"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Westlake Restaurant

This has always been one of my favourite places since young. My dad used to drive the family from the east to the west just for their kong ba bao. But over the recent past 10 years, we only went back once. Dad explained it was too far away. CP stays in the west and one very fine weekend, we were all at his house for majong. However, I wasn’t one of the majong kaki since I had alot of work to complete. Hence, while they were having their majong fun, I was sadly working away at his dining table. After they finished one round, I suggested Westlake for dinner! So we drove down and had a little trouble finding the place because Google’s search results didn’t indicate that it was a BLOCK. We ended up driving around Crown Centre along Queen’s Road. Westlake is wrongly mapped on Google Maps, so please ignore that!

Eventually I called up the place to ask for more specific directions. So readers, drive all the way down Queen’s Road to the housing blocks (towards Empress Road). Westlake is located on the second floor of the carpark Block 4.

JH loved the Yam basket the most while CP and I devoured the fish maw soup delightfully. Von’s bf enjoyed the kong ba bao the most. They even went back there twice without us after that! CP also went back for their fish maw soup without us!!

The yam was so “yammy” and tender! Frog legs were so full of ginger and onion flavour that none of the ginger or onion (besides the frog legs) were spared. Fish maw soup was generous with prawns, crab meat and thick fish maw. The soup was well divided into 6 portions for each of us. The beancurd was also very good, the red garnish that came with was very appetizing and went very well with rice.

Chinese Tea – $0.70 per pax
Towel – $1 per pax
Peanuts – $2
Plain rice – $0.80 per bowl

On previous occassions, I have tried their hor fun and fried rice which my Dad and I deemed the best in Singapore! Can’t wait to go back for more satisfying food!

Prices exclude 10% services charges and 7% GST.

Restaurant: Westlake Restaurant
Address: Block 4, #02-139, Queen’s Road, Singapore 260004
Tel: 64747283 / 64752982
Website: http://www.westlake.com.sg/

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