"Gourmandism is an act of judgement, by which we prefer things which have a pleasant taste to those which lack this quality." – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Zhou’s Kitchen

Mum and I just finished facial at Novena Square 2. So we were walking around to find a place for dinner. We finally settled into Zhou’s Kitchen since we heard it is nice and plus we haven’t tried it before.

1. 菠萝咕噜肉 – Someone who doesn’t really like pork (which is me) thinks that this was very delicious! The pork wasn’t too hard and neither was it fatty. The ketchup taste was not too sour and the pork was deep-fried and wok-fried nicely. However I thought the onions could have been more cooked, cos’ they were still a bit raw. I don’t really like raw onions.

2. 芥末西汁虾球 – The sauce did not carry too much of wasabi. Though it would have been more perfect that way. The un-noticeable part at the top were actually very tasty and appetizing cucumber strips and grapefruit!! We finished that!

<no picture> Too anxious to drink! HAHA!

3. 老火煲汤 – I think the soup was double-broiled. Very very tasty!

4. 南乳焖粗斋煲 – The most enjoyable dish! The colour may be a turn-off, but the soup is actually cooked from fermented beancurd (“Nam Yu”, red in colour). The one that you can use to cook mixed vegetable pot during Chinese New Year. Super super tasty! The beancurd, brinjal, fungus, cabbage, etc were all soaked up with the tasty “Nam Yu”. We finished up till the last bit of the soup! I thought that the restaurant could have added items like tao-pok or more vegetables. The portion was too little.

Initially, we wanted to order their red wine chicken (红糟鸡) but it was out of stock. We were so spoilt for choices! Crispy noodles, claypot rice, braised brinjal, etc!

The total bill for us came up to about $48. BUT! WE were given two $20 vouchers, that said “no minimum order” and “can be combined and use”! Where can you get such a good deal? So we were planning to come here the next time with the whole family.

Saw many people eating the braised pork  (姥姥红烧肉). It really smelled very good when dishes of them walked past us. They are also selling hairy crab (seasonal) and it was $42 per piece. I will go try their buffet one day. =)

Stall name: Zhou’s Kitchen
Address: HERE

Updated Post: 9th December 2009

We went to eat again, this time with my Dad and my younger brother. We managed to order their red wine chicken (红糟鸡) and braised pork  (姥姥红烧肉). They too enjoyed the food, and we got more $20 vouchers. The red wine chicken is super good, but I felt a tad too oily. The braised pork was so-so only. I have eaten better ones. But luckily, it didn’t have the smelly pork taste.

Next visit? YES, definitely.


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