"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya


Lovely affordable quality fresh sashimi from this restaurant! They served limited sets of tuna chunks on rice and tuna parts. So being the first in the queue, we definitely have to make full use of this advantage! So I ordered bluefin tuna on rice ($30.80) and parts on tuna upper head meat sashimi ($15). My cousin had the mixed sashimi on rice ($18.80). Apparently, most sashimi are on a discounted price and that made us very very happy.

Let’s take a look at the lunch menu:



The dinner menu is here.

Service was quick and we got our food in less than 15 minutes.


The set contains jellyfish, pickles, salad, chawanmushi, miso soup, peanut savoury sauce, green tea mochi and tuna rice. Similarly for the mixed sashimi set. Later on, we saw that the jelly fish was replaced with grilled japanese sweet potato.



The sashimi was really fresh and chunky. And seriously this bowl of bluefin tuna is definitely worth the amount of money I paid for. I’m sorry Mother Earth for this sin I’ve done.

Look at this generous bowl of mixed sashimi my cousin had! Looking at this made me want to devour it immediately!



The salad was really good with that sesame oil drizzled on top of the fresh vegetables. The chawanmushi had a piece of chicken, a prawn and a slice of mushroom.

Thr green tea mochi was very soft on the ouside. It had a very good texture. The filling was green tea and beans with white cream (I guess). It was really smooth and this is the best mochi I have ever eaten! It is not sweet and had just the right balance between the bitter green tea and sweet filling. No idea exactly what they filled it with but it was worth every calorie!

Next up is this special menu (not found online). So we ordered the tuna upper head meat sashimi upon seeing that they only have three servings per day! How can I give up the rare opportunity to eat this?!




It was of no doubt… FANTASTIC!! The exterior was slightly grilled with salt and it basically melts in my mouth. The freshness of tuna explodes when I chew it in my mouth. This was super delicious.

Majority of the diners orderd the value-for-money mixed sashimi rice. Definitely coming back for more of the mixed sashimi rice!

On a second visit, I ordered the assorted sashimi set ($25.80). I went at 215 pm just before their last order at 230 pm.


I must say the sashimi was thickly-sliced and tasted so well because they were so fresh! I only didn’t like their hamachi because it was creamy and didn’t taste like hamachi. Or perhaps this is what fresh hamachi taste like? The salmon, tuna chunks and ootoro parts were fabulous. The amaebi were large and super fresh!



Today it was black sesame mochi. It was delicious!!!


Prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.
Reservations recommended.

Restaurant: Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya
Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #12-02, Singapore 238896
Tel: 65099618
Opening Hours: 12pm to 3pm. 6pm to 1030pm.
Website: http://www.sumiya.com.sg

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