"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Food around HuaLian 花莲

After almost 3 hours in the train from Taipei, we finally reached Hualian! Being Singaporeans, how could you resist food? So after we put down our things at the beautiful minsu, we walked out to search for food.

Location for Stir-fry clams and Goose meat:
Stall name: 鹅肉先生 (known to be famous there)
Address: 花莲市中山路259号;No. 259 Jhong Shan Road, Hualian City, Hualien County
Tel: 03-833 1902
Opening Hours: 11 am to 12 30 am
1. Half goose for NT$200
2. Stir-fry clams NT$150

The goose meat are hard, and the most important thing is that they do not smell. Very chewy to bite! The meat was sweet and had the traditional taste. The geese here are fed with 牧草, hence they do not have much fats. In order to preserve the original taste, the geese are cooked with salt and sugar water. Before serving, the meat are topped with their special sauce made from their 高汤,九层塔,酱油膏 and 蒜米. The shop’s specialty also include 招牌热炒,鱼蛋沙律,鹅血糕 and 凉拌脆皮。

Location Dumplings, Gong Wan and Xiao Long Bao:
Streets along 花莲市公园路七之一号二楼.
Stall name: 原周家蒸饺小笼包
1. Xiao Long Bao 小笼包 NT$5 for 1
2. Dumplings 蒸饺 NT$50 for 10
3. Gong Wan 贡丸 soup NT$20

The xiao long bao aren’t the small ones we usually eat in Singapore. Theirs are big! Gong wan is basically big meat balls. Their dumplings are nice though. They make it on the spot and so they are very fresh! They were even making them at night!

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