"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Home-cooked Stir-fried French Beans with Prawns

Similar to the previous few posts on stir-frying vegetables, this one is with prawns.


1. Cut the french beans and stir-fry them till 80% cooked. Alternatively, for a healthier choice, boil them in water. Dish up for later use.
2. In the hot wok, fragrant some oil with garlic. Add in sliced onions and fry together.
3. Throw in the prawns and pan-fry them till 80% cooked.
4. Add in the french beans and fry together.
5. Sprinkle the seasonings (water + oyster sauce) and pepper.
6. Add hua diao wine along the sides of the wok before scooping up to serve.

You can add some corn flour solution to thicken sauce.


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