unit.

The restaurant is clean and when you step in, the floors were not oily nor was the air smelly. You can choose 2 from 5 soup base – Signature Laksa Broth, Sze Chuan Spicy Ma-La, Chicken, Herbal or Seafood Soup. We had the laksa and herbal soup today. The laksa was fragrant but a pity as it was not spicy at all. The herbal soup was a good contrast to the thick laksa soup. However, the laksa soup didn’t get too “jelat”. It just got a little tad salty at the end. I was disappointed that they didn’t serve any laksa leaves to go with the laksa broth. Neither was there peanut sauce for a steamboat fanatic. They only had coriander, chilli oil, sesame oil, chilli padi, sambal chilli and soy sauce at their condiments table.

Besides the usual steamboat items, I was actually impressed with their readily cooked food – cold jellyfish slices, prawn paste deep-fried chicken wings, deep fried bean curd in Thai chill sauce, deep-fried wanton, spring roll and chicken nuggets. Take note that these were only cooked upon order, so the chicken wings were not cold! The wings were not dry and hard. And so were the bean curd and nuggets.

I liked their choices of tau kee, tau pok and tau pi that goes very well with laksa. Not to forget – cockles!! Neither of my friends ate them! But I totally enjoyed the cockles. How could one eat laksa without cockles???

Request for the table under the air-con unit, otherwise you’ll be sweating away.

Buffet – $18.80 per pax
Wet tissue – $0.30
Lemon Tea – $2

Prices exclude 10% service charge. There is no GST.

Restaurant: King’s Laksa Steamboat (King’s Gourmet Pte Ltd)
Address: 17 Teck Chye Terrace Singapore 545724
Tel: 6287 8010 (Reservations needed for dinner)
Opening Hours: 11 am to 11 pm


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